Tessa Windsor
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Height 5' 4"
Weight 115 lbs.
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Chatham, Ma
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Tessa Windsor is an American professional wrestler best known for her high flying wrestling style. She is also considered by many to be one of the best female Tag Team wrestlers, and one of the best Cruiserweights in North America. Tessa Windsor is engaged to fellow wrestler, Chris Storm (Real name, Scott Drake) having been in an on/off relationship for the past four years. They are expecting their first child soon and have three other children (one biological child from Drake with another woman and two adopted children, one is Tessa's niece.) Tessa is also currently managing the rising tag team, Banned & Exiled~! with friend Markus Stone and Chris Storm. At the moment she has signed a contract with Global Championship Wrestling for an unknown period of time.

Early Life

Tessa comes from a small wealthy family. Just like the typical professional wrestler Tessa too had spent her whole life dreaming of becoming a professional wrestler, but was often discouraged by her parents and almost driven away from the career after her parent’s obvious hate of her career. Tessa’s parents often verbally abused Tessa put down, favoring her older brother Brandon which caused Tessa to grow closer to her grandfather than her immediate family. When he died when Tessa was only sixteen Tessa decided that it was now time to make her dream come true and make her grandfather proud since she was the only one she knew she could please. Tessa trained through out High School often spending the majority of her time at the gym rather than at home just to avoid the verbal abuse that awaited her inside the doors of her rather large home. After Tessa graduated in the spring of 1999 instead of going to college Tessa continue to follow her dream.

==Wrestling Career Finally when she turned nineteen she managed to sign with a small independent federation which helped her prepare for future reign as a 2x XCWF Women’s Champion until the sudden close of XCWF which led to Tessa without a federation. Tessa did not worry about his though. Instead she continued on competing in the Golden Turnbuckle Tournament. Things seemed like they would be great with Tessa making it to the fourth round until the sudden death of her brother after a fatal car accident. This accident left Tessa in charge of her brothers two children, Christa and Alex. After losing in the fourth round to Angelo Deville Tessa decided that it was time to find another job and signed with the WIW supposedly because of a relationship that Tessa had been having with superstar Chris Storm. While in WIW Tessa opened up about her relationship with Chris Storm, and then went on to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Primetime Championship Wrestling

When Tessa first arrived in PCW in December 2002 she quickly found herself making enemies with both members of The Angel Society, Mani Shiguru and Shin Yaguu. This hate for them only increased when the two men had kidnapped the two children she had guardianship over. This led to a match at Tessa's first PCW PPV where she would tag with Chris Storm against the two men. Fortunately for Tessa and Chris both Christa and Alex were returned by Mani after he had turned his back on his partner.

From there Tessa then found herself caught in a love triangle which really wasn't a love triangle between her boyfriend Chris Storm and her best friend Jackson Rust. This all started because of a friends must fight match which placed the three of them against each other and resulted in Chris Storm taking a chair shot at Jackson Rust but missing Jackson's head and nailing Tessa instead. From then on Chris' jealousy of Jackson only grew which resulted in Chris demanding a match against Jackson at Shandheid with Tessa as the special guest referee. The stakes only grew higher when Xavier Kannon came out and announced that this match would be for the Rising Star Title. Fortunately for Tessa the match ended with Jackson Rust as the winner and then Chris and Jackson surprisingly getting along.

After Shanghied Tessa decided to focus more on a tag team career and tagged with her boyfriend Chris Storm to form The Schmoopies. Tessa and Chris found themselves winning their first tag team gold after defeating Gaz Green after Nerezza left him behind to defend the tag titles on his own.

The next week however Tessa and Chris found themselves in a predicament after Gaz Green had demanded a rematch and made it so that Nerezza could not walk out of the match without losing his career. From then things only seemed to get worse as it was discovered that the match was made in order for a swerve on Nerezza's behalf that reunited the two members of P.W.A. and cost Tessa and Chris the titles after Tessa had been nailed with Gaz's hand buzzer and then bitten by Nerezza.

Things slowly changed though and got better as a few weeks later Tessa and Chris once again found themselves with the tag team titles for a second time after defeating both Clyde and Dark Star but little did they know this would only lead to more problems with P.W.A. wanting the tag titles which they had in their possession.

First it began with the fake copies of pictures of Tessa in lingerie that P.W.A. had made and then it only escalated into worse pranks with crashing the first wedding attempt of Tessa and Chris and then pulling a prank that would go wrong and result in the accidental marriage of Tessa and Gaz. This led to P.W.A. manipulating their way into a pay per view match against both Chris and Tessa at Spring fling that would offer the chance of annulment if Chris and Tessa won but would also give P.W.A. the tag titles should P.W.A. win.

At Spring Fling it all seemed to go downhill for Tessa after she had been knocked out by breathing in a chemical that Gaz had put on a cloth therefore knocking her out and leaving Chris to defend himself against P.W.A. which led to him losing and giving them the tag titles and leaving Tessa still married to Gaz.

After losing her tag partner because of an attack by P.W.A. that left Chris getting his head smashed into a brick wall Tessa began to focus on her singles career and had made a goal to win at least one singles title, which is exactly what she did in June of 2003, capturing the PCW Television Title from Dorn Tracer. However her run did not last all too long due to the unexpected closure of PCW which left Tessa jobless. However the unemployment period for Tessa did not last long as she signed a deal with Old School Entertainment. Tessa however quickly found out that in OSW things would not be as easy as they were in PCW. After finally getting an annulment to end her marriage to Gaz Green, Tessa decided that OSW was not the place for her and came to Rush Pro Wrestling.

After Rush Pro came a series of other promotions until she finally landed in Global Championship Wrestling, where she is currently employed as the manager to Banned & Exiled~! after being pregnant with the child of Scott Drake.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Final Vision (Springboard Moonsault)
  • Fatal Storm (Hurricarana off Top Rope)
  • Eolian (Reverse Face Plant)
  • Bulldog
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Boston Crab
  • Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors
  • Tornado DDT
  • 450 Splash

Championships and accomplishments

  • Primetime Central
    • 1x PTC Tag Champion (w/ Karina Wolfenden)
    • Second Annual Cruiserweight Tournament Finalist

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