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Real name Craig Mitchell
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Height 6'0
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth August 10, 1985
Place of birth Boston, England
Date of death None
Place of death None
Resides Boston, England
Billed from Boston, England
Trainer Himself
CNW/K.O.R.E, 13 Honor, HCW
Handled by
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Debut 2004
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Tank is a powerful Cruiserweight who currently wrestles in the KFWF e-federation. He is known for his powerful yet high-risk moves and for his no-nonsense attitude and variety of styles. He is currently in his third year of wrestling.

Personal Info

Life Before Wrestling

Tank was born in Boston, Lincolnshire in England, to a small ordinary family. He was an ordinary kid who enjoyed nothing more than going out and playing football/soccer with his friends. He never had a profound interest in wrestling until he was aged 17. He was a sports fanatic and enjoyed his football, becoming a semi-professional for his local team at the young age of 15. A horrific accident left him severly injured and unable to play at the age 0f 16, and he spent the next year rebuilding himself. It is said that this unknown accident was the cause of his change in attitude and direction, and prompted him to gain an interest in fighting and wrestling. A young Craig Mitchell had already become a black belt in Karate at the age of 14, and used that skill to become a kick-boxer. He later quit that at the age of 16, due to the injury that put him out of all sports. His love of football never faded, but he decided to turn to fighting in a bid to reclaim any dignity or glory. He left home aged 17 and moved to America, where he started wrestling under the name 'The Tank'. When he joined KFWF at a later date, he reduced his name to 'Tank'.

Early KFWF career

Tank made his KFWF debut on April 2, 2004. This debut was a big moment for him, and he faced a hard match against the then Heavyweight champion, Hailstone. Tank went on to win this match, using the interference of Hailstone's valet Gailstorm to his advantage. He later went on to tag with the now more famous Hide, in the tag team 'Dead or Alive', in which he suffered an unsuccessful and short run. It was down to this failure that he was driven to acheive something, and turned to the Cruiserweight division to help him become something.

Signs of Greatness

Tank showed early signs of great things to come, alongside his debut success against the Heavyweight Champion, he went on to compete in various other matches, slowly making a name for himself. He never stole the limelite, and at the time wasn't a regular main eventer, but was still up-and-coming and was fast becoming a fan favourite Cruiserweight. With his never say die attitude, and his varied style of martial art, technical, and high-flying moves he was showing rapid signs of improvement.

The First Stable Title

Early in his career, Tank joined forces with Omle, Synn, Sledge and at one point, Alex Senior - To become Skirmish. Tank and Omle were inducted into this stable as part of a new regime, and they soon became Stable Champions. Indifferences between certain members led to people leaving and joining, and ultimately losing the title - and a year later the Stable had split, and gone their seperate ways.

The First Cruiserweight Title

Tank was soon back in action, this time gunning for his first singles title. He set his sights on Dynamite, and his Cruiserweight Title. This battle went on for a month and a half, and culminated in a Steel Cage match at Hallo'ween Hell...In which Tank overcame the odds to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. This PPV also had another match in store for him, where he had earlier challenged Barn Boy Bates (later known as Ozone) to a Scaffold Match. The earlier Title match took its toll on Tank, and he ended up thrown off the scaffold and losing on the same night that he had acheived his first major title in KFWF.

The Tag Team Division

After losing his Cruiserweight title to Fusion, Tank took his time to decide where to head next. He had already been in an unsuccessful tag team with Hide, but decided the time was right to make another go in the same division. He soon found a suitable partner in Alex Senior, and they became the Suicide Machines. These two men soon made one of the best tag teams around at the time, and as they improved by each match, they soon had their chance at Tag Team gold. This was not to be however, and they lost their first shot. They later had a second shot at the Tag Titles, this time against a Glass House match. Both teams fought hard, and again, The Suicide Machines lost in their second attempt at Tag team success. The duo later decided to call it a day, and the Sucide Machines ended their partnership.

The Second Cruiserweight Title

After a few months out of the limelight, Tank once again set his sights on Cruiserweight gold. This time he was to face Razor Rob Smith after defeating Chris Cajun for the no.1 spot. Tank had lost on two occasions to Razor Rob, but it was a case of third time lucky as he defeated Rob to begin his second stint as Cruiserweight Champion.

The Second Stable Title

Tank became embroiled in one of the biggest fueds ever in KFWF, after he was recruited by Crunch to join The Company, and alongside LJF and Scorpion, they defeated Hide's Kings Of Khaos to win the Stable Titles. The Company still hold the Stable title to this day.

Other E-feds

Tank also enjoyed short success in two other federations, CNW and 13 Honor. He did join HCW, but this didn't last long and he left the company after a brief run. It was at CNW where he made a name for himself alongside Radicazz, and they became Tag Team champions. Tank was also Heavyweight champion at one point, engaging in a bitter feud with Michael Pain. He also enjoyed a run in 13 Honor, but it was closed down months after it was opened.


Debut: 2004, Tank vs Hailstone W/Gailstorm -Tank wins-

Title History: 2x Cruiserweight Champion

2x Stable Champion (W/Skirmish & The company)


Signatures: Ankle Lock, German Suplex, Flying Spear,

Finishers: Brain Suicida (Top Rope Flip), Tank Bomb (Powerbomb into Chokeslam)

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