TEAM DANGER: The Beginning

In 1998 two young aspiring pro-wrestlers, Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker, entered the National eWrestling Alliance with the Canadian based Foundation Wrestling League. Though they hadn't started out together from the beginning, with Walker already in a tag team with former mentor Johnny Flamingo and establishing quite the risk taking reputation with his hardcore balls to the wall style. Meanwhile, Greer was making a name for himself quickly as a top young heavyweight, collecting several mid-card championships en route to breaking through on the Alliance's grand stage. It was then that the two would start what would become a mutual friendship when Walker returned to the NeWA after a short absence when he won the inaugural King of the Death Matches in 1999. Now as the World Champion, Greer had unleashed the terror of his group The Misfits on the NeWA which included Tyrone Walker and his new tag team partner, Slim Dragger. This was the time that became the foundation of what would become Team Danger...

TEAM DANGER: The Dark Times

In 1999 everything that is now, almost came to a crashing halt before it could even begin. Stephen Greer who was embroiled in a blood feud with former NeWA World Champion, Nightmare (Joe Allen) had started to make it very, very personal (kid napping his wife). What wasn't known to Greer at the time was that Nightmare was in fact the older brother of Tyrone Walker (Allen). And in a moment that has caused occasional flare ups in the future, Tyrone Walker and Slim Dragger turned on Greer, causing him to lose the NeWA World Title (to Apollo) and siding with Nightmare in a new regime, The Trilogy. Though things were washed under the bridge eventually several months later, Walker had turned on Greer again, but it was only temporary as the two seemed to form a bond in the following months as Walker began to breakout on his own becoming the CeWF (NeWA Florida) Heavyweight Champion and a top contender to the NeWA World Championship. The seeds began to grow and with time the bond became very strong. Though once again it was almost derailed when Walker, in his bid for the NeWA Championship, had his dreams crushed after being stripped of the title due to events that were out of his control...


After falling into a deep depression, Walker would engage Kid Capricorn in a series of battles that ended with Kid Cap dethroning Walker of his prized CeWF Championship. With nothing to hold him there, Walker disappeared as Team Danger the super group began to launch it's assault on the NeWA with Stephen Greer, London Freemantle, Eric Dane, Nick Hades, and Kai A. Lewis. It wasn't until nearly a year later when Greer managed to pull his friend back into the ring and it was in ACW (WfWA Georgia) that the legend of Team Danger began to take form. Taking on a new task, the two (by now) best friends had formed a tag team. Little did they know that what was about to happen was one of the largest career defining periods for both. Possessing an unreal chemistry with each other and a unique blend of each of their individual strengths as well, the two went on a rampage, collecting title after title in numerous regions, at one point holding as many as five tag team titles at the same time including the WfWA World Tag Team Championship...

TEAM DANGER: The Separation

During their reign as the top team in the world, Team Danger were also very active on their own and were collecting several more singles accomplishments along the way. Nearing the end of their dynasty, time was catching up to them and it was Greer who was struck down first with a devastating back injury that nearly crippled him and kept him out for nearly an entire year. For first time in a long time, Walker was on his own. Walker pressed on for a short time, but eventually took time off to heal his own wounds and would find himself returning to the WfWA and reaching the pinnacle of his individual success up to that point winning the WfWA National Championship at a time when their was no reigning World Champion. It was around this time that Greer had also returned, but the time apart as professionals (as a team especially) were evident as both had aspirations of individual conquests. During the time, Greer had went on to win his own King of the Death Matches (a tournament Walker participated in) and winning the WfWA National Championship as well. Though both were still the best of friends, it was apparent that Team Danger was only name without a body as the two attempted a couple of comebacks that went nowhere. Feeling an urge to test the waters outside of the alliance (WfWA), Walker left for the independents as Greer was starting to make waves of his own in the WfWA (winning the KotDM and National title). It was at this time that Walker finally saw the 'other boot' drop on him when a botched 'Sky Walker' (Spanish Fly) nearly broke his neck and put him on the shelf...


Following Walker's recovery, Team Danger finally re-emerged as a tag team to be reckoned with upon their arrival to EUWC. For the first time, Greer and Walker were no longer under the banner of an alliance and were on the 'big stage' of Matt Pickstock's long running promotion. Different than in prior years, Team Danger came in with a much more dangerous and focused attitude along with their usual total terror tactics. Their first night their hit the tag champs and soon after destroyed them to attain their first championship as a team in many years. What Greer and Walker did not realize was that they were about to go on an escapade where they dominated the whole of EUWC with Greer returning to the top as he won his second World Heavyweight Championship while Walker reigned as EUWC's International Champion. For nearly a year, Team Danger ran roughshod over EUWC causing internal strife with everyone, including causing several riots because of their antics. When all was said and done, Team Danger were banished from EUWC, but have left a long lasting scar on the company that will never fade with time...

TEAM DANGER: Back to the WfWA

After their long reign of terror came to an end in EUWC, they returned to the WfWA and were once again on a mission. During their absence from the tag team scene in the alliance, they found that several teams emerged only after Team Danger seemingly dissolved. Returning, they made it known from day one that they were out to reclaim the titles that had been stolen from them (they were cost the titles when they lost them in 2001). Beginning their in conquest in C2W, Team Danger did what they always do, win titles and before long parlayed that into regaining the WfWA World Tag Team Championship (defeating The Boys). The reign didn't last long though as they would be stricken with inner-turmoil once again for the first time in several years when Walker had issues with long time friend, valet and manager, Kelly Evans. In the end it caused a temporary rift between the best of friends and their second reign was over. Though brief, they cleared the air again and set out on a new challenge, this time aiming their sights on the WfWA World Championship. However it was not meant to be as outside influences caused things to unravel...

TEAM DANGER: Living Out Their Dreams

With nothing left to prove and only dreams remaining unrealized, Team Danger set off to make a name for themselves on other stages of the wrestling world. In this case it was Japan and Mixed Martial-Arts. For a long time, Stephen Greer and to a lesser extent, Tyrone Walker, had been training in MMA and with the lack of commitments he went for it entering FURY PRO. Meanwhile Walker, who had his own long standing aspirations of competing in Japan found his way in through DREAM*FUJIN. Both had limited success with Greer amassing a respectable record and being on the verge of stardom as a heavyweight contender, while Walker found himself in an oddly familiar place as a trios champion. The ultimate culmination however was when both were finally accepted into the puroresu community through PROMO*JAPAN. For years, Team Danger had conquered America and for those same years had dreamed of plying their trade in Japan. Though they never won a championship, due to P*J closing, they finally realized their dreams...

TEAM DANGER: The Final Chapter?

Currently, Greer and Walker are back in the WfWA and word has gone around that they may even finally re-enter the alliance that brought them to world stage in the first place, the NeWA. Their current goal is to be the first team in WfWA history to win the World Tag Team Championship for a third time.

TEAM DANGER: The King of Pain

All About Stephen Greer...

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 245lbs
  • Hometown: Novi, MI
  • Resides: Jacksonville, FL
  • Birth: 9-16-1974

TEAM DANGER: The Black Jesus

All About Tyrone Walker...

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 230lbs
  • Hometown: St. Albans, NY
  • Resides: Jacksonville, FL
  • Birth: 8-18-1974

TEAM DANGER: The Championships

  • 1. LCW World Tag Team Title
  • 2. WCCW World Tag Team Title
  • 3. ACW Tag Team Title
  • 4. WfWA World Tag Team Title [x2]
  • 6. Wx3 Tag Team Title
  • 7. BJWC Tag Team Title
  • 8. EUWC World Tag Team Title
  • 9. C2W Tag Team Title
  • 10. AWA Tag Team Title
  • 11. LHW Tag Team Title


Over the course of their collective careers, Team Danger has made numerous enemies individually and as a team.

  • 1. 'The Natural' Mike Bell - Perhaps their #1 enemy of all time. The former leader of the DWA, who warred with The Misfits in PNW (NeWA Northwest), and has had several years of bad blood with Tyrone Walker specifically due to the systematic dismantling of Bell's life in and out of the ring in CeWF (NeWA Florida).
  • 2. 'Nightmare' Joe Allen - The eldest brother of Tyrone Walker has been on both sides of Team Danger's fury, especially that of Stephen Greer as the two rivaled each other in the late 1990's (98-99) for supremacy over the NeWA. Though Greer and Nightmare have had a few 'truces' they have always fallen back into their seemingly natural rivalry.
  • 3. The Texas Outlaws - Often times, estranged cousins of Mike Bell. Terry Norris and Bobby Blood with out a doubt have been the primary rival of Team Danger over the years. The root of the issue beginning with Bobby Blood's girlfriend at the time, Brittney Fox, who had been assaulted by Team Danger after she cost them the WfWA World Tag Team Championship in one of most the vile and disgusting displays of debauchery at an ACW house show event. Ever since then, the war has been personal.
  • 4. EUWC - For over a year, Team Danger dominated the promotion as it's World Heavyweight Champion, International Champion, and it's Tag Team Champions. Causing anarchy, destruction, and jealously for their entire tenure, Team Danger left the same way they entered in a mushroom cloud of controversy.
  • 5. 'The Only Star' Eric Dane - The defacto, on again-off again, leader of Team Danger has butted heads with his volatile 'best of friends' especially Stephen Greer. Despite the animosity at times, the three always seem to patch things up and reform (with or without any of their other cohorts) to terrorize (typically) a WfWA region.
  • 6. Simon Kincaid - One Team Danger's most hated rivals outside of Mike Bell. (more to come)
  • 7. The Billionaire Brats - Will Sates and Fred Kurner (more to come)
  • 8. 'Ulfric' Rick Logan - Tyrone Walker has owned this man (more to come)
  • 9. 'The Wolverine' Michael Lennox - Long time adversary (more to come)
  • 10. 'The Superstar' Jason Ramsey - Long time adversary (more to come)

TEAM DANGER: The Partners In Crime

  • 1. 'The Only Star' Eric Dane - Again, sometimes in spite of the animosity between Greer & Walker and Dane, there is no doubt the mayhem that is caused when the three are resembling a working unit.
  • 2. London Freemantle - ??
  • 3. Christian Light - ??
  • 4. Adam Knight - ??
  • 5. "Sick" Nick Hades - ??


  • 1. Ricki Stevens - The Mother of Greer's child (James Greer) and on-and-off love interest of Greer, as well as a sort of southing influence in the typically chaotic world of Greer and Walker.
  • 2. Kelly Evans - Team Danger lover, valet, manager, friend, enemy, ex, and other adjectives.
  • 3. Kenny 'Action' Jackson - Walker's personal fanboy.
  • 4. Cindy Lewis - Business Manager and annoying 'little sister' of Team Danger.
  • 5. James Greer - The son of Stephen Greer and god son of Tyrone Walker.
  • 6. Marcus J. Jameson - Attorney at Law and on permanent retainer to Team Danger.
  • 7. Sonny Juno - The sports agent to the B-level stars and athletes.
  • 8. Dr. Crime - A psychotic 'doctor' who only Greer himself can apparently hear.

TEAM DANGER: And The Other Stuff...

  • 1. Taco Bell - Team Danger is notorious for their love of the Bell to the point where their loft is decorated almost as a shrine to the haven of faux Mexican cuisine.
  • 2. TDR 66.6 - The official 'pirate' radio station of Team Danger, typically hosted from third floor of their night club in Jacksonville, Florida. TDR 66.6 has nearly replaced their way of doing 'promos'.
  • 3. Pink Pussy Lips XXX and the Crazy Legs Dancers Saloon - The infamous night club and bar that also happens to be the home of Team Danger in Jacksonville, Florida. The place was found one random night by Team Danger and feeling so enamored with the seedy establishment, decided to buy the place.
  • 4. Old Bitchass - Their beloved van, a Ford Econoline that used to be Kelly Green and in pristine condition. That is until Greer and Walker started taking it on the road.
  • 5. The Bus - The newest acquisition of Team Danger. A tricked out double decker bus named El TD Fantastico Express.
  • 6. AEI - Short for Adult Entertainment Industries, the investment property of Tyrone Walker in all things porn, gambling, and clubs, which has become the primary revenue source of Team Danger.
  • 7. Hawaii - The adopted home of Tyrone Walker. Though he doesn't reside there currently, he owns an estate in Honolulu that he bought sometime after a failed attempt at starting a promotion with Eric Dane in the state. The attachment Walker has for the Aloha State seems to be the fact that it's only place where he ever truly finds himself at peace.
  • 8. Detroit - The home of Team Danger where Ricki Stevens resides. They end up back in "The D" several times when they need to recharge and-or just get away from it all.
  • 9. New York - The birth home of Tyrone Walker, though he doesn't live there anymore.
  • 10. The Happy Pills - aka Stephen Greer's on-and-off dependency on pain killers. Though both have had their share of problems with a myriad of pain pills, Greer's has become a constant struggle to kick the habit.

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