The Coven

The Coven is a stable that was formed by three men known as KingBear, Hawkeye and Athelus in February of 2006. They were known as a force to be reckoned with.


The Coven was formed when the three men joined All Star Wrestling Federation together. They knew, upon joining, that they'd need to be strong in order to survive a full on Federation. Their introduction came when Hawkeye was receiving a beatdown after running his mouth, the other two men came out to deliver a beatdown of their own. Shortly after the first glimpse of these men, a formal introduction to the men was induced in the ring.

The Coven was formed and would soon become the most dominant force in Wrestling History.



After their formation in ASWF, The Coven began to grow strong, accepting new members such as The Wicked Clown known as Soundlab, Forsaken and Black Dragon. As the membership grew strong one of the member decided that he was too good for the group, Athelus turned his back on The Coven and made enemies of them. Which was short lived as The Coven retired Athelus and left him in a wheel chair never to wrestle again. The Coven continued on their war path to be the most recognized Stable in Federation History as they started a Feud with DX. The feud raged on with The Coven receiving multiple victories over their opponents, proving they were a force to be reckoned with.

After proving themselves to Co-Owners Kimberlie and Danny Blade, The Coven was given a title shot for the Tag Team Gold. The team of KingBear and Hawkeye led The Coven to gold and continued to lead them through ASWF, making themselves well known to all. The Coven continued to gain strength when a great up and commer in Vladimir Strife, and a veteran in Jake Diamond, joined their team as Co-Owner KingBear got a promotion to General Manager of Saturday Night Nightmare. Shortly there after ASWF was closed down and the reign of The Coven was stayed a legacy.


The Coven carried over to Solid Core Wrestling but only as a figure head and as allies. KingBear and Hawkeye were Co-Owners of the strongest Stable in Federation History and Co-Owners of Solid Core Wrestling. All of the members stayed the same as back in ASWF. Their strength showed when Black Dragon and Vladimir Strife escorted, wife of KingBear, Sang around the arena in KingBears absence.


The Coven came back strong in GHW when SCW Merged into GHW. As time went on GHW The Coven started to show signs of cracking and splitting. The first cracks showed when Vladimir was giving an interview and he was jumped and attacked and beaten down without any help from the Coven members. The second crack was when Hawkeye was beat down by Alex in the hallway and Vlad just stood there and let Alex walk by after he was done. Shortly there after at the GHW Dawn of Destruction PPV it was let on to the crowd that the Alex vs Hawkeye feud was a swerve as Alex become the newest member to join The Coven. Once Alex had joined The Coven it seemed that things were back on track and The Coven was once again all on the same page. As it turned out Egos started to play a part when Jake Diamond wanting to be in charge challenged Team Wreckingball to a match, The Match turned into Team Diamond vs Team Wreckingball which proved to be the last straw for the coven as during that match Alex Stall walked out and Hawkeye went chasing only to get back to late to make the save for his team. On the next Saturday Revalation Kingbear came out and Demanded that the members of Coven show up in the ring and Explain there actions. As Hawkeye and Alex Stall came out they were both beat down by Vlad and Kingbear and the Coven was disbanded to the shock of all.


The Coven was formed again about three months into Eagle Vision Professional Wrestling, due to the push of Vladimir Strife and his "Kingdom" of men in EVPW. KingBear formed the newer Coven with El Conajo Blanco and Crazy Boy covering his back. The feud built between The Coven and The Kingdom with no major battles but a lot of tension between the two groups. After a mass arrival of new talent, KingBear recruited more members into this new age of The Coven. Members such as Brian Brooks, Chris Pyro, Dave "The Lightning" Carter and even an old rival/friend, Alex Stall. During this time, The Kingdom lost one of it's key members in Rhaps who moved away from the group to be recruited by a scrawny, messed in the head, man by the name of Reaper who was doing the bidding of a mysterious figure behind the group that was to be labeled "The Imperfects".


  • KingBear (Co-Owner)
  • Hawkeye (Co-Owner)
  • Athelus (Quit Early)
  • Soundlab (In it until the end)
  • Black Dragon (In it until the end)
  • Forsaken (In it until the end)
  • Raju the Bomber (Quit Early)
  • Vladimir Strife (Ended The Coven)
  • Jake Diamond (In it until the end)
  • Alex Stall (In it until the end)

Title History

  • 2x Cruiserweight Title (ASWF)
  • 1x Tag Team Title (ASWF until closing)
  • 1x Cruiserweight Title (GHW)
  • 1x King of the Death Match(GHW)
  • 1x Imperial Title (EVPW)
  • 1x TV Title (EVPW)


  • The Crown Jewels of Wrestling(ASWF)
  • Dx(ASWF)
  • The OutLaws(GHW)
  • New Era(GHW)
  • Team Wreckingball(GHW)

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