The Commonwealth
Stable Name The Commonwealth
Abbreviation The CW
Status Current
Time open 4/26/07 - Present
Members Daz Joined 4/26/07

Omega Joined 4/26/07

Former Members Chris Cutter 4/26/07 - Mid-2007

The Commonwealth is a face faction in Society of Sim Wrestling. It was formed on April 26, 2007 at SOS's "Contested Legacy" show by Omega, Daz and Chris Cutter as a united group of faces to battle Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai.

The Commonwealth

Their first official match as a team proved to be a successful affair as Daz and Omega defeated Josh Outland and Dante of rival faction Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai. In this match SOS International Champion Daz knocked SOS Champion Josh Outland out which allowed Omega to get the pin for the win.

Before this match Chris Cutter had teamed with Omega as a surprise partner, however they did not use the moniker "The Commonwealth", they would not begin to do so until several shows later.

Chris Cutter would leave the group and Society of Sim, facing The Buck in his final match. However Cutter vowed he would be back possibly to help out his former team mates in their war against S.O.S.

Daz would go on to defend his SOS International Title against Dante at New Era: The finale which preluded their encounter at Scaffold of Sim where Daz defended the belt successfully against not only Dante but Zach Zero and The Hawk as well.

With Cutter gone from SOS, The Commonwealth will be looking to recruit new soldiers as the battle continues between these two groups.

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