The Canadian Kid was born in Alert, Northwest Territories, Canada and now resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Canadian Kid otherwise known as John Eh is a wrestler in a few different e-feds, GWF, DWE and the UWL. The Canadian Kid started e-fedding in mid November of 2007 and is still going on.

UWL Career

The Canadian Kid started his e-fedding in this wrestlng league. Since he has won his debut in great fashion, he is currently dominating this wrestling league with a record of 6-0-1. Currently he is in a rivalry with Tim Bear.

GWF Career

Since joining the GWF, The Canadian Kid has not yet proven himself worthy on SND where he was drafted, instead he is currently a mid-carder on GWF Sunday Brunch. He is currently teamed up with his long time buddy Russell Ayero and they have formed an unbeaten tag team called The Canadian Police Force.

DWE Career

The Canadian Kid has currently just joined the DWE and is waiting for his debut match to happen.


-Currently unbeaten on UWL

Finishing Moves

Alert Driver

Canada's Wrath

Oh Canada

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