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Tetsuo Kanata knew he was different from a very early age. He was twice the size of his 3 brothers growing up, and he got picked on relentlessly in school for being oversized for most Japanese schoolkid activities.

Upon graduating high school, Kanata decided that college was NOT for him, as he couldn't stand to be picked on any longer by people for being such a big man. He trained relentlessly in a gym, lifting weights for hours, until his already impressive physical stature was accentuated by pound after pound of muscle mass.

Tetsuo was approached by the Yakuza at that time, offering him employment as one of their enforcers. Kanata gladly accepted and soon found himself not only respected by his fellow Yakuza, but feared by much of the general populace. He garnered the reputation of beating people almost to death if they didn't pay the Yakuza their revenues...

The Yakuza, in order to increase their already vast holdings in sports and sports entertainment, decided to send Kanata to Shootcamp so he could make money for them and break bones for himself, one of his favorite pastimes...

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/WRESTLING STYLE Tetsuo Kanata is a brawler, plain and simple. He doesn't use high flying moves, or anything fancy...although sometimes he WILL take to the top rope to deliver a high-risk maneuver with accentuated power. He is mean, quick-tempered, and out to hurt his opponent, no matter the cost.

Kanata is also well-versed in Shotokan karate, and is the holder of a brown belt in that particular style. He uses this karate on lots of occasions to incapacitate his opponent.

Kanata is 6'11 tall, and is somewhere close to 330 pounds. He has close-cut black hair, and wears white SFX contacts. He wears a black silk gi to the ring, and black wrestling pants with red boots...a dragon is emblazoned on one leg of his pants.

Kanata had a manager named Fumiko once, but she proved to be more of a distraction than a Kanata sent her back to Japan...Kanata is learning English, but still has difficulty with the simplest of English words and colloquialisms...He will do interviews on occasion, but it's a rare instance when he does.

Although Kanata is not as hated as he once was, he still doesn't care for cheers OR boos...He is simply out to hurt SOMEONE, irregardless of their fan alignment or what they might have done/not done TO him.


"Big Boot": Kanata sends the opponent into the ropes, and delivers a boot to the face on the return.

"Shoulder Block in the Corner": Kanata gets the opponent trapped in the corner and delivers repeated shoulder blocks to their midsection.

"Falling Bearhug": After locking in a bearhug, Kanata will lift the opponent and fall on top of them, with the bearhug still locked. Most often occurs after the "shoulder block in the corner".

"Ita Jima Superkick": Kanata will deliver a spinning roundhouse kick to the back of the opponent's head, made even more powerful by the fact that there's 327 pounds behind it.

"Tombstone from Second Rope" Kanata will mount the second turnbuckle, use his strength to lift the opponent into tombstone position, then deliver the move from the second rope.

"Running Chokeslam": After grabbing the opponent and lifting them by the throat, Kanata will run a few steps and deliver a chokeslam, made more ferocious by the velocity.


"Kanata Superchop": Kanata sends the opponent into the ropes, drops to one knee, and delivers a knife edge chop with such force that the opponent usually turns a 180 before coming down.

"Hiroshima Bomb": Kanata executes a sit out package piledriver.

taken from INSIDEWAM.COM---Wrestlers Real Names and Profiles

Real Name: Tetsuo Masaharu Years Competing: less than one year Resides in: Los Angeles, California Marital Status: Married to Fumiko Masaharu, one son Kazushige Masaharu

Shootclub Online Wrestling Game Tetsuo Kanata's bio

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