The Don
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Real name Antonio Miceli
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Height 5' 11"
Weight 190 lbs.
Date of birth October 26, 1984
Place of birth Brooklyn, NY
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Resides Brooklyn, NY
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Trainer Ron Hutchinson
Supreme Federation Wrestling
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Debut August 29th, 2005
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Antonio Miceli (born October 26, 1984) is an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring name, The Don. He is currently signed to Supreme Federation Wrestling, and is the former SFW World Champion.

Early Career

Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, he had to deal with a tough childhood. He always got into fights everyday with the larger children. He is the youngest out of 6 kids and didn't live on much. Entering High school, he was the leader of a gang, thus earning the nickname "The Don". After high school, he became a bouncer for many clubs all over new york. When looking at him at first he does not look like much, but he can take a beating as much as he can give one. During that time he also practiced martial arts in order to add to his fight arsenal.

He was first discovered by Ron Hutchinson, Trainer of the Apolcalypse Wrestling Federation. Hutchinson has trained the likes of Christian and Trish Stratus to name a few. He offered Don a contract and his wrestling career began. While in the AWF, The Don was in classic feuds with Slade and Jaguar Vijay Singh. He earned a shot at Singh's title but eventually came up short. He knew that his time was soon up and decided he needed to move on to bigger and better things.


Once entering SFW, he was involved in a brief feud with the Franchise, before bringing in his new enforcer, Smooth Sonny. Together they formed one of the most dominant tag teams the industry has ever seen - The Knockaround Boyz. Team after team, they took out anyone who got in their way.

At one of SFW's main Pay-per Views, One Night of Glory, The Don took part in an Ultimate X Match with Rey Mysterio, Chris Sabin, and Christopher Daniels, eventually emerging as the victor. After that night, The Knockaround Boyz focused back on the tag titles.

After one failed attempt at the title, they got another shot in a triple threat match against Truth/Franchise, and the lone NightWolf. After hitting NightWolf with the BFK, they solidified themselves as one of the greatest tag teams in SFW.

They would go on to make a statement of that, holding onto the titles for 6 months, before losing them to Sean Hawkwind and Jim Rourke. Afterwards, The KB imploded, and Smooth Sonny sent Don to the hospital for a month. Sonny, the US champ at the time, claimed that Don was holding him back.

One month later, The Don returned with a vengeance, and challenged Sonny for his title. At Anarchy Heaven, the two did battle, resulting in a double knock-out.

The two met once again, this time at For Your Life in a 60 minute hardcore ironman match. Both men wrestled what was undeniably a 5 star MOTY candidate. The match went into sudden death, and The Don emerged victorious, winning his first ever singles title. His title reign, however, was short lived, as he lost the belt to Smooth Sonny at City of Kings in another 5-star match, this time under TLC rules.

Afterwards, the Don continued to focus on his singles career and issued an open challenge for Lethal Laceration, accepted by newcomer Klass. The Don lost to Klass in a match prior to the PPV, but got his win back a week later at Lethal Laceration.

After defeating Klass, Don was confronted by one Victor Von Braun. This all boiled down to a match at Exodus, where Von Braun put his Patriot "Title" on the line. In the end, Don got the win by DQ, after receiving a chair shot from Von Braun. However, after fighting back, Don had the last laugh in the end.

Before Exodus, The Don promised it to be a night noone would ever forget. This culminated during the Franchise - Sonny US Title match. After Sonny was being beaten down by The True Franchise, DD rushed to the back to retrieve an unknown person, turning out to be The Don himself. That night marked the resurrection of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, The Knockaround Boyz.

After that night, The Knockaround Boyz challenged DX to a match at One Night of Glory, where they wrestled to a 60 minute draw. This was considered a 5 star match by many fans, and a night where the torch was passed. This was undoubtedly one of the best matches in Don's career.

Now that Don was considered a top contender, he demanded a World Title shot...and got it at Unholy Clash. This being his first title shot, Don made the most of his opportunity winning the World Title for the first time in his career. Following this, he went on to successfully defend his title at the next PPV, Maximum Impact, against Franchise and British superstar Khufu.

The WZ Era

As soon as The Don entered WZ, he was instantly pursued by Sean Hawkwind for a shot at his World Title. Hawkwind resorted to throwing matches, claiming that the World Title is all he cares for. He got his shot at No Remorse, but went into a psychotic rage, intentionally DQing himself and receiving a suspension from Gregory Chapman, SFW's Liason.

The Don's biggest challenge culminated at Vendetta, where he took on The Dragon in one of the biggest matches of his career. He came up short in that match, losing his title to Dragon. After leaving the ring, Don had collapsed on the outside, and was instantly loaded in an ambulance and sent to a hospital to be treated. Noone has heard from The Don since, but fans are waiting with bated breath for his return...

Wrestling facts

  • Finishers (updated):
  • The Vendetta - Package piledriver, with a higher leap
  • The Final Offer - Lifts opponent for dominator, however instead of dropping him, he sits down and crushed his opponent's head into the canvas (A La Michinoku Driver, but reversed)
  • Calabrese Clutch - Guillotine Sleeper Hold

Championships and accomplishments

  • Won From - The Truth
  • Lost To - The Dragon
  • Won From - Smooth Sonny
  • Lost to - Smooth Sonny
  • 1st time with Smooth Sonny (team known as The Knockaround Boyz)

General Moveset

Common Moves:

  • Dropkick
  • Clothesline
  • Cross Body Slam
  • Lou Thesz Press
  • Sharpshooter
  • Neckbreaker
  • Enzuguri
  • Reverse DDT
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Half Boston Crab
  • DDT

Favorite Moves:

  • 1. Shooting Star Press (either springboarded or off the top rope)
  • 2. Spear
  • 3. Samoan Drop
  • 4. Hurricanrana
  • 5. Running knee strike

Trademark Move:

  • La Miseria (dropkicking head into turnbuckle)

Theme Music

Slam by Tobymac
Control by Puddle of Mudd
Walk by Pantera
Out of My Way by Seether
Woke up This Morning by Alabama 3 - (CURRENT)

Misc. Facts

  • Smooth Sonny is actually the real life cousin of The Don
  • Along with the Dragon, Sonny and Don formed the short-lived stable, "The North American Coalition"
  • His favourite actors are Al Pacino, James Gandolfini, and Robert De Niro.
  • Contrary to popular belief, The Don rarely eats pasta.

In wrestling

  • Deanna DiMarco (With Smooth Sonny)
  • Smooth Sonny (as one half of the Knockaround Boyz)


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