This article is about the tag team that competed in Full Metal Wrestling. For the tag team of the same name that competes in Full Impact Pro, Pro Wrestling Fusion, and Pro Wrestling Riot, see British Lions.


The British Lions first met in the hive of scum and villainy that is New Era Wrestling. They began teaming as an effort to counter what they saw as the combined douchebaggery of Blood and Violence (Adema "Double A" Aeries and The Celt) but became good friends and began accompanying each other to ringside.

After Nick won the New Era Heavyweight Championship and Matt proved himself as the sole survivor of a gruelling 10-man elimination tag match, general manager Jaro offered the pair contracts to FMW's Alchemy brand. To sweeten the deal and persuade them to leave their fans behind, Jaro even offered the team a shot at the SoCal Connection's tag team titles at Alchemy 3.3.

The British Lions made their decision at NEW 2.3, signing Alchemy contracts and putting NEW's general manager through a table. In a giant-killing shocker, Matt and Nick defeated the SoCal Connection in their debut match at Alchemy, walking away with the FMW tag titles to the surprise of pretty much the whole roster.

At Ground Zero, however, the tables were turned and a revitalised Korran Halycon and The Sublime defeated the rookie team to regain their titles. Though the British Lions' reign was short, it certainly made an impact and established them firmly as Full Metal Alchemists. At 4.1, they are set to face the vicious and cunning team of Adrian and Dr. Diabolical.

Move Set

Primary Finisher

  • St. George's Cross - Matt executes a Monkey Flip on an opponent in the corner, throwing them into the air. Nick then leaps up to meet them and nails a mid-air Neckbreaker.

Secondary Finishers

  • Bloody English Rain - Both team members stand on the same turnbuckle side by side. They then execute dual spinning wheel kicks to a single standing opponent's collarbone area.
  • Executioner's Block - Either British Lion applies the Bow & Arrow stretch to an opponent, immobilisng them and contorting the back. The other team member then goes to the top rope and hits a Senton Bomb to the opponent's exposed midsection.


Championship History

The British Lions
In-Ring Debut Date Alchemy 3.3
Members Matt Dunn & "Ferocious" Nick Lion
Billed From England, UK
Theme Blind Guardian - Bright Eyes
Combined Weight 436lbs
Combined H-Style Point score 5/5
Alignment Face
Federation Full Metal Wrestling
FMW Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
The SoCal Conncetion
First Reign Succeeded by:
The SoCal Connection

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