The Brand
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of The Brand]]
Real name Brandon Real
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Height 6'3
Weight 240 lbs
Date of birth September 27, 1980 (Age 27)
Place of birth Hollywood, California, United States
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Los Angeles, California, United States
Billed from Los Angeles, California, United States
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Debut January 28th, 2001
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The Brand (Born Brandon Real on September 27th, 1980) is a longstanding member of the famous XWF: X-Treme Wrestling Federationwho is currently retired. He competed from 2000-2002, in both active competition and as the XWF's owner. He is a former member of the Wildcards with Maverick, Centurion, and Roller, and also a former member of the Demo Pac with Cooper, Bigg Rigg, Sandman, and Arch Angel.

Early Career

First Steps: NEW

Brand's first steps into the bigtime were in the NEW. Immeaditely he made an impact attacking the "Ring Lord" Champion at the time, "The Voice", igniting a fued with the rising champion. Doing so Brand engaged into a war with The Demo Pac, a stable led by NEW Champion, Cooper. He was pitted against The Voice for the Ring Lord Championship the following Monday Night, however before the match ocurred the NEW was closed by President Hamilton. The short-lived fued proved to be the start of something huge future however, as Brand and The Demo Pac put their differences aside.

Entrance into the XWF

Brand's entrance into the XWF began in early 2001, invading the XWF with a stable known as the Demo Pac. The Demo Pac included wrestling superstars such as Cooper, Bigg Rigg, Sandman, and Arch Angel. The group proved to be a formidable force as they captured three federation titles within their first few months. Cooper captured the Universal title, Bigg Rigg had won the Heavyweight title, and Brand had won an 8-man tournament to secure the Canadian Championship.

Double Champion & Rising Star

A month after his reign, Brand had attacked the current X-Treme Champion, Stark Deacon in the hallways, and pinning him (The 24/7 rule was in effect where the title could be defended anywhere.), thus making him the X-Treme champion. Brand had secured two federation titles which he defended for many months. After verbally battling eachother for weeks, Commisioner Migraine placed Brand in a ladder match at Rage in the Cage 2001 against Epic and Keeper, where he had to defend both his titles. The catch was however, that Brand could only win one of his championships, then he would be removed from the match one of the winners. Brand went on to win the first title of the match, choosing to remove the Canadian Championship from the rafters. Keeper would later remove the X-Treme championship from the rafters becoming the other winner, leaving Epic defeated. Brand's victory elevated him from hotshot mid-carder to a rising superstar, which resulted in more premier matches the following months. This included a successful Canadian Title defense against the Universal Champion, Jayzon Williamz in a street fight.

Brand would soon become a double champion again. In a match where the Canadian and Heavyweight championships were on the line, Brand defeated Death of Deathrow for the Heavyweight Championship on a special edition of Anarchy in October.

Injury and the CCWF

Out of commission

During early October in 2001, Brand was attacked off-stage by a masked competitor causing a knee injury. He was placed on the inactive list by the XWF in order to rehab. Unfortunately Brand's absence prevented him from being able to compete in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament, thus forcing him to forfeit the title. Brand's dissapointment lead him to work harder than ever to return, and with former ally Cooper running the CCWF, Brand felt it was time to expand his options and compete elsewhere during his inactivity period in the XWF.

CCWF Intercontinental Championship

Fellow XWF member Bigg Rigg, now competing in both feds, entered the CCWF together with Brand. On a monday night airing of Masters of the Ring, Brand and Rigg invaded the federation under Cooper, attacking multiple CCWF superstars, including Intercontinental Champion, Jandromyte, a member of the Clowns.

The next monday Brand was booked in an intercontinental title match against Jandromtye. Brand shocked the world by not only winning the Intercontinental title in his first CCWF match, but also joining forces with CCWF Champion Maverick, Roller, and Bigg Rigg in the Wildcards. In following weeks Brand defended his Intercontinental Championship against Jandromyte, Sewaside, and again against the two in a Triple Threat match. Brand had reached top tier status, winning and defending his Intercontinental championship all throughout November in 2001. By the end of the month he was activated from the injury list in the XWF and had began wrestling again.

The Invasion

CCWF invades XWF

Cooper, still heavily fueding with the XWF ownership, had decided to take action against his rivals. In late November of 2001, the CCWF had invaded the XWF. During a telecast of Monday night Massacre Cooper attacked XWF Champion Jayzon Williamz after a match with Bigg Rigg. Brand rushed down the ramp with a chair appearing to come to Williamz's rescue, standing over Williamz waiving the chair at Rigg and Cooper. However, in a shocking display of federation betrayal, Brand grabbed Williamz as he got back to his feet, then drilling him with the Finishing Touch. The crowd gasped in awe as Brand hugged his fellow Demo Pac members signifying his crossing to the CCWF. Brand explained on the following Thursday on Anarchy that he crossed to the CCWF in retaliation against MiGraiNe and owner, Jonathyn Brown. He stated MiGraiNe pushed Brand down, constantly attempting to screw him out of title shots and during title defenses. MiGraiNe appeared during Brand's promo and stripped him of his Canadian Championship because of his actions on Massacre, once again getting the last laugh.

Seperate Ways & The Wildcards

During this time period Cooper had defeated Jayzon Williamz for the XWF Championship which caused him to grow apart from the CCWF. Cooper had formed a new Demo Pac, Rigg had formed the Flatline Crew, and Brand had rejoined Maverick in the Wildcards along with Roller, and Centurion. After being stripped of his Canadian Championship and being eaten inside by the fact Cooper was the Universal Champion, Brand was rejuvinated with the Wildcards. Their outrageous, rebellious acts gained massive respect from the crowds making them a fan favorite.

X-Mas X-Treme Tournament 2001

Round 1: Joe Garza

With the Universal Championship on the line at the X-Mas X-Treme tournament, Brand saw an opportunity to reach his ultimate goal. Despite MiGraiNe's protest against Brand's participation, Brand was still entered in the 64-man tournament. In the first round he was pitted against Joe Garza, an original member of the XWF, and member of "The Legends" making a return. Brand was pitted as an underdog in the match. During the match the Wildcards had come out to the ring to distract Garza. With Garza's attention directed Brand was able to slip on a pair of brass knuckles. The referee was preoccupied with the Wildcards as well giving Brand enough time for a punch to Garza's face. Brand tossed the knucks to Roller, pinned his opponnent, and advanced to the next round.

Round 2: Jason Cash

In the second round Brand was to face Jason Cash, an up and coming rookie and Hart champion. The two fueded heavily up to the night of match, going on WWE programming as "guests", and attacking one another there. The two battled hard, but Brand caught Jason in the Finishing Touch thus securing the victory.

Round 3: Bigg Rigg

The third round proved to be a very intersting and controversial one. Brand was facing a former stablemate from two different stables (Demo Pac, CCWF Wildcards). Brand had also began dating Faith, an XWF diva and former girlfriend of Rigg. The two battled verbally over her as well as over their lost respect for eachother. During an airing of Thursday Night Anarchy in December, Bigg Rigg and the Flatline crew had confronted Faith after her match. Without warning Rigg had delivered his devestating fisher, The Rage to Faith, seriously injuring her ribs. The Wildcards raced to the ring as the Flatline Crew exited through the crowd. The event escalated the rivalry to new heights. During an in-ring promo from The Brand, Rigg appeared on the XWF-Tron live, inside of Brand's house. With a baseball bat in hand Rigg began destroying expensive items in Brand's house. An infuriated Brand retaliated a week later. Dressed as Santa,"Primo Claus" had stolen Bigg Rigg's new Lincoln Continental, damaging it with a bat of his own. Later in front of a packed crowd in the parking lot, Maverick crushed the car with a monster truck.

The match ended up being an XWF classic, with the two of them pushing one another to the max and into a bloodbath. Brand had locked Bigg Rigg in his submission manuever, The Brandaminator but a determined Rigg broke out of the hold to everyone's surprise. Brand, equally exhausted waited for Rigg to get his feet but Rigg had caughten Brand off gaurd and delivered The Rage. Brand appeared defeated but kicked out after a close 2 count, shocking the crowd. Rigg waited for Brand to rise to his feet and charged ahead for another Rage. At the last second Brand moved causing Rigg to charge into the turnbuckle and allowing Brand to deliver The Finishing Touch to his stunned opponnent. Brand hooked the leg and secured the victory.

Round 4: A surprise stipulation

Brand was set to face Mr. High Flyer STS in the semi-finals according to the bracket. However, a few days prior to Monday Massacre Commisioner MiGraiNe announced that the Semi-Finalists from each side of the bracket would compete as a tag-team against eachother. The partners who won the match would then face eachother in the Finals at X-Mas X-Treme. Brand and STS would team together against Death of Deathrow and AOL: America's Original Lover. The two put their differences aside and were able to defeat Death and AOL. After the victory STS climbed the ropes, celebrating with the crowd. Brand exited the ring but turned back to look at STS once he reached the top of the ramp. The two men stared down one another as Massacre went off the air.

X-Mas X-Treme Finals: Mr. High Flyer STS

After 4 gruelling rounds The Brand and Mr. High Flyer STS had advanced to the finals. The week building up to the X-Mas X-Treme was intense, up to a point where Brand dropped STS' Ford Mustang out of plane and into his house. Their match proved to be a worthy main event battling evenly all throughout. The match appeared to reach result finally as STS locked Brand in the sharpshooter. Refusing to submit, Brand was able to break the hold and reverse it into a sharpshooter of his own. STS showed his resilience as he was able to reach the ropes breaking the hold. As STS worked his way back to his feet he walked into a Finishing Touch from Brand. Brand hooked the leg and pinned STS for the victory. Finally reaching his goal of Universal Champion, Brand celebrated with am excited crowd as the Pay Per View went off the air.

The next night on Massacre Brand relived his X-Mas X-Treme journey as midgets dressed as Garza, Cash, Rigg, and STS were invited down to the ring for Brand's parody.

Universal Championship Reign

Due to ownership problems the XWF took a short two month break before reopening at the end of February. The federation re-opened with their monthly Pay-Per-View event, Revolt. Brand headlined the main event with an unlikely tag partner "Simply The Best" Jason Cash as they were pitted against Bigg Rigg and DEATH, also unlikely tag-team partners. Brand and Cash were victorious in the first event back from the short break. In the following months Brand defended his Universal Championship against many competitors including Golden Boy, Bonecrusher, and Rick Lacey. After Brand defeated Golden Boy a fued between each of their stables had begun in mid-April 2002. Brand's Wildcard's faced off against Golden Boy's newly formed "Cell" which included Sewaside, and Kid Money. While defending his title he was also forced to deal with Cooper, who was the owner at the time and held bent on destroying the Wildcards and ending Brand's career. With a long history already built between the two, Brand and Cooper fueded for months which resulted in both the Wildcards and Cooper's Corporation to clash. Week after week the Corporation would interfere with Brand's matches, usually ending with Cooper, KoRe, and Lacey ambushing Brand after a match, then Cooper delivering a Cooperblaster to Brand. The Wildcards retaliated by attacking Corporate members during matches and backstage. A war had erupted by the time October had come around which lead to Brand and Cooper to meet in the ring for the Universal Championship and ownership of the XWF on an episode of Monday Night Massacre. The match had not been scheduled until the beginning on the show. Brand and Cooper had battled to a bloody pulp with Brand coming out victorious, but with Cooper coming out with the last laugh. Since Brand had won ownership of the XWF he was forced to release the Universal Championship because owners cannot hold XWF championships. Therefore Cooper gained the Universal Championship out of the ordeal. This would prove to be Brand's last match in the XWF as he went on to own the federation for the following months.

Ownership of the XWF

Brand and the Wildcards took over the front office of the XWF, but were still forced to deal with KoRe, and Rick Lacey who had garaunteed contracts in executive positions. The roles were reversed as Brand used his power to make life difficult for Cooper. He placed him in many matches where the odds were stacked, including gauntlet matches, and handicap street fights. Brand owned the federation up until November 2002, where he turned over ownership to Michael Extremer and the rest of the Wildcards due to physical complications with his eyes. He left the organization in order to recieve lasic eye surgery, and take time off to explore other options in his life. Brand wasn't seen until 2004, however he was known to make appearances backstage to visit friends.

2003-November 2007

During the XWF's temporary shutdown in 2004, Brand made an appearance on live television where XWF cameras followed him around as he and Steve Jason invaded Las Vegas. In 2005 Brand finally returned to the XWF fans on a live Pay-Per-View where he was the guest announcer with Jonathyn Brown. Near the end of the event however, Shane Carver had assaulted Brand with a sledgehammer, knocking him unconsious. Brand has not been seen since on XWF television.


Although not shown on television, Brand was revealed as the manager/trainer of XWF superstar Psycho Scorpio during a December episode of Thursday Night Anarchy. He is currently expected to be in Scorpio's corner during his match against Kratos at X-Mas X-Treme 2007.

Post Wrestling Career

Brand has currently retired from the XWF and has made a successful career for himself doing movies, a few music albums, and developed his own line of clothing, "Brand X-Cellence" in 2006 which is a popular brand in his hometown of West Hollywood. He has made apperances at the Grammy's, Oscars, and MTV music awards the last three years.

In The Hollywood Eye

Brand was reported to have dated Nelly Furtado for a short time during early 2007. He was seen at many of her concerts from late 2006 to July 2007. Nelly was also seen with Brand at a few popular Los Angeles night clubs.

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Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing & Signature Moves
    • The Finishing Touch (Rock Bottom)
    • Brandaminator (Texas Cloverleaf inverted into Liontamer)
    • The Hollywood Ending (Million Dollar Dream)
    • Primoplex (Teardrop Suplex)
    • Primosault (Moonsault)
    • Primoblaster (Cooper's Cooperblaster. Only used againt Cooper.)
    • DDT
    • Samoan Drop
    • Figure Four
    • Flying Elbow Drop
    • Belly to Belly Suplex
    • Shoulder Breaker
    • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Signature Taunts & Catchphrase
    • "Do You Catch The Brand's Drift?/If Ya Catch The Brand's Drift!"
    • "The Era of Excellence" (Referring to an era of perfection in wrestling that he felt he created.)
    • Climbing the top rope from the apron side of the ring and slowly raising a championship belt into the air.
    • Arrogant hand point with his thumbs up directed toward himself.
    • "The true Brand of Wrestling!" (Play on words referring to his name and his ability.)
    • "Garaun-Brand-Tee" (Old catchphrase he used to garauntee something. Used in parody of The Rock.)
    • "The Brand Fanatics" (Nickname for his fanbase.)
    • "Primoversal Championship/Primocontinental Championship/Primoweight Championship" (Play on words using his nickname combined with Championship title names. e.i. Universal Championship, Intercontinental Championship, Heavyweight Championship...)
  • Nicknames
    • The Primo
    • The True Brand of Wrestling
    • The Wrestling Phenomenon
    • The God of Wrestling
    • The Primoversal Champ
    • The Chosen One
  • Managers
    • Faith
  • Stables
    • The Demo Pac (XWF 2001) - With Cooper, Bigg Rigg, Sandman, Archangel
    • The Wildcards (CCWF 2001, XWF 2001-2002) - Maverick, Roller, Bigg Rigg (CCWF 2001). Maverick, Roller, Centurion (XWF 2001-2002, 2004), Havoc, Sully Burden (XWF 2002), Steve Jason (XWF 2004).

Championships & Accomplishments

  • Carver Championship Wrestling Federation
    • CCWF Intercontinental Champion (1 time)
    • CCWF Tag Team Champion w/ Bigg Rigg (1 time)
  • X-Treme Wrestling Federation
    • XWF Universal Champion (1 time)
    • XWF Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
    • XWF X-Treme Champion (1 time)
    • XWF Hart Champion (1 time)
    • XWF Canadian Champion (1 time)
    • XWF X-Mas X-Treme Winner 2001
    • Wrestler of the Month (5 times)
    • Wrestler of the Year (1 time, 2001 w/ Jayzon Williamz)
    • Overall Records (*81-0, XWF) (5-0, CCWF) (8-0, HCWF) (N/A, NEW)

- Record is adjusted to modern standards which includes No-Show victories and losses. Base record without No-Show decisions: 66-0.

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