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Height 6'9"
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Resides Ashland, Wisconsin
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Hardcore Wrestling Society
WWE: Alpha, SPEAR Wrestling Syndicate
Handled by Trent
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Debut in WWE: Alpha

Though not technically a debut as Oblivion never wrestled a match in WWE:A. This was still the first time that Oblivion was seen in the wrestling business. He made a big impact by starting up a fued with the top man in the company on his first night there but sadly, the business went under a week later.

Hardcore Wrestling Society

The true beginning of Oblivion's career began on the 1/7/08 taping of HWS Sacrifice where Oblivion defeated Karnage in the first match of the World Title tournament that was being held over the course of the month of January and most of February. After this initial match Oblivion was forced to team up with the man he beat, Karnage, on 1/14/08 where he was victorious. But the real action came after the match when Oblivion chokeslammed his partner though the dubbed "Table of Death" which was a table covered with barbed wire with tacks placed on top and to top it all off, the table was lit on fire. Since that day Karnage has yet to be seen in HWS.

The Alliance

Not long after Oblivion's HWS debut, he was approached by the owner of HWS, Chaz Leland, with an order to take out certain people in this business. The first man that Chaz told Oblivion to go after was J Twist, a man who on the very first episode attacked Oblivion after his match. Immediatly after recieving this order Oblivion went to work making J Twist's HWS career a living hell, Oblivion cost J Twist his spot in the world title tournament after he interfered behind the referee's back. Over the next few weeks the tension between the two grew and grew and every chance that one of them could get they would attack the other... something was bound to give soon.

The Undefeated Streak

Since Oblivion's first victory in HWS on 1/7/08, Oblivion has yet to lose a matchup in HWS, and as of 2/11/08, Oblivion is currently 6-0. Though many feel as though this is a fluke because Oblivion hasn't actually won a match cleanly since his debut. Oblivion's HWS career has been marked with controversy being that in literally all of his matches he has outside help in some way, shape, or form. The closest thing that Oblivion has come to a clean win is on the 1/28/08 taping of HWS where Oblivion pinned Steve Awesome after he chokeslammed him into a pile of glass and tacks... which Chaz threw into the ring along with many other weapons that were used during the match.

SPEAR debut and the New Church

On the 2-9-08 taping of SWS Road to Revolution, Oblivion made is first appearance in the SPEAR Wrestling Syndicate when he came out during a tag team match between the SWS Tag Team Champions Dr. Phate and Tower versus the New Church (Smoke and Chaz Leland). Oblivion made his presence known when he gave the giant of a man Tower a spinebuster with ease. Though in all of the confusion Dr. Phate was able to secure a pinfall victory. When the dust cleared that night though it was Smoke, Chaz, and the newest member of the New Church, Oblivion standing tall.

Over the next few days James Lynch, the father of Smoke and the founder of the New Church, taught his "sons" how to convert all of their feeling into rage in which they would use to defeat their opponent. Lynch forced his son to "train" with Oblivion in a ring that he made himself involving barbed wire ropes and glass ringposts. After a brutal fight Lynch stopped them before Oblivion choked Smoke to death and Lynch actually seemed quite pleased with both of them.

The next week it would seem as though Dr. Phate and Tower would meet their end in a 2 on 3 handicap match against the entire New Church (Smoke, Chaz, Oblivion). But the champions once again managed to secure victory when during a huge brawl outside the ring, Dr. Phate's Harajuku Girls all hit their finishers on Chaz allowing Dr. Phate to sneak back into the ring and cover Chaz for the victory.

New Church invades HWS

The date was 2/11/08, the finals of the HWS World Title tournament were taking place. The winners of two seperate singles contests would move on to face each other at the first ever HWS Pay Per View, Bloody Hell. Oblivion secured victory over Mike Warrior after a controversial match involving both a mystery man and the Death's Disciples interfereing. After the contest the mystery man revealed himself as being James Lynch, the man who started the New Church in SPEAR. At first Chaz appeared to be enraged and surprised but after he turned and attacked Mike Warrior it was obvious that it was planned. The HWS New Church consisted of Oblivion, Chaz Leland, James Lynch, Sinn, and Saint. It was a dark day for HWS as the fans showed their dislike by throwing garbage into the ring.

HWS World Champion

After the second tournament finals match came to a draw on 2/11/08, Chaz Leland announced that Oblivion would be crowned the first HWS World Champion at Bloody Hell... though one man didn't agree with this. The man was the same man who Oblivion had been fueding with since the debut of HWS... the man was J Twist. J Twist let his thoughts be known and Chaz made Oblivion vs. J Twist at Bloody Hell (2-18-08).

The match featured some back and forth action between the two men who have hated each other since the beginning. After one of the most brutal and hardcore matches of the night, Oblivion managed to gain victory after J Twist was distracted by James Lynch who was standing in the crowd. J Twist turned around and was flap jacked onto a flaming barbed wire table. Oblivion then became the first ever HWS World Champion.

Fighting for the SWS Tag Team Belts

For two weeks straight Dr. Phate and Tower have defeated the New Church, pinning Smoke the first week then Chaz the second. But Oblivion and Smoke will face the champions yet again at February Revolution (2-23-08). Lynch claimed that both losses mean nothing since the whole goal of the Church was to beat up Dr. Phate and Tower, which the New Church was successful with in both matches... but will the Church prevail when the lights are on bright?

The anwser sadly, was no. In what was arguably the greatest match of the PPV, Phate and Tower managed to prevail over the Church once again after a communication problem caused Smoke to knock Oblivion out of the ring, allowing Phate and Tower to finish off the distracted Smoke.

The fall of a monster

After being dethroned by the fast rising Cryptid after a bizzare contest which involved the lights going out at set intervals, and after being betrayed by his longtime ally Smoke... Oblivion began to act a little more calm, on the HWS Sacrifice episode that aired a week after the PPV, Oblivion set his mind on one goal, to eliminate Smoke and his father James Lynch.

Oblivion attacked Smoke and Lynch after Smoke just finished a grueling contest. After Oblivion began to dominate Smoke he turned his attention to Lynch who immediately began to flee. Lynch avoided Oblivion long enough for his son to sneak attack Oblivion, Smoke bashed Oblivion in the head a multitude of times before he got a barbed wire baseball bat. He ran the bat across Oblivion's mask ripping it apart.

Before Smoke could further injure Oblivion with the bat J Twist ran to the ring and saved his longtime foe. Afterwhich Oblivion removed what was left of his mask. He has yet to be seen wearing his mask.

A second Chance... a third?

After being unmasked Oblivion turned his attention back to Cryptid. Oblivion took his rematch clause seriously and was completely ready for his rematch which took place at the Up In Flames PPV. After a hardfought battle Oblivion dodged a Cryptid splash which caused Cryptid to crash through a table... Oblivion then followed up with his deadly finisher, The Darkness Spike. Oblivion ,tasting victory, pinned Cryptid... only to have the lights go out some sort of promo aired saying "4 weeks" then the lights flicked back on...

What the lights revealed was a bloody Oblivion and Cryptid who were both laying lifeless in the center of the ring. Neither man could make it to his feet before the 10 count and thus the match was draw. Oblivion, not satisfied with what happened, stole Cryptid's title and stormed out of the arena and drove off.

It was announced later that night that at the biggest HWS PPV of the year, Gorefest 2008, we would see the end of what could be the greatest fued in HWS to date. The match will be Cryptid versus Oblivion, in a Last Man Standing match. Will Oblivion finally defeat Cryptid? or will Cryptid once again find a way to topple the monster?


1x HWS World Champion (2/18/08 - 3-18-08)

Noteable Fueds

  • Cryptid (HWS)
  • Dr. Phate and Tower (SWS)

During Matches

Wrestling Style

Oblivion is a pure powerhouse. He uses a variety of high impact power moves to weaken his opponent before he finishes them off. He is also known for using a variety of weapons to make his finishers even deadlier. He favors weapons that he can slam his opponent down on... tables, tacks, glass ect. Oblivion never goes to the top rope and he rarely uses a submission hold besides the Torture Rack.

Finishers and Signature moves

  • The End (Chokeslam from Hell)
  • Darkness Spike (Fireman's Carry into a DDT)
  • Torture Rack
  • Closed Fist Uppercut
  • Double Underhook Powerbomb
  • Spinning Neckbreaker
  • Running Clothesline to opponent in corner
  • Big Boot

Other Moves Commonly Used

  • Spinning crucifix toss
  • Spinebuster
  • Vertical suplex
  • Powerslam
  • Back Body Drop
  • Samoan Drop
  • Shoulder Jawbreaker
  • Release Powerbomb
  • Scoop Slam
  • Backbreaker
  • Full Nelson Slam
  • Rib Breaker
  • Shin Breaker
  • Delayed Vertical suplex
  • Side Slam
  • Fisherman's Suplex
  • Release german suplex

Entrance Music

Current - "Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed Masked Oblivion - The sound of an organ playing New Church Oblivion - 10 seconds of organ music then "Before i Forget" by Slipknot First HWS Championship Reign - 10 seconds of organ music then "Duality" by Slipknot

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