The Corporation
Faction Name The Corporation
Shortened Name The Corp
Status Active
Time open April 2007 - Present
Current members Mr. Demonical (Founded - Present)

BigPapaBear (April - Present)
The Game (April - Present)

The Corporation is a Corporate faction in CWF. It started in mid-April when Mr. Demonical stated he was sick of the lazy superstars in the company, so he hired two goons to take care of them. In April, CWF Tag Champions The Wicked Clowns interupted the revealing of The Corp's members. Demonical then announced The Corp's debut to be the following week as The Game and BigpapaBear, The Corporate Enforcers, would go toe-to-toe with the Champs.


The History of the Corporation is pretty brief, but is seperated into different sections.

The Wicked Clowns (April-May 2007)

The Corporation was formed in April when Mr. Demonical announced it's creation. The Corporate Enforcers consists of The Game and BigPapaBear and are the fighting force of the group. On the 29th of April edition of CWF Ignition The Corporate Enforcers defeated the CWF Tag Team Champions The Wicked Clowns in a non-title match. The following week Adam Aerts defeated The Game and BigPapaBear in a 2-on-1 handicap match which was a huge blow for the stable. The following show however, at CWF's second ever Pay-Per View (No Man's Land), The Corporate Enforcers defeated The Wicked Clowns once again to become the new CWF Tag Team Champions.

Anthony Romeri vs. Mr. Demonical (May 2007-Present)

At No Man's Land Anthony Romeri warned Mr. Demonical to not interfere in the Wicked Clown's title defense against The Corporate Enforcers. However, Demonical did the exact opposite, running in in the middle of the match and distracting the referee, letting BigPapaBear pick up the pinfall victory. After the match however, Anthony Romeri officially fired Mr. Demonical from his staff job. Demonical unleashed his rage by punching the boss in the nose, and soon enough the two of them were in a small battle. However, security intervened before Mr. Romeri made a mysterious phone-call, saying something about bringing himself out of retirment.

Soon after Mr. Demonical forced Anthony Romeri into a Hell in a Cell match at the PPV Americana. If Romeri won, Demonical would be fired from CWF altogether but if Demonical won he would become official owner of the CWF. The following week The Game lost to Anthony Romeri himself.

At Americana Mr. Demonical came up short to Romeri in a gruesome Hell in a Cell match, and so Demonical was fired and Anthony Romeri remained chairman of the C.W.F.

CWF Tag Team Championship Reign (May 2007-Present)

The week after winning the titles at No Man's Land The Corporate Enforcers defeated the new team of Matt Frazier and Judgment in a non-title match-up. The following week BigPapaBear and The Game were put in another tag team match not only against Frazier and Judgment but also 7 Deadly Sins in a three-way dance. They lost that match to Awesome Joe and Dan Robbins before Joe defeated Matt and The Game in a triple threat the following week.

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