The Deadly Alliance was a stable in the GWF, which was formed around about GWF Rise & Fall. It was the longest running stable in the GWF, and has also contained many different members during it's tenure in the GWF. The Deadly Alliance is also commonly abbreviated to DA. The DA came to an end at GWF Destiny Fulfilled


Original Deadly Alliance

The DA was formed just after the first ever GWF Pay-Per-View, where Kuja Kross, Harry Jackson and Bryan Daniels all saw that they were above the whole roster, and formed an alliance. This immediately caused the Anti-Alliance to form, but this eventually failed, as the members grew apart.

The DA as a a stable only participated in 2 matches, but both of these were victories, beating the Billionaire's Club, and DX. Also, the DA paved the way for success for Bryan Daniels and Kuja Kross, who won the GWF Tag Team Championship, in the first ever Tag Team Steel Cage match.

'GWF New Beginnings began a new era for the Deadly Alliance, with Bryan and Kuja, and Harry both defending their titles successfully. Although Kuja failed to gain the GWF United States Title, and new member Brent Duncan lost his Hardcore Championship, the night was a success.

The next two weeks were not the best for the DA, with Harry Jackson eliminated from the King of the Ring Tournament, and Kuja Kross leaving the GWF during ownership change.

Decline and Return

The DA then started to begin a slump. After the DA failed to help Harry Jackson win the Unification match for the GWF Undisputed Championship, Harry became a non-wrestler. The DA then stopped appearing together, and even stopped being referred to as that, and it seemed as if the DA was gone.

However, that was not to be. Bryan Daniels took over leadership at GWF Triple Threat, where he became GWF Undisputed Champion, thanks to interference from Brent, new DA member Angleslam, and the shocking turn of SheltonSplash, who with Bryan and Harry managed to force Bryan into the Main Event.

Bryan then named Brent as Kuja's successor, and the new Deadly Alliance was given rebirth, with Bryan at the helm. The Deadly Alliance grew from strength to strength, and started to take over the GWF. They made Friday Night Brawl into the Deadly Alliance Show for one week, and consolidated their power with then GWF owner, Danny Mainer, affiliating with them.

Danny Mainer then stepped down, followed by dieing in a horrific car crash, where he wrote down his ultimate intention- to destroy the DA. Although Danny failed to do so, the DA suffered a decline for the next few weeks, compared with the previous power they had.

At GWF Locked n' Loaded, SheltonSplash, Angleslam, Brent Duncan, Bryan Daniels and an unhappy Nick Nitro represented the DA. The match ended in a double DQ, with both owners costing the final combatants, Ken Davidson and Bryan Daniels. The night was neither a good night for Team GWF or Team DA.

Final End

The DA began to lose it's influence more and more, with Shelton using his powers as owner less and less. Angle faded into obscurity, Brent took time off (eventually retiring) and Shelton won the Money in the Bank opportunity, and after some political manuevering, got a double title shot, for the Intercontinental and GWF Undisputed Championships.

At GWF Destiny Fulfilled, Shelton betrayed Bryan, costing him his unpinned streak and the GWF Undisputed Title. This made Shelton an enemy of the DA, before Bryan officially killed it, as senior member, ending the longest and most successful stable in GWF history.

Members and Accomplishments

Members (At time of disbanding, Former and Affiliates)

"The Hunter" Harry Jackson (Founding Member)

"The Silver Haired Devil" Kuja Kross (Founding Member)

"The Main Event" Bryan Daniels (Founding Member)

Brent "the Dunkster" Duncan



Danny Mainer


GWF Undisputed Championship (Bryan Daniels)

GWF Championship (Harry Jackson)

GWF Tag Team Championship (Bryan Daniels and Kuja Kross, Bryan Daniels and Brent Duncan)

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