Teh Darkness
Faction Name Teh Darkness
Status Active
Time open February 1, 2007 - February 25, 2007; April 5 - Present
Current members Total Ownage (February 1, 2007 - February 25, 2007; April 5, 2007 - Present)

Mochant (February 1, 2007 - February 25, 2007; April 5, 2007 - Present)
The Toadster (February 20, 2007 - February 25, 2007; April 7 - Present)
Bolt (April 7, 2007 - Present)

Teh Darkness is a stable in MFGG Wrestling.


On February 1, 2007, Kid Koopa asked Mochant if they wanted to form a tag team. Mochant accepted the offer. Later on, Teh Darkness requested a match against The Ultimate Legion. Captain Jeff Silvers accepted the match, but added one thing. A #1 Contender's Match for the MFGG Tag Team Championship. That night, they won the match. At MFGG February Fallout, Teh Darkness defeated X-Degeneration (Captain Jeff Silvers and Mariorocks for the MFGG Tag Team Championship. They lost the titles to X-Degeneration (Dark Yoshi and Suigi). At King of MFGG, they won the titles again. Making it their second MFGG Tag Team Championship title reign. At MFGG Last Chance, Kid Koopa and The Toadster performed a beatdown on Mochant after he lost the IPW Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber. They then announced the formation of Illusion X, a new tag team. On April 5, 2007, Teh Darkness reformed when both Total Ownage and Mochant returned to MFGG Wrestling. On April 6, 2007, Captain Jeff Silvers added Teh Darkness to the Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match at XD Addiction. On April 7, 2007, The Toadster was asked to rejoin The Darkness. He accepted the offer and Total Ownage promised no more beatdowns. On that same day, Bolt also accepted the offer.

On Addiction, Teh Darkness couldn't win the title shot in the Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match. On MFGG Malevolence at a Ninth Circle of Hell Match, Bolt and Mochant defeated Julio Cesar F and Suigi to win the MFGG United States Tag Team Championship after Bolt was the only survivor. They lost it 4 days later to Captain Jeff Silvers and Julio. That was the last time Teh Darkness was seen.

Titles held

This is a list of titles held by members of Teh Darkness during their tenure with the group.

Note: This section records only the period during which a wrestler held a title and was a member of Teh Darkness.

Championship Champion(s) From To Notes
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Kid Koopa February 1, 2007 February 17, 2007 1, 2
MFGG Tag Team Kid Koopa and Mochant February 4, 2007 February 11, 2007
MFGG Tag Team Kid Koopa and Mochant February 18, 2007 February 25, 2007


1. Won the title before the group formed. Only the time during which he held the title AND was a member of the faction is counted here.

2. Won the title as Total Ownage.

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