Invented by the Von Erich family's wrestling promotion World Class Championship Wrestling, based in Texas, this is a modified Tag Team match, where all the members of both (or all) teams are allowed to wrestle in the ring at the same time. USWA and AIW have also used this match to great effect for their larger groups of faces against larger groups of heels.

Match Format

The "Texas Tornado" Match is basically a Battle Royal Tag Match, which will allow all the members of the participating teams to wrestle in the ring at one time without penalty. Traditionally, the Texas Tornado match is only between two teams of two, but can be fought between two or more teams of any size more than 1 wrestler.

Count-outs and DQs (especially those involving the 5-count DQ for illegal tag team member interference) are traditionally suspended for this match in order to allow for a DECISIVE fall in the middle of the ring. Modifications to this match include:

  • Elimination rules (where all members of a team must be eliminated for the win), and...
  • the Toughman match used in USWA and AIW: the first man to gain a pinfall gets to choose whom from the opposing team gets ganged up on for a full minute. After the minute, if the lone wrestler cannot answer a 10-count, his team loses. If he gets up before the 10-count, the match continues with the same stipulations until a winner is declared. The Texas Tornado Toughman can be fought 3 on 3 or 4 on 4, but usually not 5 on 5, as that would be TOO unfair...

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