Tennessee Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation TWF
Time open February 1998-October 2007
Founder Don Haney
Current President GW Perry
Historian/Web Master Chris F-B
Commentators Brian Black and Johnny Smooze
Federation type Roleplay based
Weekly shows Monday Menace
PPV Monthly
Website TWF Homepage


Founded in February of 1998 by Don Haney, the TWF has been home to hundreds of independent professional wrestlers. From the early days of the Jones Brothers, the Unholy Alliance, and the Wreenkle family to present day stars like Marcus T, Jade Diamond, and Dustin Iler - the TWF has hosted some of the most memorable fights over the last decade south of the Mason-Dixie line.

GW Perry is the tough-talking Texas gunslinger who currently runs the TWF, and he's already making waves with his hard nosed approach to dealing with the boys.

If you are currently an independent wrestler, perhaps you'll consider making the TWF your new home.

TWF Homepage

History of the TWF

The TWF started out as a small federation holding shows in high school gymnasiums and and city civic centers in the great state of Tennessee. Over time, as the roster grew, the TWF began holding shows nationwide and eventually worldwide.

For a more in depth look at the history of the TWF from 1998-2004, please go to the following website.

TWF History

Title History

Interested in finding out who held what TWF title, how long their reign was, and who eventually dethroned them? Click the link below to find out more information on both current and defunct TWF titles.

TWF Title History

Hall of Fame

Below you will find an incomplete list of the current TWF Hall of Fame members. An updated version that includes more recent members will be coming soon.

Class of Spring 2001
Barry Savage
Dan Sweeney
Dr. Midnight
Dylan Jones
Heartbreak Myers
Lobo and Odin
Racky Wreenkle
Ric Justus
The Think Tank

Class of Summer 2001
Darrel Anderson

Class of Fall 2001
Dave Dexter
The Wakkos

Class of Fall 2002
Mike Haggar

Class of Fall 2003
Jade Diamond

Class of Winter 2005
Dustin Iler
Master Of Xtreme

Class of 2006
Don Haney

Class of 2007
GW Perry
Rob Blondie
Marcus T

The Heritage Awards

The TWF Heriatage Awards are a tribute to every TWF wrestler from 1998-2002. The awards include rankings of every tag team and singles wrestler to ever lace up their boots in a TWF ring during that time period.

TWF Heritage Awards

"Supercard of the Century"

Our bold leader Don Haney put together a "Fantasy Supercard" in early 2005 despite the federation being closed for approximately six months...

TWF Supercard of the Century

"One Night Stand"

The April/May of 2009, the old handlers of the TWF decided to dust off the boots for one more show despite the federation being closed for about a year and a half. Is this to be the final TWF show? Here are the results from that event:


Dylan Jones defeated Mr Internet

The Texas Outlaws defeated The Interns

Rob Blondie defeated Stanely Stanley

Kingpin defeated Bam Bam Bell

Zanthur defeated Inter #3

Dirty Bird defeated Big Boy Bell

Eno Redrum defeated Elmer Adonis Jr

Marcus T defeated CD Carroll

OutKast defeated Prodigy

MOX defeated The Lumberjack

Jamie Krenshaw defeated Mark McManus

Ben Gebhart defeated Krusher Kane


Jobber The Hutt defeated JJ Pierce via a big splash and a 5 count

No Holds Barred/Falls Count Anywhere - Barry Savage vs. Ric Justus This match went the ENTIRE card to end up with Barry Savage getting the win via The Savage End in the bathrooms

Rob Blondie vs. Dickie Wreenkle Rob Blondie defeated the legendary Dickie Wreenkle

Dirth Bird Darrel Anderson defeated Eno Red Rum vai the Dirty Bird Splash

Scafold Match - AK VS Panther Panther back in his glory placed a sound thrashing on AK for the win

Hardcore Match - OutKast vs Tyler Baze vs Insomnia vs Dustin Jarvis With the no show of Outkast and Baze it was down to the two and Dustin Jarvis for the win on this one

JD Lawson vs Jade Diamond vs Jack Bone JD Lawson was met with an empty ring , GW Perry came out and the two bantered back and forth .. two men dressed like13 , Jade Diamonds alter ego hit the ring followed by several more .. it was not enough as JD laid them out and pinned each and every one of them for the win.

Master of Extreme vs Ben Gebhart The Highfather was laid out as MOX was in true form and got the win

Jamie Krenshaw vs “Enforcer” Brent Kersh Kersh defeated Krenshaw in this climactic battle

Six-Man Match - The Seminoles & Merlin vs Onslaught & Panther Onslaught & Panther defeated their rivals The Semioles and Merlin

Tag Match - Onslaught vs Wreckless Warriors vs The Seminoles The Wreckless Warriors defeated the teams of Onslaught and The Seminoles in the triangle tag match Lobo & Odin defeated The Texas Outlaws in true fashion

Main Event TN Title Match - Cage Match Kingpin vs. Dylan Jones vs. Dr Midnight vs. HBM In the main event it was a fantastic match with a display you would expect from a TWF Main the end it was Dylan Jones who pinned Kingpin to secure the TN Title

Stories from the Handlers

A collection of stories from the some of the TWF handlers, reflecting back on their time in the TWF.

Stories from the Handlers

Links to Wrestlers

"The Iceman" Dylan Jones

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