The Ashton Endurance Match is a speciality or gimmick match within professional wrestling. The blueprints of the match were created by Aaron Ashton. The match is held under strict wrestling rules. It's usually held between two opponents, but there has been a three person variant. The premise of the match is to be the first person to score five pinfalls over your opponent. These do not have to be in order and the match works much like an Ironman would, except there is a limit of five pinfalls for either individual.

It's simply the ultimate test of endurance.


Aaron Ashton vs Cade Silver. [ Yahoo Wrestling, Aaron Ashton won. ]

Andrew Ashton vs David Lunar. [ New Era Wrestling, David Lunar won. ]

Andrew Ashton vs Timothy Ashton. [ Xtreme World Wrestling, Timothy Ashton won. ]

Corey Ashton vs Andrew Ashton. [ New Era Wrestling, Corey Ashton won. ]

Corey Ashton vs Jamie Williams. [ New Era Wrestling, Corey Ashton won. ]

Corey Ashton vs Dark vs Maharba. [ United Toughness Alliance, Corey Ashton won. ]

Corey Ashton vs Morgana. [ Sin Wrestling, TBD. ]

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