The Dazzlers
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Current Members Daz
Dean Brody
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In-ring debut 2006
Disbanded 2006

The Dazzlers were a tag team consisting of Daz and Dean Brody (and later Perox) that competed in SOS and WCSF.

Original Dazzlers

Daz and Dean Brody had been friends since there teenage years, the pair had formed a backyard wrestling fed called TXSW together and had trained to go pro together. however it was Daz who made it to that point first joining with small indy promotion Society of Sim Daz had a short lived singles career as he would get friend Brody signed soon after.

At Night of Triumph 'Dazzling' Dean Brody made his SOS debut re-uniting with old friend Daz as the aptly name Dazzlers. The Dazzlers took on fellow new team High Energy. Brody and Daz would get the win that night but would lose in a rematch several weeks later, the series was never decided as Mike Capola of High Energy left the company soon after. The Dazzlers only won one match as a team but each and every time they performed they gained a fan, they had one of the best tag matches in recent history against Demise and Phoenix who would go onto win the SOS Tag Team Championships not long afterwards.

The team eventually split when Dean appeared to lose his mind in a Brian Pillman esque fashion attacking Daz randomly backstage. He demanded a match for the same night and it was made. During the course of the match Daz refused to perform one offensive move against his best friend and thus got within an inch of his life. Despite the injuries sustained in the match Daz would go onto win the SOS International Championship.

Dean would take on Chris Cutter who had come to Daz's aid during the match between him and Brody. Cutter was the one who eventually threw in the towel ending the match. Dean took exception to this and over the coming few weeks attacked Chris at every turn. Cutter fought back and the pair eventually had one final show down in a Last man Standing match at Save our Souls.

In a losing effort Dean would unfortunately lose however the performance he put in would come into play when SOS management allowed him to take on Daz once again, this time with the SOS International title on the line. Daz retained over Brody and the feud would seemingly come to a close.

Daz would continue his friendship with Cutter, joining forces with Omega to form The Commonwealth. They battled Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai as Dean Brody continued his loose cannon gimmick, mainly competing against lower card competitors. SOS would finally come to an end, and at the SOS; Swan Song Daz would take on The Buck in a two out of three falls contest with The Buck coming out on the winning end. Dean Brody would face Brian Knight in the opening match with Brody debuting his new finishing manoeuvre, The Runway Knockout.

WCSF Dazzlers

In WCSF Daz formed a new variation of The Dazzlers with friend Perox. Thus far they have only competed in one match against Axel Anvil and Aaron J Gray. The Dazzlers came out victorious. The Team would not last long as Perox left WCSF leaving Daz to compete as a singles wrestler.

Daz would go onto achieve success in WCSF, becoming a WCSF International Champion, Middleweight Champion as well as competing for the WCSF World Championship at WCSF's Wednesday Night Warzone event.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • Daz & Dean Brody
  • D–Factor (Combined Powerbomb and Inverted Tornado DDT)
  • The Dazzler (Both men take hold of an opponents legs and arms, they swing him round onto their shoulders and then deliver a double cradleshock.
  • With Perox
  • Assisted Dazaster Driver (Perox holds the opponent’s legs as Daz applies the double underhook. Perox pushes the opponent’s legs up as Daz performs the Dazaster Driver.)
  • Wheelbarrow Chest blower followed by a Wheelbarrow Suplex (Daz picks the opponent up for a wheelbarrow, Perox hooks the opponent and drives his knees into their chest. Daz swiftly follows up with a wheelbarrow suplex to end the sequence.)
  • Sandwich Dropkick (dropkicking one opponent at the same time or dropkicking both opponents into one another.)
  • Dazaster Zone (Leg Drop off the top by Daz with a Perox springboard 450 splash.)


  • Perox become the first person other than Dean Brody to use the Dazzler name whilst teaming with Daz.

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