Tara Wilson
Victoria Secret Angel1
Real name Tara Wilson
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Height 5'8 (1.73 m)
Weight 120 lbs.
Date of birth April 2, 1984
Place of birth Boise, Idhao
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Resides Henderson, Nevada
Billed from Boise, Idaho
Trainer Unknown
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Debut November 2006
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Tara Michelle Wilson (born April 2, 1984) is an American Professional Wrestler of Italian and Greek decent, better known by her nickname The Goddess. Wilson is currently working for pWi where she is a former Bloodsport Champion. In WWW, Wilson sometimes teams with her boyfriend Ryan Payne and kayfabe sister, Beyonce Knowles. Prior to Wilson's splash into professional wrestling, she experienced a great deal of success as a teenage and lingerie model.

Early Life

Born in Boise, Idaho, at a very young age the Wilson family moved to the small town of McCall, Idaho. Growing up, she was vivacious and outgoing whereas her older sister, Torrie Wilson was painfully shy. Often compared to her older sister growing up, Torrie and Tara were close and two sisters could possibly be. Tara has often spoke candidly of her memories of Torrie as a young girl growing up and has often said 'I wished to be just like my sister when I was little. I always wanted to be just like her.' But, due to their large age gap, their time spent together was small considering the amount of time both Wilson sisters spent at their respective schools. It wasn't until Torrie moved out to attend college that Tara would start to break out of her older sister's shell.

During Tara's senior year in high school, her interest in modeling grew and was even doing minor local ads before she graduated. Just like Torrie, her parents urged their youngest daughter to give modeling a try after seeing Torrie do so well in it. Tara happily obliged but much to her parent's dismay, After graduation, Tara packed her bags and moved out of Boise and straight to NYC where she had a huge taste of success landing a lucrative deal as one of the youngest Victoria Secret Angels in the brand history.

Her time was Victoria's Secret was short however, but she had garnered enough fanbase to be regarded as one of the most famous Victoria Secret angels yet. The success she had with that landed her many film work for other companies. Due to her success and exposure with Victoria's Secret, she was in talks to headline another major contract campaign but mysteriously dropped from the modeling scene in late 2003. She had also done bit work for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine and editorials like so many of her Angel counterparts. Before she fully disappeared from the modeling scene however, she did do a major profile shoot with popular men's magazine, Maxim when she topped the annual hot 100 list that same year.

Professional Wrestling

Tara turned back up in the public eye in Summer of 04. Only this time she traded the cameras in favor of wrestling boots. After witnessing her older sister Torrie have considerable success as a valet for WCW and WWE, Tara decided to give professional wrestling a try. Her arrival in the industry provided alot of bonding time with her older sister, but it had also inadvertantly stuck her with a nickname that would be hard to break away from and Tara wouldn't fully be successful at actually doing that until many years later. Unlike Torrie, Tara's first promotion was WWE but eerily enough Tara was placed right in the middle of a 'WCW' storyline. While Tara was made to appear that she endorsed WCW, Tara has never worked with the company. Upon her arrival, Tara was strictly a valet and she often managed superstars that were at odds with her sister. During this time, she took the time out to properly train inside the ring admist just being eye candy. Though she only wrestled a few matches before her inevitable end with WWE, she never quit training and quickly resurfaced on the independant circuit.

Birth of the Goddess

During her year long hiatus from the mainstream scene, Tara took this time to hone her talent in various independent federations. She was desperate to break away from her older sister's shadow. Due to vigorous training with Killer Kowalski, Tara learned the rules of the mat pretty quickly and actually finishing first in her class. She was rewarded for her efforts by various bookings on cards and a chance to showcase her talents. It was this time during this time that she earned her reputation, of being difficult to work with. Her rumored backstage antics almost overshadowed her marketability among different promotions. Some were afraid to hire her and others just didn't want to deal with her. It wasn't until actual her firing from NCA's (while she was still the female champion) that she got hired into the WOWED and that was when her infamous 'Goddess' nickname was born. It was during a rumored 'real life' fued with Krissy Kiss that Tara earned her 'Goddess' status. The feud between the two female heavyweights proved to be a success as the feud drug on for half of an entire year of 2005. Tara, who was hailed to be the next champion suffered a shocking firing at the hands of WOWED owner just a mere hours of actually winning the Woman's championship at the NCWA ppv. After spending a year on the indy circuit, and winning various championships (including a world championship in WOWED) that termination proved to be the final straw that broke the camel's back and sent Tara seeking success in mainstream success.

Mainstream Success

Despite a rumored return back into the WWE, Tara made a beeline straight for WWoW a popular promotion then owned by Stephanie McMahon. Despite her sister's addition to the roster, it didn't take long for Tara's fame to rise among the ranks of being considered the best that the company had to offer. She developed an undefeated streak among the company which wouldn't be broken until Randy Orton in early 2006. It was during this time that Tara met and developed in an on and off screen relationship with veteran Kurt Angle. But their union wouldn't last long as the company folded and their relationship ended by the end of 2005. Just weeks after defeating her sister, Scarlett Manson, Trish Stratus and Layla Helmsley at Brutal Intentions for the then vacant WWOW $$ Title, WWoW folded sending the superstars and divas alike to part ways. Tara then signed with the company OCW. While WWoW would go on to make a comeback and Tara Wilson would re-sign and make history as the first female to hold the Undisputed Championship, nothing would re-kindle that same success that the original WWoW had. Around this time, her modeling had taken center stage in her career as well. She made a trimphant return to the world of fashion and started advertising various high profile clothing companies, such as True Religion and etc.

The Death of an Era and The Rebirth of a New One

In the few remaining months of 2007, Tara had spent the better hours of them raising hell and stabbing penises as she made apparent at her best friend Scarlett Manson's October Halloween party. That night, she bumped into and locked horns with her old flame Ryan Payne, only for their encounter to end in a bitter brawl and a highly publicized assault on one Ryan Payne. For whatever reason, Payne declined to press charges but it's not without saying Tara didn't take a commercial hit. She was publicly suspended from CPW and reportedly not eligible to recieve matches until she had gone under an extensive psyche counseling. In the following months, she had gone public with her seperation with Owen Stevenson and in mid November she officially filed for divorce. In late December however, photos were published in gossip mags all around the world involving a possible under wraps romance between Ryan and Tara. Tara's public appeal had never been more published before. She skirted by all possible public occurances with Ryan as well as avoided any and all questions. Finally, in February of 2008, the couple finally spoke out about their rebudding romance despite being hush hush on it just months prior. Their union proved quite hazardous to the federation that they worked under (CPW) because as soon as the union was made public to Ryan's then wife at the time, Naomi James. She sought action her own way and own time and forced severed ties with CPW and ushered in a new promotion, pWi.

Finishing and Trademark Moves

Migraine™(double underhook facebuster)


Blessed™ (jumping Cutter)

Glorified™ (deja vu)

Tara-Ryzing™ (sickle hold)

Championships and Accomplishments

Dare Magazine Covergirl

Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive (And Covergirl 2007)

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2008 Covergirl

  1. 1 ranked on annual Maxim Hot 100 list (2003)
  1. 14 ranked on annual Maxim Hot 100 list (2004)

OCW General Manager of Mayhem

OCW Women's Champion (1x)

OCW Hall of Fame (2006)

CPW BloodSport Champion (2x)

WWoW Billion $$ Champion (1x)

WWoW Undisputed Champion (1x)

WEW World Champion (1x)

NCWA Women's champion

UPW Women's Champion

ROF Women's champion

WWoW Female Tag Team Champion (w/Beyonce Knowles)

Slew of OCW Slammy Awards including Diva of the Year (2006) and Sexiest Diva

CPW Choice Award - Choice Most Shocking Moment(w/Ryan Payne)

CPW Choice Award - Hottest Diva

Personal Life

Wilson has been formally divorced from Professional Wrestling Superstar and Mixed Martial Arts Combatant Owen Stevenson since November 2007 after the couple's one year in holy matrimony. Over the course of her high profile career, Wilson had been linked to various men although majority of them were false accusations. However, Tara has finally made her relationship with ex boyfriend Ryan Payne public in early 2008 before her divorce was even finalized. Tara spends her time between her homes in NYC and Henderson Nevada where she now resides with Payne. During her hiatus from CPW, Tara had also started her own lingerie company which kicked off its first fashion during the last weeks of January 2008. Much to an alarming success. It included some of the industry's biggest and most celebrated lingerie models, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum as well as some of her collegues, Scarlett Manson, Krisilin Flint, Chance Kennedy, Jade Jiles just to name a few.


  • Tara began modeling professionally at the age of 13 for local Boise prints.
  • An Avid Comic Book Collector, Tara is known to spend lavishly on vintage editions.
  • Pubiclily hates Dawn Marie due to the WWE storyline involving her real life sister and father.
  • Tara is a practising vegetarian.
  • Tara has an extremely low tolerance for alcohol.
  • At the age of 17, Tara won a coveted role in a Puddle of Mudd Video 'Spin Me Around'
  • Tara is an avid hip hop fan and plans to release a work out cardio video in that fashion of music.
  • To date, Tara is the youngest Victoria Secret Angel to sign a contract with the lucrative lingerie company (18)
  • Tara had a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker, and had gotten released from nearly every company who signed her.

External Links

Tara's Official Myspace Page [1]

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