The Dragon Reborn, AKA The Dragon, is a wrestler exclusive to Supreme Federation Wrestling. Born in Toronto Canada, he uses a mix of MMA style fighting, Submission fighting, and a taste of high flying athleticism. One of the SFW Originals, he has been with the company since it's creation, by him, in 2004.

The Dragon
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Height 6'1"
Weight 225 Ibs.
Date of birth May 8th, 1982
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario
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Resides Dornoch, Scotland
Billed from Toronto, Ontario
Trainer None
Supreme Federation Wrestling
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Debut 2004
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After starting wrestling at the age of 15 and going through the basics and fundamentals. He was taught by Bret Hart in Calgary Alberta, and was a member of Rocky Mountain Wrestling(RMW). Bret threw in a good word for him to Jerry Jarret and TNA signed me to a developmental contract. The Game was in TNA when he first met Barrett. They became quick friends on the road. He eventually left TNA a short time after Barrett when he had had enough of that company. Game wanted something bigger and better. So Bret Hart managed to get him a meeting with Vince McMahon. Vince and him hit it off well and he managed to convince him to listen to an idea of his. The idea was Likuid Federation Wrestling. Vince saw it as the next ECW, but Game saw it as a new company that would blow all others out of the water.

The Game was one of the first superstars in LFW and wrestled in the debut match against Taker_2004. He was surprised to find out that his old comrade, Barrett, had joined the dream as well. The two of them managed to eventually get a stable going called 'The Revolution'. During his stint in The Revolution, he was awarded a title shot. The rest of my faction became jealous and was ejected. He never got that title shot due to private reasons. He returned later and surprised the world when he announced he had become LFW's General Manager. He then made friends with Millenian. The two of them had a lot in common and were scheduled to face 'The Angels' at one of LFW's Pay-per-views. The Angels attacked him 2 weeks before the match and Game was sent to the hospital.

He returned and announced he had become the owner of LFW, and introduced the Brute Title. But then, tragedy struck and Barrett was unable to defend his title. He then handed it down to Game, who defended it till the federation was ended. Before the fed was ended, Barrett and Game managed to open their own. That Federation is LFTEW. At LFTEW City of Kings, He became a double champion with his tag-partner, Millenian, and they were lucky enough to be able to carry over their respective titles.

The Game had a change of heart, after being defeated twice for the LFW World Heavyweight Championship, and his GM position at Unholy Clash I. He then went to Japan and trained for a good month or two before returning to the LFTEW. The Dragon was involved with many feuds, most noticably against The Franchise and The Revolution. The Dragon soon became the World Heavyweight Champion, defeating Tommy Polo, Jim Rourke, and The Truth in the FUCK EM match. Dragon soon took on Victor Von Braun, The Anarch, Sean Hawkwind, and The Reaper in sucsession. Teaming up with Smooth Sonny and The Don to form the North American Coallition, he became a strong force to be reckoned with. The Dragon had to drop his championship however, to the man he felt best deserving, The Truth. Dragon would then return from whatever the reason was for him to leave at SFW For Your Life II.

When Dragon returned, he worked his way up the SFW, eventually winning the Galaxy Championship, and taking the SFW Tag-Team Championship with Hawkwind at City of Kings. The two men later asked LD Barrett to join them, creating The Old Guard. All three men became dominant in SFW, taking out Franchise, Steel, and Havok. After LD left the organization unexpectedly, Hawkwind and Dragon became the sole members of the Old Guard, and managed to keep their titles for a long spread of time. Dragon also developed a feud with Steel around this time, facing each other behind the scenes numerous times.

In January 2007, SFW changed networks to the WZ channel. There, they developed a strong following, and gained a new group of wrestlers for the roster. Dragon and Hawkwind were stripped of their titles after a questionable match between them and Steel and JD Bause. Dragon and Steel continued their feud, and managed to take the SFW World Heavyweight Championship from The Don. Nearly a month into his title reign, and first defense against The Ghost, the Network changed back to SES unexpectedly, and many members were lost via contract disputes. Dragon managed to hold onto his title, and his feuds with Steel and Ghost were running fast.

After a few months on SES, the Federation found a loophole in their contract. They managed to leave that sinking ship, and head to a brand new network, the OWWF. There, we re-established ourselves. After 3 months of feuding, fighting, and politics, The Dragon made a tough decision. That decision was to retire after City of Kings, where he would face Steel for the WHC. Their match was epic, and Dragon would come out on top in his final match.

During his retirement, he would be restless. Golfing, public spotlight, and hockey did nothing to amuse the man. While in his house one evening, he was attacked by The Supremacy. This sparked a cause for his return, which managed to only last 3 months as he went down with a leg injury.

During his injury, he was offered the chance to become Head Trainer of the SFW Training Ground. Since then, he has established some strong talents like Ty Patterson, Trevor Adams, Francis Bailey, Henrich Von Hess, and Jordan Gates.

Wrestling Facts/Notes

Wrestling Moveset

10-20 Common Moves:

  • 1. Leg Lariat
  • 2. Wheel Kick
  • 3. Drop toe hold
  • 4. Suplex
  • 5. Mummy Driver
  • 6. Frisbee Slam
  • 7. Pump-handle Bomb
  • 8. Powerbomb Piledriver combo
  • 9. Three Quarter Nelson Suplex
  • 10. Wheelbarrow suplex
  • 11. Luftwaffe(Gutwrench Razors Edge)
  • 12. Spear
  • 13. Belly 2 belly suplex
  • 14. German suplex
  • 15. Fisherman Suplex
  • 16. Stepup Wheel Kick
  • 17. Stepup Superkick

5-10 Common Submissions:

  • 1. Leg Lace
  • 2. Triangle Choke
  • 3. Arm Bar
  • 4. Leg Bar
  • 5. Sacrifice
  • 6. Figure-four arm lock
  • 7. Backbreaker Press
  • 8. Dragon Sleeper
  • 9. Crucifix

Trademark Moves:

  • Dragon's Wings(Spinning DVD)
  • Dragon's Tail(Inverted Texas Cloverleaf)
  • No Quarter(Full Nelson Facebuster)
  • Shooting Star Senton
  • Spine of the Dragon(Underhook suplex into a guillotine choke)
  • Dragon Drop

Weapon Attacks:

  • Pipe Leg Lariat
  • Heartbreaker onto Chair


  • Heartbreaker
  • Inverted Mummy Driver
  • Stretch Muffler Crab

Personal Facts

  • Huge Classic Rock Fan
  • Plays Drums/Percussion
  • Is Married to valet Tanya MacLeod
  • The longest running member of the SFW
  • H1.0 is an asshole

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