The Chav
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Ring Names The Kappa Warrior
The Hardest Playa in the game
The Innercity Scumbag
Height 6'2
Weight 237 lbs.
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Debut February 2005
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The Chav is possibly the most reprehensible wrestling character known to man, he is a bully and an exhibitionist who enjoys playing mind games with his opponents. He enjoys mouthing off about people just to see their reactions and it usually gets him into scrapes.

The Chav is a bit of a phenomenom, but only in the way that he is the most reprehensible, pus filled scab on the arse of society, but somehow a hardcore section of the audience seem to love him.

Unpredictable and perhaps a little insane, the Chav picks his victims and slowly tears them apart, messing with their heads going in for the final kill when he's good and ready.

Being a scumbag, the Chav is used to taking a beating and has learnt to take his licks, this makes him a dangerous opponent and one that should never be crossed.

The Chav is most memorable in his single handed attack on another company, the Chav set fire to the ring with a burning TWO.

Then inexplicably, the Chav dissapeared after "faking" his own death, though the internet sites all reported a disagreement with the then management at TWO Stars, the Chav seemed destined never to return.

His return was short lived when his son died of Lukemia, though there was speculation that he was pushed out of TWOStars, it was in fact the company who supported the Chav and his wife (Goldy Hoopz) financially during the crisis.

The Chav has recently made a return to the ring after taking out several of the TWOSars roster with mysterious attacks.


The Chav debuted on the relaunch of XTV in February 2005, he immediately set his stall out with a mini feud with Jordi Warner, the goth styled General Manager at the time.

Chav's first opponent was a purple painted giant by the name of Beetroot, the Chav won the encounter.



The Chav was never short for something to say and spent most of his early career throwing insults at his opponents. It was later found that the Chav used this to "catch" an opponent by insulting them to the point of fury. It was found out very quickly that, despite being a bit of a coward, the Chav was a very good technical wrestler.

The Chav quickly became the first TWOStars US Champion based on his ability to misdirect and manipulate the other roster members, but his so called guile was scuppered when he gave the belt to Jimmy Redman but failed to win it back as he boasted he would.

How it all went wrong

After a dispute with TWO management and some members of the roster, the Chav decided to "kill" his character off. This was immediately covered up by the TWOStars management at the time and nothing more was really said about his character.

During this time, the Chav spent time whinging about TWOStars on the celebrity chat circuit.

The return

With a change of management and with ERE facing financial trouble, TwoStars management took steps to give the Chav more of a face push, this was perhaps based on the fiscal policy as Chav T-shirts sold very well.

The Chav however captured the hearts of the TWOStars audience when he invaded ERE and burned the TWO symbol into the ring.

This led onto unmissable matches against Andy Gee and Darkstar.

Sadly it was about this point that the Chav's son was diagnosed with Lukemia and the Chav's involvement with the company lessened until he stopped wrestling.

TWOStars aided the wrestler financially whilst he looked after his son.

The second return

The Chav was revealed as the mysterious attacker of various TWOStars members during XTV 6:25, the free Night of Champions pay per view.

The Chav has begun how he started by getting back in people's faces and just causing trouble in the way the scumbag knows best.

The Chav shockingly took out the loud and cocky Matt Denton after purposefully disqualifying himself, Matt then took the brunt of the Council Estate Bling before receiving several shots to the head. Denton was placed in intensive care until a recent return to the ring.

The Chav began picking on the son of Boyo, the great Ken, but instead was warned off by Kyle Gilmore. Again the Chav managed to disqualify himself before giving Gilmore a sound beating.

The Chav has recently found himself contractually obligated to appear in advertisements which usually affect the working class, advertisers have included Pot Noodle; Strongbow cider, BGR Bloomers compensation lawyers and several charity organisations. It is alledged that Iceland are also interested.



Burberry Bomb - Shooting star press, except the Chav always tilts his cap to the side before doing so.

Signature Moves

High risk Planchas

Signature Spots

The Chav is a very good technical wrestler and can usually find his way out of most difficult holds and locks.

Standard Moves

Heel Kick
Straight Right Hand
Left Handed Jabs
Irish Whip
Crucifix pin/schoolboy
European Uppercut
Calf Kick
Big Boot
Short arm clotheline
Body slam
Inverted Atomic Drop
Boston Crab
Flare Legdrop (A breakdancing flare, through into a legdrop)

Wrestling Style

Technical highflier
High risk


The Chav comes out to really loud and really bad drum and base, the Chav smokes a roll up and drinks the last of a cider can before carelessly discarding it, he swaggers down the ramp to the ring with a gangsta walk, stubs his cigarette out on the ring post and jumps over the top rope, then leans on a corner pad as though he really isn't bothered with anything but looking cool.


The tron shows an anarchy symbol in burberry colours beating like a heart to the music.

Known to Dislike

- Emos and Goths
- Authority
- Everyone


The Chav always carries his Council Estate "Bling", which is a belt made from tatty leather and shredded cider cans, it would be pathetic had the Chav not used it to great effect when hitting people with it.
The audience tend to should "BLING" when he hits people with it.
When the Chav is on a swing with his put downs the audience sometimes join in by shouting "Beyatch" at the end of his statements.

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