The Bond Brothers
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Real name
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Height 6'2(Kenny) 5'11(Kendrick)
Weight Combined weight of 478 pounds.
Date of birth December 31, 1983(Kenny) October 31, 1984(Kendrick)
Place of birth Phoenix, Arizona
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Phoenix, Arizona
Handled by
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Debut Feburary 28, 2006
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The Bond Brothers, formed in February 2006, are a tag team performing for the WrestleView Wrestling Federation.


The Bond Brothers debuted for WVWF on WVWF's first show Rage on Feburary 28, 2006. Their first match was in the 6 team Tag Hell Gauntlet match. They drew number 1 and entered first and eliminated Those Frickin Stones in an Extreme Rules match. The next round the Bonds were up against the Generation of Pain in a Tornado Tables Match. They fell short in this match with some confusion in a rather confusing ending. The match was eventually won by the Bad Guys. Two weeks later the Bond Brothers were in a match for the tag team championships. The Bad Guys cheated by using a steel plate in their taped wristed when they hit a clothesline. The referee then reversed the the decision and the Bond Brothers won by disqualification. Shane Franklin then announced that the next week it would The Bad Guys vs The Bond Brothers in a tag team double elimination tables match for the tag titles. It looked like this time The Bonds would be sucessful in their title hunt, but Richard Gracey, aka The Ebony Stud interfered on the Bad Guys behalf to cost the Bonds the titles.

The Bond Brothers were then involved in the fatal four way number 1 contenders match at the April fourth Fury. Kendrick was pinned after Texas Law cheated by poking him in the eye the hiting their finisher. The next week on Fury they faced the Bad Guys, but once agian fell short. On the April 18, Fury both members of the Bond Brothers competed in the 10-man battle royal to determine the last two spots in the Mayhem ladder match at Vendetta. They teamed up the entire match helping each other. After Kenny was eliminated he caught Kendrick and put him back in the ring which led to Kendrick winning the battle royal along with Klinton Imai. On April 22 Kendrick teamed up with Ricky Crush and Shawn Tyler to face the other members involved in the ladder match at Vendetta. They lost the match after Shawn Tyler was pinned.

At Vendetta Kendrick was hanging from the briefcase seconds away from winning when he was hit with the Rush from Rick Crush. Kenny also made an appearance in the match when he put Kendrick on his shoulder and was climbing the ladder. This attempt fell short as did Kendrick in the match. Kendrick suffered a spinal injury which left the Bond Brothers out of action in May, June, and July. The Bonds now have been cleared to make their return to WVWF.

On the August 16th Fury Kenny Bond faced Jayden Sarek of the tag team lifeline. Kenny was disqualified after Kendrick threw him the brass knuckles and was caught hitting Jayden with them. At Adrenaline Rush the Bond Brothers teamed up in the T.V. Championship battle royal. They both made it to the final four before being eliminated at the same time.


The Bond Brothers turned on the fans and claimed their new logo FTF! Which stands for F**K The Fans. The Bonds started blaming the fans for their losses claiming that they distracted them from winning. The Bond Brothers won a Number one contenders match against the Hembree Boys at Fury to face Lifeline at Saturday Night Prime Time. They won the match by count out therefore winning the match, but not the titles. On the next Fury the Bond Brothers teamed up with Jackhammer to face Klinton Imai and Lifeline. The match ended in disqualification when Kendrick hit Jayden Sarek with a chair. The following week on Fury Kenny was in a triple threat match with Matthew Draven and Big Shot. The winner of the match wins a shot at the WVWF Tag Team Titles for their team. The match was won by Kenny when he reversed a small package with help from Kendrick to win with a small package of his own.The next week leading up to Hallowicked Kendrick Bond faced Jayden Syrek in singles action. Kendrick was pinned in seven seconds giving Lifeline a laugh, but it certainly was not the last one. Kenny came from the crowd and blasted Lifeline with chair shots. The Bonds then got the spray paint and sprayed FTF! over the Tag Titles and over the backs of Lifeline.

WVWF Tag Team Champions

The Bond Brothers won the tag titles at WVWF PPV Hallowicked on the night of Halloween against Lifeline. The Bonds first title defence was on the 11/08/06 edition of Fury against Lifeline and the Hembree boys. The Bond Brothers won the match hitting the "Brotherly Bond" on Jayden Sarek and pinning the member of Lifeline. The Bond Brothers were stripped of the tag titles on December 15, as were all of the champions in the WVWF.

Quest to regain Tag Titles

After being stripped of their championships the Bonds made a vow to regain their titles. On the Fury before WVWF Reborn and Bonds won an 8-man tag team match with their partners the Brit Pack. At WVWF Reborn the Bonds lost in their tag team turmoil match being the second to last team to be eliminated.

Championships and accomplishments

Championship Succession

WVWF Tag Champions
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