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Rave Tomlin (born May 24, 1987), better known by his stage name Teko Rave, is an English-born television and stage actor, radio host, reality star, rock musician, and professional wrestler. He is currently a free agent focusing on his radio show. Teko Rave is also known for his appearances with One True Wrestling (1TW) and internationally in British, promotions. As a part of WWH, he is credited as being the first-ever WWH-ECW TV Champion in professional wrestling history. Also, he was one of the first in many match stipulations in WWH including, King Of The Mountain, Jungle Death Exploding Time Bomb. Outside of WWH, Teko Rave is the frontman of Xero Theory, an British Nu-metal band, and a star of the hit reallity show, Loco Hot Rave-o. ==Professional wrestling== ===The Begining=== At the age of 10, Teko Rave was sent to Yokohama, Japan to live with his aunt. Over in Japan he developed a love for the martial arts. He joined the Master Roshi school of Turtle style of Kung-Fu. During his stay here he enterd the Strongest under the sun competion kid's division which he lost in the semi finals. After his defeat he left and moved back to England where he joined the NWA Hammerlock Training school in Kent. After getting noticed by some people in college for the jackass style stunts he was doing he forgot about wrestling to start filiming his own version of Jackass.

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