Team Danger
Faction name Team Danger
Status Currently Active
Time together Summer 2002- present
Current members Stephen Greer

Tyrone Walker

Team Danger, the infamous band of terrorizers and vandals, are best known for their reigns of fear and beatings throughout the World Wrestling Alliance, and the National eWrestling Alliance from 1999 to present. They have collected innumerable championship titles, both tag teams and singles, and have laid waste to nearly every foe they have encountered.

Current Members - In Character

These two men make up the current body of Team Danger, and are a tag team in the Allstar Wrestling Association. They are the self-proclaimed "Greatest tag team to ever live", as well as the original founders of Tee Dee.

Former Members - In Character

  • The "Only Star" Eric Dane
  • London Freemantle
  • "Sick" Nick Hades
  • The "Last Nighthawk" Christian Light
  • Adam Knight
  • "Brooklyn's Finest" Kai A. Lewis
  • Chris Cantalano, former NeWA President

However, while all of these men are technically 'former' members of Team Danger, as far in character goes, you are never totally out of the group. Sometimes, revivals occur, and a whole new era of terror is born from time to time.

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