The Coalition
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Current Members "The One Man Dynasty" John Cavanagh, Terry "Bam Bam" Williams, Christopher "Trigger" Cavanagh, Sevrena, and Fred Debonair
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Fearless Championship Wrestling
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In-ring debut April 29th, 2007
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The Beginning

The Coalition originally began as John "Upahts" Cavanagh, Jackie Cavanagh and Christopher "Trigger" Cavanagh under the naming as "Erin Go Bragh". It did not take long before on of the faces would change as a new Diva would enter into the Fearless Championship Wrestling by the name of Brooke McQueen who would originally appear to be a Face by attacking Jackie Cavanagh but within moments after that she would wind up showing who she was with in the FcW by aligning herself with John Cavanagh and Christopher Cavanagh.

The Coalition would continue on as Erin Go Bragh as Brooke McQueen captured the FcW World Women's Championship, John "Upahts" Cavanagh became a Finalist in the FcW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, and Christopher "Trigger" Cavanagh fought to a draw with Deamon Cohln in a Ladder Match for the FcW World Cruiserweight Championship, which would be decided at The Dearly Departed.

The Formation

The date was April 29th, 2007 and the show was FcW's The Dearly Departed. Brooke McQueen was booked to defend her Women's Championship against Sevrena. In that match up Brooke would kick out of the Sevrena Star Press, and Sevrena would also kick out of Brooke McQueen's The Royal Treatment. But, by the end of the match "Erin Go Bragh" felt their first defeat of the night as Sevrena pinned Brooke and was crowned the new FcW World Women's Champion.

As the night went on it was time for the FcW World Cruiserweight Championship to be decided when Christopher "Trigger" Cavanagh faced off against Deamon Cohln in a Last Man Standing Match. Cohln had proclaimed himself the "King of Ultraviolence" and Trigger had garunteed that he would "dethrone the king", as the match went on both men wound up going through hell and in the end Deamon would hit Trigger with his Deamon Doom DDT through a table and Trigger would not be able to get back to his feet by the count of ten, giving Deamon the win and Erin Go Bragh their second lose of the night. But, after the match Deamon Cohln officially announced his retirement from the Wrestling World and actually handed Trigger Cavanagh the FcW World Cruiserweight Championship as a symbol of "respect".

Although Erin Go Bragh at this time at felt the shame of two defeats, they had lost one championship belt and gained another and now it was time for the Main Event at FcW's The Dearly Departed, John "Upahts" Cavanagh v. Caz Armour v. Anarchy for the FcW World Championship in a Fearless Match. John had been bosting the entire week before the event that he had a "trick up his sleeve, two to be exact" and everyone was on the edge of their seat not only to crown the first FcW Champion in over three years but also to see these surprises. The match would wage on like any contest for the World Championship, all three combatants giving it their all to walk out with the number one prize in the federation. Towards the end of the match Brooke McQueen hit Caz Armour and Anarchy with a chair and Caz Armour would(kayfabe) chase Brooke into the locker room. John Cavanagh and Anarchy woudl wind up batteling up onto the platform and it woudl seem as though Anarchy had the match and championship won until two masked men would attack him with baseball bats, as John Cavanagh grabbed the World Championship and was declared the winner.

After the World Championship match had finally ended, John Cavanagh instructed the two masked men to pick up Anarchy and throw him off of the platform, which both men proceeded to do as told. Cavanagh raised the World Championship high in the air and the two masked men unmasked themselves, the first was a new comer to the Fearless Championship Wrestling, who had earlier in the night won the right to fight for the FcW Intercontinentle Championship at the following months Pay-Per-View, Ground Zero, and the second was Cavanagh's own opponent Caz Armour, who had sacrificed his opportunity to become the new FcW World Champion in order to appease his new "boss".

After the Formation

After the formation of The Coalition they began their rampage on the Fearless Championship Wrestling as they would beat Madd Dawg into a bloody pulp after he had gained a spot in the Doom's Day Match at Ground Zero, by defeating Omerta and Caz Armour and an episode of FcW Monday Night Murder Scene. The very next week, May 14th, 2007, Drake Styles would rid himself of Emily DeSade and bring a new female into the group by the name of Nikki Law, later that night John Cavanagh and Drake Styles would be the final two men left in a ten person survivor series match(which featured as wellTrigger Cavanagh, Caz Armour and Brooke McQueen from The Coalition, going up against Madd Dawg, Jared McCallister, Sevrena, Enigma and Corey Bayne.

On May 25th, 2007 at FcW Ground Zero a few surprises were in store regarding membership of a few in The Coalition. First Brooke McQueen had a chance to regain her Women's Championship against Sevrena and after connecting with The Royal Treatment, it seemed as though Brooke would bring the title back to The Coalition. Trigger Cavanagh then distracted the referee while John Cavanagh hit Brooke in the back of the head with the World Championship, allowing to Sevrena to score the pinfall and retain her championship, becoming the newest member of The Coalition. Trigger Cavanagh would go on to loose his FcW World Cruiserweight Championship to Enigma just to retire from professional wrestling mere hours later. In a TLC Match for the United States Championship Orion and Terry Williams would also become members of The Coalition as Drake Styles had originally won the championship, but, the decision was reversed due to the interference and Kevin Conner was crowned the champion. Cavanagh would go on to retain the World Championship in the first ever Doom's Day Match.

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