Tenacious G (Born July 11th 1983), is a wrestler currently performing for the World Wrestling Association. He is also famed for his stints in Revolution Wrestling and Dynamite Championship Wrestling.

Tenacious G
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Height 6'1
Weight 237lbs
Date of birth July 11, 1983
Place of birth Taunton, England
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Resides Taunton, England
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Trainer Glinn Hawx
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Debut 2006
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Starting Out

Hailing from the small town of Taunton, England, Tenacious G had no ambition in life. He was perfectly happy to just go with the flow and see what would happen to him. He went to college to see if he could make anything of hiself academically but he soon lost interest and became much more involved in playing sports and hosting parties than focusing on getting his grades. Naturally athletic and charismatic, The G as he liked to call himself, became a muchly respected and likend person on and off of the sports field, and eventually built up a huge friend and fan base. However, he still didn't have to goal he was striving for in his life. One day, he saw an advert to try out to become a professional wrestler and the rest they say, is history.

After taking to wrestling like he'd been doing it all his life, G now had a passion. After a few years of training with DCW Alumni and British compatriot, Glinn Hawx, he got snapped up in early 2006 by upstart federation, Revolution Wrestling.

Revolution Wrestling

Tenacious G was givien his first opportunity by Peurto Rican business man Antonio Perez in his new federation Revolution Wrestling. The G saw this as an ideal opportunity to show the world that he is the most athletic, dynamic, charismatic wrestler in world today and his bright start to the company was rewarded with a fued with Alec Fleming over the Revolution Xtreme Championship. However, after a valiant effort in their final encounter, a scoffold match at Pay Per View, Freefall, it was The G who was to take the drop from the scafollding and lose to Revolution Wrestling's furture World Heavyweight Champion.

However, this loss just spurned on Tenacious G, more determined to prove to people what he can do and he entered the first ever Revolution Wresling King Of Chaos Tournament. After spending over a month undefeated, winning First, Second and Quarter Final Round matches, The G won both Semi and Finals matches in the same night at the K.O.C. Pay Per View and was crowned Revolution Wrestling's first ever King OF Chaos winner, and earning himself a shot at the Revolution World Heavweight Championship, now held by Alec Fleming.

Unfortunately though, this was not to be. The following month was a tough time for The G and his fan base. After becoming increasingly frustrated with Owner Antonio Perez, who was not keeping his end of the bargain and was constantly shunning the newly crowned King of Chaos from his title shot, ever keeping him in the lower mid card regions against new, unexperienced wrestlers. After he was merely thrown together with a random, yet able, partner in Reuben Phoenix at the next Pay Per View to fight for the vacant Tag Team Championships, where he was meant to be getting his World Title shot, Tenacious G demanded talks with the Owner regarding where he was going with the company after he lost the match, and as Antonio Perez was unable to give a definate answer, even after still not giving him his promised World Title shot, The G decided that Revolution Wrestling was not the place for him, and after the decent win-loss record he had mounted and his King Of Chaos crown, he left the company in search for pastures new.

An Unsuccesful Return

After half a year out of the ring, Tenacious G recieved a call from former boss, Antonio Perez. Perez was calling to inform The G that Revolution Wrestling was lacking a star, and wanted to bring him back and to finally give him the push that he had earned months before. The G, who had missed competing infront of thousands and thousands of buzzng fans week in, week out, duely accepted Perez's offer with the firm belief that things would finaly take off for him. How wrong he could be.

Upon his return, he found that what Antonio Perez had told him was far from the truth. Yes, Revolution was lacking a stand out star, but it was also lacking leadership of an Owner, and after a locker room invasion from sister federation ROPE (Ring Of Pride and Excellence), Tenacious G became lost in the shuffle, and ended up where he left off the first time, fighting lower card jobbers with no aim and no direction in his career.

After yet another disgruntled meeting with Owner Antonio Perez, Tenacous G decided that enough was enough and he left Revolution Wrestling for good, firmly in the belief that he would find somewhere that would show him as the talent that he really is.

Losing The Passion

After his dismal time with revolution Wrestling, Tenacious G's ego had been knocked slightly. He knew in himself that he had the capabilities that he could and would be the greatest superstar in the world for a number of years, but after what had happened, he wasn't sure if anyone else would believe in him.

To get back some confidence, Tenacious G hit the gym and training ring with mentor, Glinn Hawx. After another six months of intense redevelopment of his wrestling style and approach, The G was no longer a happy-go-lucky, let's see what happens in the ring type of wrestler. He had carved himself out a defined style, unique to him. He was much quicker than he was before, and mow more technically sound. All he was doing now was waiting for a call, and thanks to his mentor Glinn Hawx, that call finally came, in the form of Dynamite Championship Wrestling.

Dynamite Championship Wrestling

Upon recieving the call from DCW Owner Daniel Dwyer, Tenacious G found that his passion had been rekindled, and in the weeks awaiting the first edition of the returning DCW Monday Night show, Glinn made sure that The G stepped up his training program in order to be in the best possible shape for the match that he would be competing in. That match would be revealed to be an open invitational Street Fight for the vacant DCW World Heavyweight Championship. The announcement of this match gave Tenacious G the chance to finally prove to himself and everyone else that he did have what it took to become a champion.

After entering the match at number 2, at the end of the match Tenacious G found himself in the ring with the number 1 entrant, Randolph James (RJP). After delivering a thunderous Swinging One Arm Slam, a move The G calls the Eleven-7, and followed it up with a top rope Leg Drop on to a chair to the head of RJP, he made the cover and finally became a World Champion. Tenacious G then broke down in the ring, a bloody mess, with happyness, as he was handed the DCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Target On His Chest

Upon winning the DCW World Heavyweight Championship, Tenacious G became a marked man. Not just by one person though, but seemingly most of the DCW Roster. The night he won the title, new Owner Tex McGraw revealed his displeasure of The G winning the title and took him out with a thunderous lariat that almost took G's head off. Then, on the following Monday Night, Tenacious G was screwed out of winning the DCW United States Title by GM, and old nemesis, Alec Fleming and his lackey and recently inducted Hall Of Famer, Johnny 'The Idol' Thompson, allowing RJP to pick up the win. Then, to add more salt to the wounds of the Champion, the following week RJP attempted to steal the World Heavyweight Title from behind G's back, much to the amusement of Alec Fleming. All of these events led to a match being made at DCW's first PPV since it's return, Damage Control, where The Idol, RJP and Tenacious G fought off in a two falls triple threat match, first fall for the DCW United States Championship, and second fall for the DCW World Heavyweight Title. Even though The G was able to pull an Eleven-7 from nowhere to pin RJP for the United States Title, he was unfortunately pinned for his World Championship thanks to a handful of tights by Randy James.

Reclaiming What Was His

After his somewhat dubious loss at Damage Control, Tenacious G has made it perfectly clear that he intends to win his World Championship back and is rumoured to have activated his rematch clause. The two did meet in a rematch at Damage Control, however G was unable to reclaim his title and in the match suffered a severe knee injury and was put out of action indeffinately, therefore having to vacate the United States Title aswell.


Dynamite Championship Wrestling

DCW World Heavyweight Champion (x1)

DCW United States Champion (x1)

Revolution Wrestling

RW King Of Chaos 2006


Eleven-7 (Twist Of Fate)

Clothesline into Bulldog

DDT followed by ‘Kip-Up’

Diving / Springboard Legdrop

Double Arm Backbreaker

Dragon Suplex


Flying Clothesling

Frog Splash

German Suplex

Missile Dropkick


Shining Wizard




Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker


Tenacious G has no religion, however he is a firm believer in Chuck Norris.

Favourite beverage is beer, however he is a fan of cider, the drink famously produced in his home county of Somerset, England.

Is a blood relative of fellow DCW wrestler Sean Devine.

It is rumoured that The G has a powerful sixth sence... The ability to sence the whereabouts of attractive women within a five mile radius.

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