Terry Buford
Height 6'1"
Weight 240 lbs.
E-fed Debut November 2006

Terry Buford is an E-Proffesional Wrestler, currently under contract for Total Wrestling Annihilation.

TWA Career

TWA Debut

Terry Buford's career began in Total Wrestling Annihilation. He started off teaming with Chris Foppa, in a tag team called "The High Rollers." Within a month at TWA's first ppv, Acting on Instinct, the two had won a triple threat tag team match which they won the TWA Tag Team titles. The other two teams in the match were The Misfits and The Circus.

TLC Match

Over the next few months, The High Rollers would face off in a feud against the Misfits and the Circus. This eventually would lead to a triple threat match, but there was one stipulation for the match. It would be a Tables, Ladder, and Chairs match. The Circus ended up splitting a part, but one of the members Tai Burns formed a new tag team. He teamed up with The Darkness to form Chemical Darkness. They were successful in their debut as The High Rollers lost their tag team championships to Chemical Darkness in the TLC match at the ppv called Implosion.

Ironteam Match

Leading up to TWA's next ppv, Warrior's Will, the High Roller's were feuding with Chemical Darkness. Buford didn't wrestle much up to the ppv due to a injury. However, Buford & Tai Burns had an excellent singles match on Unleashed, in which Tai was successful. It was also announced that these two teams would be competing in a 60 minute Ironteam match at Warrior's Will. At Warrior's Will, neither team could score a pinfall in sixty minutes. This match would then go to a sudden death overtime, where the High Rollers hit the Rollin the Dice finisher on Darkness, and then pinned him at 68:32. Both teams shook hands afterwards, and Chemical Darkness went their seperate ways afterwards. This was the High Rollers second tag team title reign.

Career without Foppa

At the TWF reunion show, Terry Buford participated in an Ultimate X Match with AJ Styles, Tadd Starr, & Ultimo Dragon, in which Styles won. At Unleashed: High Stakes, a newly reunited Edge & Christian defeated The High Rollers for the tag team championships. That wasn't the big story here though. On an attempted Shooting Star Press that failed, Foppa landed on his neck awkwardly. It was determined a few days later that he had broken his neck, and would be out for indefinitely. This left Buford without a tag team partner.

Partnership with Sting

Buford was set for revenge on Edge & Christian. He faced them both in handicap matches, and single matches. After seeing how much he had lost it, the new acquired Sting decided to take Buford under his wing. The two were unsuccessful in their attempt at the titles at the June ppv "A Sunrise Over Hell." However they were successful on the July 15th edition of Unleashed. The two would then hold onto the belts, defeating Edge & Christian, and Sterling James Keenan & Randy Orton at Chaotica. The two's last match as a team was on the new season of TWA where they defeated Edge & Christian once again to retain the TWA Tag Team Championships. Buford also had some success as a singles wrestler when he defeated Global Champion Mr. Kennedy in the final match of TWA season 1.

PWE Career

TWA would ultimately fold Thanksgiving weekend, leaving all the TWA wrestlers unemployed. He, along with Tai Burns would debut in PWE as a heel tag team. The two had a catchphrase, "The Future is Coming.... The Future is Now." However after a tag team loss, and coming in the final three of a 10 man tag match, Burns would leave PWE. Buford then turned face and defeated wrestlers like Nail and Elijah Burke. During this process, he would feud with Dream Champion Charlie Haas, and eventually go onto defeat him for that belt in a No Holds Barred match. He lost to Derek Rampant at Trials & Tribulations in a non-title match. The two would go into a feud for a while, before Rampant left PWE. Buford went onto defeat Martin Barclay, and beat Brian Danielson in a very good tv match. He would lose to World Champion Brock Lesnar and newcomer Marcus Madsen over the next following weeks. At the ppv Saga, Buford was scheduled to defend his title against Madsen in a Steel Cage match. However, it was announced on May 21, 2008 that Pro-Wrestling Entertainment closed it's doors as it was going out of business. This made Terry Buford the final Dream Champion in PWE history.

AWF Career


It was announced on the June 14th, 2008 edition of AWF's Anarchy that Terry Buford would be the special guest referee for the Kale Hartmann/Chris Foppa match. Buford made his presence known as he stopped his former partner Chris Foppa from hitting his finishing move on Kale Hartmann. During the match, Foppa accidently hit Buford with a clothesline, then Hartmann knocked out Buford. Buford got up & knocked both out with the chair, debuting the "Cranky" Buford. Hartmann went onto win the match. Buford was scheduled to feud w/ the Age of the Fall along with Foppa for the tag titles; However, due to disagreements with real life friends, Chris Foppa & Kale Hartmann, AWF folded. It is now unsure what Terry Buford will do now.

Personal Life

Right now Terry Buford is enjoying his time off, and it will be remained to see if Buford wrestles anywhere else. In his personal time, he loves spending time with his girlfriend Katie Vickerson, who can be seen in most of his Roleplay's. He currently resides in New York City.


  • Falcon Arrow
  • Sunset Flip Leg Drop
  • Elevated Boston Crab
  • New School (Double Leg Takedown, lifted into a Spinebuster)
  • Tornado DDT
  • T-Bone Suplex
  • German Suplex
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • Springboard Moonsault
  • Bronco Buster
  • Pendulum Backbreaker
  • Hurricanrana
  • Greco Roman Arm Lock
  • Fujjiwar Armbar
  • Reverse DDT
  • Snap Suplex


  • Total Wrestling Annihilation
    • TWA Tag Team Champions (3) - (2) with Chris Foppa ; (1) with Sting
  • Pro-Wrestling Entertainment
    • PWE Dream Champion

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