Terrence Williams(born November 14th, 1981 in East Rutherford, New Jersey) is an American professional wrestler better known by his ring name of Terry "Bam Bam" Williams, he is currently signed to the Fearless Championship Wrestling and is a member of The Coalition.

Terry "Bam Bam" Williams
Image of Terry "Bam Bam" Williams
Real name Terrence Williams
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Height 5'9"
Weight 270 lbs.
Date of birth November 14th, 1981
Place of birth East Rutherford, New York
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Trainer Sting, The Steiners and Raven
Fearless Championship Wrestling
Deluxe Pro Wrestling
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Debut 2007
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Title History

  • Deluxe Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion(1x) - last champion

Current Federation

Past Federations

  • Deluxe Pro Wrestling
  • Fearless Championship Wrestling


Terry "Bam Bam" Williams was born on November 14th, 1981 to a low-income gamily in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Bam Bam learned to fend for himself on the streets of what he has coined "Badstreet, USA", he protected himself from the violence and wound up becoming infatuated with the world of professional wrestling and adapted a "brawler" like style in the ring. Bam Bam always wanted to become a professional wrestler but was always told to not bother with training because of his height and its perceived limitations.

Deluxe Pro Wrestling

Although Bam Bam did reach the status of the DPW World Heavyweight Champion, the federation itself did not keep it's doors open for very long. Just about a week after he became the champion the federation wound up closing down. Bam Bam was basically the dominant heel, and formed a stable called The Blackbirds with "Freebird" Ricky Van Zant, "Krazy K" Kyle Van Halen and Eddie "The Hitman" Anderson. Eddie held the DPW North Americna Heavyweight Championship, with Ricky and Kyle were intended to become part of the DPW World Tag Team Championship hunt, but, a tournament was never formed to decide the championships and they remained vacant until the federation closed.

Fearless Championship Wrestling

Bam Bam signed with the Fearless Championship Wrestling in April of 2007 and quickly made an impact upon earning a spot in a match up at FcW Ground Zero to determine the vacant FcW United States Championship. The match up would end with Drake Styles clutching the United States Championship and Paddy Coonan reversing the decision and placing the championship on Kevin Conner. During this match a new arrival in Fearless Championship Wrestling Orion, as well as Bam Bam became members of The Coalition. Bam Bam quickly formed a tag team with Caz Armour called Black Reign, that would be entered into the FcW World Tag Team Championship Tournament. Bam Bam has stated that he is not in this business for the glory, but rather to hurt individuals, which is why it makes perfect sense for him to be the personal muscle for *"King of Kings" John Cavanagh.

At the FcW Kingdome Come 2007 event Williams would team up with Sevrena in a Tag Team Turmoil TLC Match. Their opponents in the match up would be the team of Andres Vega and Captain William Jericho, Damien Lucifer and Xtreme Insanity as well as the then reigning FcW World Tag Team Champions Kevin Conner and Colt "The 45" Sykes. Williams and Sevrena would go on to being the victors in the match up and win their first reign as FcW World Tag Team Champions.

The following months would see Veritas, as Terry and Sevrena became to be known, defeat several tag teams with the championship belts on the line including The Meds, Captain William Jericho and Amber Raines, Robbie Priest and Brooke McQueen as well as Colt "The 45" Sykes in a Handicap Match. Thus far they are the longest reigning FcW Tag Team Champions since the resurrection of the promotion.

Entrance Music

Fearless Championship Wrestling

  • "Liar" by Motorhead


  • Sevrena


  • Deluxe Pro Wrestling
    • DPW World Heavyweight Championship


  • Terry Williams' father was an African-American and his mother was white, although her ethnicity has yet to be revealed.

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