The Complex 2 Wrestling
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Company Slogan "Nothing is too Complex"
Founder Lee Vilenski
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Founded January 6, 2008
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HeadQuarters Somerset, England
Area Served International
Industry Professional wrestling, sports entertainment
Genre Comedy
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Key People Chris Louie, Edward Dyer, Babis.
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Homepage The Complex

The Complex II Wrestling (TC2) is an internet based society based around the usage of collective sports, and fantasy sports. These sports include football, Cricket, Handball, dodgeball, and now Wrestling. The Wrestling sport run by Edward Dyer. The Complex Wrestling runs on Zues 4.0.6.

The Complex

The Complex first ran on a PhP board before the server failed, sending Chris Louie to search for a new server. The server he found was invisionfree, where he made 'The Complex II'.

The Complex II

Once the Complex found a new home, on invisionfree, the forum saw the re-birth of the Fantasy Football simmed by Chris louie, Fantasy Cricket simmed by Chris Louie and Kevin, and Fantasy Handball simmed by Chris Teale forums. Later, to be followed by Fantasy Rally simmed by Marius Dhal, Fantasy NBA simmed by Daniel Brooker, Fantasy Dodgeball and fantasy Olympics, and then fantasy Wrestling simmed by Edward Dyer.

Complex Wrestling

Starting in January 2008, Wrestling made it's way into the complex. Initially, there were few signups. Shevliaskovic was the first wrestler in the fed, then, a few more joined including Simmer Edward 'Deadly' Dyer, Powerhouse, The Masked Devil, Brooker T and Danerio Jnr. So, to make a full card, established wrestlers were used to fill the gaps, such as The Rock, Triple H, and Abyss. Danerio Jnr, would become the first EVER TC2 Champion, in the first ever TC2 Wrestling show, iMPACT v1. He would win a 6-Man Hell-In-A-Cell Elimination Match against the other 5 user-created superstars, and come out on top. He would then retain the championship the very next week in a match against Edward 'Deadly' Dyer who was the last man eliminated.

The World title

The big three-way

Edward 'Deadly' Dyer would give Danerio Jnr another title defence, as he was defeated in a straight match for the championship. At the companies first ever PPV, Victory Road, Powerhouse defeated Danerio Jnr for the first time, and became a world champion for the first time. The two would share the title until the third PPV, when Powerhouse defeated Danerio Jnr, and became a 2x World champion, and would meet Edward 'Deadly' Dyer in the main event of the companies biggest PPV, Wrestlemania 1. Edward 'Deadly' Dyer would go behind Powerhouse's back, and recruit the assistance of Death, who had won a world title match just three weeks previously, to cash it in during the main event, and that turned it into a three-way. Death hit his finisher, the Silent Kill, on Powerhouse early in the match, but Edward 'Deadly' Dyer interupted the count. Powerhouse would then hit the Fire Vortex on Death, but again, Edward 'Deadly' Dyer came in for the save, and stopped the count. Edward 'Deadly' Dyer would hit the Canadian Destroyer on Powerhouse, while Death was out of the ring, and get the pinfall

The Fallout

Edward 'Deadly' Dyer would then become injured, and at the next pay-per-view, Breaking Point, Death would hit the Silent kill, and get the final pinfall, and win the world title. Since then, Death has never looked like loosing the title, even after title defences against Powerhouse, Edward 'Deadly' Dyer, and Shotgun. It took a 6-man elimination battle Royal to take the title from Death, as Edward 'Deadly' Dyer eliminated him with a Canadian Destroyer, and eventually won the title by pinning Holy Boy. Later that night, Hannibal cashed in his money in the bank, and took the title from him. Edward 'Deadly' Dyer's riegn was calculated at just 10 minutes, making it the shortest riegn in TC2 History.

Extra Titles

Squad titles

Two weeks later, the 'TC2 Squad titles' were made, and put on the line in a three-way tag team Tables match, where the winner would be the one to put any of thier opponents through a single table. The teams were Edward 'Deadly' Dyer & Abyss, The Masked Devil & Danerio Jnr, and Cameron White & Shevliaskovic. When, for the first time, the main event was not for the TC2 Championship, but the Squad titles. Edward 'Deadly' Dyer won the match, for him and Abyss, by putting Cameron White through a table. 'The Mouchachous' the team of Danerio Jnr, and Rey Mysterio stamped there mark on the Squad titles, when they defeated Edward 'Deadly' Dyer and Death for the gold, and would later become two times world TC2 Squad champions, and tag team specialists.

International Championship

Made as a stepping stone to the TC2 Championship, or as a lower-card championship, the TC2 International Championship was made. The international championship would be unvailed at the first ever Pay per view in complex history, Victory Road 2008. The first match was Cameron White vs Shawn Michaels. At the Pay Per View, Cameron White believed he had won, when the ring bell rang, but Shawn Michaels got the roll up, and the victory. Because of the controversy, the re-match would be done a week later, with Cameron White getting the win. Death won the title from Cameron White, winning only his second title, and was then lost to The Masked Devil in his first title riegn of any-type.

In matches for the International championship, the champion gets a rematch clause. If they loose the title, they can ask for a rematch in any match that they like. Shevliaskovic won the championship from there, and traded the championship with Joey Strongski, who became a 3x international champion, and Shevliaskovic turned a 2x International champion.


Because of a quickly expanding roster, the iTitle was made, and at the first ever Main Pay per view - Wrestlemania I, the iTitle was made. The title would go to the winner of the Money In The Bank Match, where it was a battle-Royale with ladder stipulations when down to just two competitors. On the weeks leading up to the event, qualifiers were made, and the 6 made it into the match were. Edward 'Deadly' Dyer, Death, Danerio Jnr, Powerhouse, Brooker T and Cameron White. The two left were Edward 'Deadly' Dyer & Powerhouse, who were sceduled to take place in the main event of the night for the TC2 Championship. Powerhouse won the ititle, but would go on to loose the main event. Shotgun won the title from Powerhouse, and would have the chance to hold both the iTitle and the World title, but was on the end of a loosing effort to TC2 World Champion Death.

TC2 HardCore! Championship!

The TC2 HardCore! Championship! It is the literal defination, as being the most hardcore, and most brutal championship, as all matches that it is defended in, are always no disqualification. The title was always ment to be defended on every show, and pay-per-view. The first ever HardCore! Champion, was The Fuztigator, who won a full 20 man street fight, that comprised of all of the roster.

- Note. This match was actually comprised of 21 men, but was always stated as a 20 man match. Death won the title on the next show, with a first ever TLBC Match, which was the usual TLC Match (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, only with all chairs being coated in Barbed Wire.

Money In The Bank

Taken from the WWE, The Money in the bank is usually regarded as a six-or-more way ladder match, and the winner gets a garenteed title shot, at any time within a year. In TC2, The match is not always a ladder match, the first one, was an elimination ladder match, where the winner would have to be one of the last two men competing, and take down the title belt. This was the iTitle Belt, and the winner would be the new champion. The two competitors were Powerhouse, and Edward 'Deadly' Dyer, with Powerhouse getting the belt. The second money in the bank match was an over-the-top rope battle royale. With, the winner becoming 'Mr. Money in the bank' until they cashed in the title oppertunity. This was at August is For Addrenaline. Hannibal won the match, and became 'Mr Money In The Bank'. Hannibal succesfully cashed in the title oppertunity for the first time, and became World Heavywieght Champion for the first time.



The Fantasy Wrestling Section started of life with two Commentators, Play-By-Play analyst: Chris Jericho, and color commentator: AJ Styles. During matches, Chris Jericho's commentary would be said by 'Y2J Chris Jericho', as a reference to Chris Jericho's Millennium Bug Gimmick. Recently, 'Black Matishmo' Jay Lethal has been added as an extra Color Commentator. 'Black Matishmo' Jay Lethal was replaced by John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, and Scott Stiener was also added to the ranks of commentators


Along with the commentators, the referee's have been taken from the wrestling world. Senior executive, 'Earl Hepner, from the WWE, and most recently, TNA has been used, as well as 3:16, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.


Whilst all of the commentators have done some announcing, TC2 Brought in 'The Olympic Gold Medalist' Kurt Angle to help with this. Kurt now does almost all of the commentating in TC2, however, TC2 have spread rumours of a second Announcer.

Current Roster

Non User-Wrestlers
AJ Styles
Chris Beniot
Rey Mysterio
Shawn Michaels
The Rock
Triple H
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy

User-Created Wrestlers
Brooker T
Cameroon White
Danerio Jnr
Nuno Gomes SA
Edward 'Deadly' Dyer
Lee Vilenski
Joey Strongski
The Masked Devil
Xabier Cobra
Mr X
Roy Munson
Roy Munson
Zine "The Zapper" Zizou
Gary Busey
Gary Busey
The Fusstigator
Angel Of Death
Dillweed The Great

Current Champions

Reign number
Where it was won
TC2 Championship
Cyber Sunday
TC2 Squad titles
Death & Roy Munson
1 (2 for Death)
Cyber Sunday
International Championship
Cyber Sunday
Brooker T
Bound For Glory II
TC2 HardCore! Championship
Raw Is Complex 32

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