The Brat Pack is a professional wrestling stable composed of Chandler Evers, Nick Branson, Princess Kaylen, and Amber Devilyn.

They first teamed in 2003 under the guidance of both Evers and her father, Jim, and have had massive success as both singles competitors and tag team partners since.


Chandler Evers is the founder and leader of the group, first rallying members in 1999 with Nick Branson as the first member from her father's training grounds. From there, she brought him together with the likes of Amber Devilyn, Nikki Foyer, and eventually Princess Kaylen, who replaced Foyer.

Evers recruited members of her stable based on their abilities and charisma, two things that the Brat Pack as a whole promotes. She used this as a valuable reason the most when she found Amber Gilford in Major League Wrestling, a company she found to be useless, but quite entertaining. Gilford stood out when she has rebelled against the leader of the dance troupe the Major League Dolls, claiming that she was not fair nor was she a proper leader to begin with. Her toughness proved to be vital in her image, and Chandler sent Gilford to her father's training grounds to perfect her wrestling and her appearance.

Nikki Foyer was found in National Wrestling League with the gimmick of a young, child-like wrestler with an unnatural wrestling ability that wouldn't be expected (a la Eugene, or ick Dinsmore). Evers initially had recruited her because of her amazing charisma and energy, and once she had completed her training had placed her in a company with Gilford (now known as Devilyn) to see how well they would work together. Foyer was not liked by either Branson or Devilyn, based on the fact that she was too much like a slave towards Chandler and didn't have a better reason to be a wrestler other than to hang around Evers.

Foyer was replaced by Princess Kaylen, who was found in National Wrestling Alliance during a feud with Chandler, who was under her alter ego of Maria Carter. The two had competed for the Women's World Championship, before Kaylen submitted to Evers's abilites - really gaining the respect of Chandler for her tenacity. Since Foyer had been dismissed from the Pack, Chandler decided to add Kaylen to the stable, hoping that with a new kind of charismatic figure, the group would become more popular than expected.

The Kosher Twins

The very first tag team brought in from the Brat Pack was the Kosher Twins, collectively Nick Branson and Chandler Evers. There was no main gimmick for the two, but reason behind their name was the opposite of the meaning, or to prove that they appealed to the entire world, not just one set of people. There was slight controversy from the Jewish community who watched National Wrestling League, but regardless, they were fan favorites.

They first took on the tag team of Shane and Jane Duncan, veteran sibling competitors in the NWL who were intent on beating Branson until he left the company. To even out the situation, Branson aligned himself with Evers in hopes to gain even more popularity than they both already had.

Burn Rubbers

Still a current tag team, Burn Rubbers is composed of Nick Branson and Amber Devilyn - their gimmick being two sexually active "teenagers" in a world of adulthood. Every week during a promo, they would send the message to the younger audience that "being sexually active is a good thing, but don't forget to use a rubber. It's essential." Although they so far aren't successful, they still remain as one of the most entertaining pairs in wrestling, providing comedic effect in the midst of serious situations.

The Royal Clique

The most sucessful of all pairs in the Brat Pack, the Royal Clique consists of Chandler Evers and Princess Kaylen. Their appearance is simple: Chandler is the legendary figure, or a queen, while Kaylen is the princess. They began working together in NWA once Evers droppped her Maria Carter gimmick, replacing the brown wig with a tiara to match Kaylen's image. Together, the two had won the NWA Tag Team Championships by reward, but their reign is never credited as they did not actually win the titles.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
    • The Royal Clique
      • A Royal Flush (Kaylen holds the opponent in a wheelbarrow position, and Evers slams their face down by pulling their hair downward to the canvas)
      • Nancy Boy (Evers hits the opponent in the crotch area, setting Kaylen up for a Reverse DDT)
    • Burn Robbers
      • Proactive (Stalling Double Cradle Suplex)
      • Used and Lubed (Amber spits in the face of the opponent, who turns around and is met with a sit-down Spinebuster by Branson)
      • Double DDT

Championships and Accomplishments

  • National Wrestling Alliance
    • NWA Tag Team Championship (1 time)


The Brat Pack is ever-extending; the most popular new members including Alexandra Shane (Shane Dynamite) and her younger sister Abernathy - however she has seen left the group to venture on her own.

Evers originally didn't want to name the group the Brat Pack, knowing that this was the same name as the group of actors starring in 1980s teen movies. It was Branson who ended up mentioning that the four of them were much like a teen movie in general, so it made sense for the name to stick.

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