The Black Covenant is a controversial heel stable formed in Full Metal Wrestling in 2006. They are led by charismatic cult leader, "The Dark Lord" Ethan Black. The name comes from the moniker that Black has given to his collective of young followers who believe him to be a modern day messiah for the disenfranchised.


Former Members


Ethan Black made his first appearance at FMW's debut event, Full Metal 1.1. He appeared as an observer, with his associate Damian St. Claire during a match between War Machine and The Rabbi. After suffering a hard fought loss, War Machine was confronted by Black and offered a position in the Black Covenant. The next week, at Full Metal 1.2, War Machine appeared during Ethan Black's first match and distracted his opponent,Syanide, allowing Black to pick up the victory. At that point War Machine was officially a member of the Black Covenant. The induction caused a shift in War Machine's attitude as was evident by his victory at Full Metal 1.3 over Diddly Fusion. With Black urging him onWar Machine continued the assault on Fusion after the match was over, injuring his ribs. 1.3 also saw the return of multiple time PWA Tag Team & PWA Hardcore champion, Styxx. The monster appeared and utterly destroyed Suki Mi Wang, ending his FMW career.

At Full Metal 1.4, Ethan Black continued his winning ways in the Road to Glory tournament, defeating Takeover. Black also hinted on this show at a new member while War Machine won the Fifteen Minute Massacre to become the first FMW Ultra-violent Champion. That night, Styxx also competed in the Fifteen Minute Massacre match.

FMW's inaugural Pay-Per-View, Death Row, was a big night for The Black Covenant. During the pre-show, Styxx dominated and soundly defeated Brody McBrayer. Death Row was also the first appearance of Eve in Ethan Black's corner. Black also introduced Harlequin, The Harbinger of the Appocolypse, as a new member of The Black Covenant.

War Machine retained his FMW Ultraviolent championship in a hard fought bloodbath with Syanide. With the help of Eve, War Machine savagely battered the Sadistic Skinhead until he was deemed unable to defend himself and could not continue the match.

Also that night, Ethan Black competed in the final three rounds of the Road to Glory tournament. In the quarter finals, Black faced off with another dark force in the veteran cYnical. During the match, Hostyle, the man cYnical defeated in the previous round, tried to interfere but was prevented by cYnical's long time ally, Styxx. Styxx then suddenly turned on cYnical, hitting him with the Ganso Bomb. Black capitalized by nailing the fallen cYnical with his finisher, The Kindred Cross, for the upset victory. Styxx then revealed that he was joining The Black Covenant.

Black continued his success in The Road to Glory Tournament defeating Drew Michaels in the semi-finals. Again the victory was mired in controversy thanks to the liberal interference by Eve. This victory set the finals of the The Road to Glory Tournament, where Black would face the popular Andrew O'Rion. Black entered the contest with the entire rank and file of The Black Covenant in tow. O'Rion entered alone. It was soon revealed that some of Black's cultist followers had locked Andrew O'Rion's two brothers, Alex and Adrian, in their locker room.

Black and his Covenant took full advantage of the numbers game during the match. A combination of distractions and interference allowed Black and company to batter and bloody O'Rion for much of the contest. Finally, cYnical attacked the cultists and managed to free the captive O'Rions. The three of them stormed the ring attacking The Black Covenant. Through the confusion, Black was handed something from Eve. Then, as O'Rion rallyed, Black threw a fireball into his face. Black then made cover to become the first Full Metal Heavyweight Champion.

The Black Covenant's actions at Death Row have spawned outrage by many in Full Metal Wrestling. While the O'Rions are the first to step up against The Black Covenant, they were quickly joined by Drew Michaels, RAMPAGE! and former C4 Champion, Showstoppa, who watched as his friend and partner, Diddly Fusion, was injured at the hands of War Machine under the orders of Black, who wanted to "make an example." Showstoppa confronted Black about his actions on his talk show, Full Metal Take 5. Black responded by chokeslamming Showstoppa through his own set.


After Death Row, the Black Covenant became the preeminent faction within Full Metal Wrestling despite several minor setbacks. War Machine shockingly lost the Ultraviolent Title to Drew Michaels in an Inferno Match. Burns suffered from the match put the Covenant's liutenant out of action.

During this time, Black abducted the girlfriend of rival FMW Superstar Alex O'Rion, as part of the Covenant's quest to rid FMW of the O'Rion brothers. Black promised no harm would come to Theresa as long as Alex and his brother, Andrew, both pulled out of the Elimination Chamber match for Black's FMW World Heavyweight Title that would take place at Lethal Injection. That promise was broken during the Beat the Clock Challenge that took place to determine the order of entry for the Elimination Chamber. During Black's qualifying match against cYnical, many of FMW's heroes joined forces to turn back the Covenant which ended with Andrew and Alex O'Rion costing Black the match and his undefeated streak. Black responding was to take his frustrations out on Theresa. When she was next seen, her face was heavily bandaged. During the exchange, the O'Rions bested the Covenant and Alex rescued Theresa...only to be betrayed after his love threw a fireball in his face. It was then revealed that Theresa had, in fact, joined the Covenant.

Prompted by the glavinizing of various FMW factions against him, at FMW Anarcy 2.3, Ethan Black introduced the massive Abaddon as his bodyguard. Abaddon, government experiment in military biological enhancement gone horribly wrong, was a gift from Black's contacts within the United States military. The monster now sudders from extreme agromaly that caused him to grow to nearly eight feet and weigh close to 500 pounds of solid muscle. The monster has paid dividends, dominating any force that Covenant's foes have placed in his way.

At Lethal Injection, War Machine returned and promptly kicked out Harlequin from the group. War Machine then was revealed as one of Black's challenger in the Elimination Chamber. Black and War Machine worked together the entire match until the Covenant Lieutenant was eliminated. Just as looked like Black's title was in jeopardy at the hands of Alex O'Rion, Alex's brother Adrian interfered, costing his brother the title in what remains as FMW's most shocking act of betrayal. The Dark Prodigy, as Black refers to Adrian, has become the fastest rising star in FMW since joining the Covenant.

After Lethal Injection, Styxx shockingly betrayed the Covenant, choosing to assist his former partner cYnical in his World Title quest. Despite Styxx's assistance, cYnical fell short and Black got revenge for his only loss at the time.

Styxx was promptly placed by the mysterious Incubus and his female companion, Succubus. The masked due have immediately paid dividends by softening up Drew Michaels before he challenges Black for the FMW World Heavyweight title at Ultimatum. Despite little being known about the duo, Black assures everyone that they are, in fact, the key to his dominance of Full Metal Wrestling.

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