One of the now legendary factions in the OUW alongside REVOLUTION, The Conglomerate consisted of OUW members Dylan "Gamr" Scott and Michael "Plat" King. While in the faction, both were crowned dual champions, Gamr the OUW Heavyweight Champion and one half of the OUW Tag Team Champions, and Plat the OUW United States Champion and the other half of the OUW Tag Team Champions. In the end, there was a falling out between the two, and Gamr ended up turning on Plat, costing them the Tag Titles, and would later on defeat Plat to become the new OUW World Champion.

Flash forward to 2007. The Conglomerate (also now known as C.G.I. for Conglomerate Inc.) is back and better than ever after facing humiliation at the hands of Robert L. Davis and Jonathan Pane. They gained a shot at the OUW Tag Team Championship when they defeated RLD and Pane in a Tournament BYE match. They faced the team of Ethan Starr and Michael Xavier, "The New Blood", at Massacre, and lost. Shortly after that, Plat dissapeared, and Dylan resigned from the faction, thus ending the era of C.G.I.

Former Members

Entrance Music

"Just" by Mudvayne

"Two Worlds" by Disturbed

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