Arthur John Reich, better known by his ringname The Anarchist, is an American professional E-wrestler that is the co-chairman of World Hybrid Wrestling alongside his friend Mark A. Montana while also serving as an in-ring talent for the promotion. He is known for his loose-cannon gimmick that lands him in hot water with the E-Fed community. Anarchist explains his edginess by claiming "If everyone in the world said their prayers, kept their elbows off the table and used proper grammar, we'd all be boring, teacher's pet p*ssies."

The Anarchist
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of The Anarchist]]
Real name Zack Bryant
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Height 6 Foot 1 Inch
Weight 240 lbs
Date of birth December 04, 1979
Place of birth Phoenix, Arizona
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Phoenix, Arizona
Billed from Phoenix, Arizona
Trainer Stew Hart, Sting, and Goldberg
Handled by
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Origins of World Hybrid Wrestling

During the 1990’s Anarchist began to wrestle in a wrestling camp ran by WCW. He trained with members like Sting and Goldberg. Before the WCW training he moved from Phoenix to Canada where he into Stew Hart’s Dungeon with other wrestlers as Chris Benoit and Bret Hart. After training with so many trainers he became an Indy wrestler. Wrestling in OVW and other wrestling Indy shows.

After the training he went straight into Indy wrestling then to a top wrestling organization, WCWA, where Anarchist became the WCWA Hardcore Champion, Tag Champion, and Xtreme Champion. After and abrupt leave from WCWA he went to the ICW.

The ICW was Anarchist first real transformation into a true professional wrestler where he battle wrestlers as, Fear Seer, Grigs Larr, John Cena, Jesse Nunez, Christian Cage, Raven, Kurt Angle, and many more. He became one of the most mentioned wrestlers in ICW History along with John Cena and Jesse Nunez. He held the ICW Hardcore Championship and the Xtreme Championship. He was the longest raining ICW Hardcore Champion in ICW history. After ICW closed he left and went to uCw along with many of the ICW superstars. After uCw fired Anarchist for not showing up to a show event he went with his friend from the past ICW and WCWA era, Jesse Nunez, to the main organization, EwC!

While Anarchist was in EwC he fought the greatest matches of his career, including, Anarchist vs. Jesse Nunez and TNR vs. MNB. The worst thing that has happened to me in EwC is that Jackal and Rapture brutally beat me and broke both of my legs. Anarchist got both legs replaced by robotic legs, plus he quit e-V-e. After Anarchist quit e-V-e he asked President Mac for a job and it was given, CO-GM of FN'R. He did his job with the steady shadow of Dookie over him. Controversy between the two got quite high; will it boil over and back fire on either Dookie or Anarchist?

After the war with Thug Rebellion and Haydenism Anarchist was traded to BRAWL where he began not showing up for shows. So finally GM Max Carter called it quits for him…As Anarchist was at home he began working out even more and harder now with the voice out of his head and nothing to bother him. As he trained he would go and wrestle for this Indy Organization, now associated with NWA, Rising Phoenix Wrestling. As he trained with the likes of Frankie Kazarian, he began getting faster, but he could help that he was getting smaller. As he began getting better he realized the changes in EWC, Shadow Man gone, 8 Man Elimination Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Title, and the re-formation of HardCore Wrestling. So Anarchist thought, he would head to HardCore Wrestling.

Rebellion's Finest

Clothing Information & Attire

In-Ring: Black elbow pads with red Anarchist symbols on them, including knee pads the same way. Also there is UFC Fighting Shorts with Anarchist spelled out on the back of it.

Entrance: Wearing a Black hood coat Anarchist wears all the way to the ring till he rips off the hood to reveal his face.

Out-of-Ring: Anarchist wears just a regular t-shirt with the Anarchy symbol on it. He also wears black jeans with black Adio Bam shoes.


The fans in the HardCore Wrestling arena begin to go crazy as "Immortal" by ADEMA begins to play through out the arena. The fans begin to chant “Anarchist” as Anarchist comes out of the curtain with a hood veiled over his head. He stops and looks at the fans nodding his head.

He begins to walk down the ramp as the fans still chant “Anarchist”. He reaches the ring and puts his hands on it giving its respect so it would bring him fortune and not death. He goes towards the steel steps and gets on them; he then faces the crowd and extends his arms out far. He then rushes around and gets into the middle ring, but he is not in the ring. He again faces the crowd and extends his arms, but he then reached for his veil and tears it off to reveal his face to the crowd and also lets out a loud yell.

He gets into the ring and goes towards to one of the ring corners to get on top of the ring ropes. He then yells out to the crowd and sticks his fists in the air. He jumps down to the apron and removes his robes awaiting his opponent.

Basic Moves List: 1. Clothesline 2. Arm Bar 3. Headlock 4. Sleeper Hold 5. Camel Clutch 6. German Suplex 7. Dragon Sleeper Hold 8. Crucifix 9. Tree of Woe

Signature Moves List

Finishing Move: Anarchy Slam Description: The Angel Wings (Christopher Daniels)

Finishing Move: Archy Flip Description: 640 Corkscrew Flip (John Evans)

Finishing Move: Rebelionizer Description: Anaconda Vice (CM Punk)

In E-Wrestling

  • World Hybrid Wrestling
    • Finishing Moves
      • The Bronx Bomber (Back to Back Double Underhook Piledriver)
      • Anarchist-Induced Coma (Can opener)
    • Signature Moves
      • Air Anarchist (Springboard Clothesline)
      • 50 To The Chest (Multiple heart punches to a cornered opponent)
      • Coast To Coast (Corner-to-corner missle dropkick, usually driving a garbage can into the face of the seated opponent)adopted from WWEFan
      • Discus Clothesline
      • Multiple DDT Variations
        • Snap
        • Spike
        • Rope Hung to a cornered opponent (Usually done to counter an opponent perched on the top rope)
      • Suicide Dive
      • Springboard Plancha
    • Nicknames
      • The One-Man Militia
      • The Corrupt Assassin

Championships and Accomplishments

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