[[Image:|px|Image of Shadic]]
Real name Terry Pierce
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Height 6'1"
Weight 236 lbs.
Date of birth May 30th,1985
Place of birth Gaffney,SC
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Gaffney,SC
Billed from Gaffney,SC
Trainer Himself
OUW (One Up Wrestling, IWX (Indy Wrestling X)
Handled by
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Debut March 25th, 2005
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Terry "Shadic" Pierce is currently employed by OUW (One Up Wrestling)and IWX (Indy Wrestling X)

Personal Info

Age: 22
Blood Type: A
Skin Type: Semi-Tan (Caucasian)
Eye Color: Deep Green
Hair: Semi Long hair,sometimes wears a hat

Terry Pierce Grew up in Gaffney,South Carolina by his mother,Linda F Pierce and his father,Terry Lee Pierce(deceased)


  • Speed Demon
  • Hardcore King
  • Hedgehog Hero
  • Mr.Crazy
  • Element Speed
  • Chaos Incarnate (Shadic)

Signature Moves

  • Barbed Wire Steel Chair
  • Massive DDT
  • High Flying Moves
  • Sonic Rush (Fast Clothesline)
  • Suplex
  • Lou Thez Press
  • Headlock
  • Dropkick
  • Flying Elbow
  • Boston Crab
  • Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker
  • Side Walk Slam
  • Russian Leg Sweep
  • Shoulder Block


  • Parents: Terry Lee Pierce(deceased),Linda Faye Pierce
  • Sisters: Christie Benton-Ledford,Donna Pierce-Painter
  • Brother: Scott Pierce
  • Wife: Alexandria "Pyro" Kruger-Pierce (Divorced)
  • Girlfriend: Alisha McGaha
  • Brother In Law's: Mike Ledford,Jack Painter

OUW History

Terry Pierce,signed with OUW in March of 2005.. In his first match,it was a 10 man over the top rope battle royal for the OUW United States Championship. He won it. A week later,he continued to be inplusive and refused orders. The BoD decided to strip Sonic of the United States Title to prove a point. During that time,Sonic won the OUW FTR Championship from Wolf to make sure that not even Wolf held that title. He lost it a week later to Coz. Sonic's then last apperance in OUW was in the Elimantion Chamber,which he lost and suffered severe head wounds. He returned a few days later,evil,demented. Now called just Terry,who looked like he was possesed. He won the US Title from Longshot for a second time. But over a month later,lost it to Gamr. In his last night as Terry,he faced off against Shadow for the OUW Heavyweight Title in a Buried Alive match,though he lost thanks to Gamr by a blow to the head,sending him into the coffin. That blow to the head straightened Terry's brain,and the next day,returned as The Speed Demon,Sonic. His first match back as Sonic,he went up against Hollywood Jayson of the uWa. He won the match,giving him a title shot that would stun the uWa. He won the uWa Hardcore title from Jayson,again shocking the uWa and making Sonic,the target for the uWa. After he lost the title and get screwed out of a match against Plat,he met Alexandria Kruger at a house show. She then followed Sonic for a while like Sonic's "personal fan" The couple finally got together in March during a match against Avenger,where before the match,Sonic used a sword to chop a TV in half. He beat the uWa's leader/uWa Heavyweight Champion the next night for his first victory in 2 months. After the Paramount,newcomer Dark,steals Sonic's girl,fueling Sonic's anger,showing a demonic red eye that wasn't seen since November. He won the match against Dark and got back his girl. Decided to settle down a little,Sonic married Pyro(Alexandria)on a episode of Sunday Night Storm. Weeks later,he won the IC Title against Psyclone and Dark in a Triple Threat match. He would soon lose the title 2 weeks later in the second Elimanation Chamber. He then fought against Gamr for pride,though lost,they thought it would be the last time they would see Sonic. At the OUW Finale,Sonic beat Calypso to win the FTR Title for the second time. After the match,Sonic announced that Pyro is pregent and he would become a father,and decided to retire from wrestling.

OUW's Rebirth

Sonic got a phone call from OUW's new GM,Gamr,offering a new contract. Sonic came home to the new OUW. In his Return match,he beat Dark for the FTR Title,making him the 3 time FTR Champion. Sonic had his first chance for the OUW Championship in a tournament Round One Match,but got blindsided by Bobbo,causing him to lose the match. At Culmination,he beat Apocalypse to sucessfully defend the OUW FTR Title. Sonic came home to South Carolina to face Scorpion in a friendly match. But that match quickly turned into a FTR Match for the FTR Title. Sonic beat Scorpion thanks to Gamr and Pheonix,Sonic backstage has vowed to make them pay for interfereing in his match. During a promo,Sonic's fake,"Sonic" put Sonic's Wife Pyro in a state of shock. this caused her to lose the baby....and her life. Sonic lost to the Outcast on SNS thanks to "Sonic". Sonic finished off his fake via a Super Sonic Stunner. He now challenges Steele for the OUW Championship. He is now reunited with his wife Pyro after finding out she wasn't dead...but hiding. This sunday,he faces Jace and the reformed Bobbo in a Triple Threat match. Sonic finally fought Steele in a OUW Title Match....Although Sonic won the match,he didn't win the title thanks to Steele getting himself DQ'd. Sonic was screwed again,but this time it was Robert L. Davis screwing Sonic. Now at Conversion he will faceoff against RLD and Steele in a Hell In A Cell! But first,he must go through Calypso on Monday Night Storm. At Conversion,Sonic's life long dream finally came true after Steele landed the Wheels Of Steele move on RLD. Sonic sidekicked Steele and covered RLD for the 1,2,3...and finally became OUW Champion! Months later,Sonic lost the OUW Title to Scorpion at Paramount 3...after the match,Sonic decided to take a break. One month later,Sonic sttod outside the OUW Arena,announcing that he was returning,after a month of finding himself. During the time away. He met a person who went by the name JG Money,the two became friends. Sonic introduced JG to OUW. Now him and JG team up to for the EoP:Elements Of Pain. Sonic and JG will be going for a shot at the tag team titles...IF they win their match on Monday Night Storm. Currently,Sonic is injured from a match against Gamr at Syndication. Can Sonic make his return or is this the last chapter for the Speed Demon?


During the depression period and the changes within OUW. Sonic fell into a deep depression that he thought he wouldn't get out of. Even considered retirement at one time, til Scorpion came to Sonic and offered him a job at IWX. Sonic smiled and decided to take his skills elsewhere. No longer was he OUW Only, he was in IWX, along with Alisha, What will Sonic do in IWX?


During One of his promos, Terry gotten word about his mother in critical condition. He then packed his bags and was forced to retire. Farewell Old friend, for we may never meet....again

Noteable OUW Accomplishments


  • Shadic Stunna(RKO)
  • The Seven Chaos(Super RKO/Formerly Super Sonic Stunner v2.0)
  • Sonic Stunner(No Longer In Use)
  • Super Sonic Stunner (Sonic Stunner from the top rope)(No Longer In Use)
  • Sonic Bomb (Batista Bomb)(no longer in use)
  • The Tap Out (Crippler Crossface) (No Longer In Use)

OUW Championship Reign

OUW Championship
Preceded by:
Stephen Steele(Stripped)
Succeeded by:
Samuel "Scorpion" Hessingstock

OUW United States Championship Reign (1)

OUW United States Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

OUW United States Championship Reign (2)

OUW United States Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Dylan "Gamr" Scott

OUW United States Championship Reign (3)

OUW United States Championship
Preceded by:
Robert L. Davis
Succeeded by:
Michael "Plat" King

OUW FTR Championship Reign (1)

OUW FTR Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Chris “Coz” Zernskie

OUW FTR Championship Reign (2)

OUW FTR Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

OUW FTR Championship Reign (3)

OUW FTR Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

OUW Intercontinental Championship Reign

OUW Intercontinental Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Ben “Crow” Stevens

uWa Hardcore Championship Reign

uWa Hardcore Championship
Preceded by:
Hollywood Jayson
Succeeded by:

Recognised Quotations

  • So...Says...The...Speed...Demon...BABY!!!!!!!
  • Like racing's in your blood,wrestling is in mine. It just took me longer to figure out.
  • My Fist=Your Face! Deal With It

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