Jason first entered the e-Wrestling business late in the year 1999 but did not actually become known as "The 13th" until almost 2 years later, having a small obsession with the number due to his birthdate he chose the Internet tag and has used it for everything ever since, over his years in E-Wrestling he has worked with many accomplished role-players, not satisfied with simple roleplaying he went as far as to create an elaborate and indepth universe around his various characters, each of them having tied to eachother in one way or another, his most successful characters over the hears have been "Jeremiah", "Venom", "Voorhees", "Zircon Warmburn" and although he has had others over the years these are by far the most outstanding, his work has become well respected among many of his peers in the e-wrestling business. His working specialises in far more in depth and thoughtful works, he claims to enjoy delving deep into the character and works in a unique philosophy into his writing. Having worked in all aspects of e-wrestling he has retired from staff and ownership work to concentrate on what he calls his 'last run'. He is building towards retirement, hoping to pass on what he has learned to the next generation through his 'last run' in the e-wrestling business..


Mace Steel's Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation

  • It's certainly no secret that Mace Steel's Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation was not the top of the food chain when it came to Roleplay Quality, a fact that The 13th frequently admits to when he talks about the federation that he once called home for almost 6 years but if a company was able to survive for the better part of 9 years then it must have been doing something right. The 13th joined the EHWF reluctantly for this very reason but as time passed The 13th didn't look at the EHWF as a challenge as such but instead the challenge of the EHWF was the fun he could find in it, the relaxed atmosphere and creative control allowed him to push for in depth storylines and develop characters in ways that may not have been possible otherwise. Despite his open criticism of the companies flaws The 13th to this day still admits that it was one of the more fun times of his career because of the members he had the chance to work with MADE it fun. Its a common belief that it was the members of that company that held it together as opposed to the owner himself.


  • Jason found the Wrestling-Titans somewhat by mistake but gives the company a great deal of credit for his success in the industry due to the improvements it allowed him to make. He has also been quoted saying that it was the single best E-fed in internet history during its prime. It was in the WTFL that Jason created Jeremiah a schizophrenic character that would later become arguable the best character work of his career.


  • Coming soon.

Championship History

  • Coming soon.

Favourite E-Wrestling Moments

  • The 'Jeremiah' character.

The 13th to some extent created the 'Jeremiah' character by accident. He had never intended for the character to go into a split personality gimmick but as time progressed it simply developed, almost by itself. he was so pleased at how weel it was going that he simply pushed the boundaries further and through the character was able to explore new depths and create a character that he believes was one of the most unique he has ever crossed. It would be common for there to be several layers of a roleplay, that some people would read them more than once just to make sure they did not miss anything. He considers Jeremiah as his most 'intelligent' character from a design perspective and gives the people he worked with a great deal of credit for the character's success.

  • Becoming WTFL Champion (Late 2006)

When I became the very last WTFL Champion in the companies history it was a great honor, I hold it as my proudest E-fedding achievement.

When he started what was supposed to be his 'last run' The 13th made the decision to build upon his original character, taking him from a stero typical and somewhat bland face to a real character with real emotions and real life struggles, to see the character evolve and to build such a diverse universe around Zircon him was an incredible challenge and the depth that the charcter developed is much more intense than anything he has seen done before or since.

The Eye of the Beholder

  • An column that is posted on an irregular basis, looking at The 13th's E-fed work from an out of character perspective, as opposed to one written in character, has always included rumors and a look into the mind of the man himself..

Wulf Role-Playing Community

  • As part of his e-fedding work The 13th literally created a fictional universe in which all these characters live, most of his characters have links between eachother, whether it be from e-fedding past of from moments in their lives where they have met. It was designed so that his work was more meaningful instead of just random and pointless. It would later becomes its own company and spawned several campaigns of non-wrestling roleplaying.. The Universe in which the e-fedding characters have become part is refered to as 'Wulf: Modern'.
Personal Information
Real Name: Jason
Birth Date: 13th of October, 1982
Location Tasmania, Australia
Alias's Richard Hackman, Jeremiah, Voorhees
Personal Belief's Christian
Major E-fed's Insane Wrestling Federation (Co Owner 1999-2000), Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation, Internet Wrestling Federation, Purely Hardcore Wrestling, Insane Wrestling Federation, Wrestling-Titans Fantasy League, Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (formally known as GWA).

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