The Element
Members Ash Dubois
Ryan Payne
Andy Rhodes-Payne (valet)
Heidi Ferring (valet)
Former Members Mike Allen
Daniel Hutchinson
Amy Roucka
Krissy Delight (valet)
Natascha Allen (valet)
Name(s) The Element
Debut November 16, 2007
Promotion World Wrestling Headquarters
Brand(s) Showdown

The Element is a former professional wrestling stable on World Wrestling Headquarters' Thursday Night Showdown brand. The concept of the stable is that each member contains a certain "element", whether it be in their gimmick, in-ring style, or otherwise, that is a significant component to the stable's entire power.




The Element was formed on November 16, 2007, consisting initially of "The Showcase" Mike Allen and "The Pitbull" Ryan Payne, both heels at the time. The twosome didn't have to go through many matches before achieving championship status, because on the November 21, 2007 edition of Thursday Night Showdown, just 5 days after the team's formation, Payne and Allen won the then-vacant WWH World Tag Team Championships. The tag titles had been vacated due to Ryan's previous championship partner Sting having left the company (shortly after Sting had lost the WWH International Championship), and many fans and members of the WWH roster believed that Ryan shouldn't have had to win the titles back just because his partner left the promotion; nevertheless, Ryan Payne and Mike Allen successfully defended the titles on numerous occasions.

Allen and Payne would be a two-man team for the next month, at one point adding "The Jersey Devil" Daniel Hutchinson, only for Daniel to surprisingly leave The Element less than a week after joining for his own stable, The Holocaust. Ironically, The Holocaust disbanded after only a few weeks of formation, leaving Daniel a lone wolf once again.

Addition of Ash Dubois

On December 15, 2007, at the WWH Pay-Per-View Burnout, Payne and Allen would successfully defend the WWH World Tag Team titles against the team of Buddy Aces and Chris Jericho in a 30-Minute Iron-Team Match, with "The Sniper" Ash Dubois watching at ringside. Towards the end of the match, while the referee was watching to see if Buddy Aces was about to tap out to Ryan's Morphine Drop submission hold, Ash Dubois "accidentally" pulled away the ring rope from Aces' reach, giving Aces no choice to submit and give The Element the lead in the match just before the clock ran out.

In a backstage interview following the match, Ash Dubois claimed that he was a member of The Element all along, and that the stable itself was his own brainchild; whether this is a kayfabe or legitimate claim is unclear. In any case, Ash became the third member of the stable and more or less the "ringleader" of the group. It should also be noted that, while Ryan Payne and Mike Allen were still heels, Ash Dubois was and still is a face, making The Element somewhat of a tweener stable.

That same night, Mike Allen defeated Daniel Hutchinson for his WWH International Championship, making him a dual-champion and extending his undefeated streak. To this day, Daniel still claims that if anyone were to beat him at that time for the International title, Mike Allen would've been the only one capable of doing so, although this could certainly be disputed.


Mike Allen's Betrayal

About a month removed from the successful WWH World Tag Team Championship defense at Burnout, The Element would suffer its first major setback. On the January 16, 2008 edition of Thursday Night Showdown, all three Element members faced off against the team of Ric Flair, "The Southern Destroyer" D-Lock, and John "The Rock" Baron in a 6-Man Last Blood Match. The Element would win the match, with Mike Allen being the last unbloodied man; however, as Ryan Payne and Ash Dubois returned to the ring for a post-match celebration, Mike attacked both Ash and Ryan, assaulting them with steel chairs and effectively ending his association with The Element. As a result of his self-seperation, Mike Allen was forced to vacate his half of the WWH World Tag Team Championships; however, Mike remained the WWH International Champion. The other half of the Tag Team titles was awarded to Ash Dubois, citing The Freebird Rule as justification for Ash becoming champion with Ryan Payne.

The following week, Ryan Payne got his chance for revenge in a non-title Steel Cage Match in the main event of that night. After a heated contest, Ryan won the match by escaping the cage. Then, on January 26, 2008 at WWH Presents: The Royal Rumble, both remaining Element members, Mike Allen, Chris Montana, Daniel Hutchinson, and Highlander competed in an Elimination Chamber Match for the then-vacant WWH World Heavyweight Championship. Allen was the first eliminated, being defeated by Ash Dubois via pinfall, before Ash was defeated via pinfall by Highlander after a Highland Cross. Ryan Payne, meanwhile, made it to the final two, squaring off with Highlander before being defeated following a brass knuckles shot and a Highland Cross.

Mike Allen soon requested, and was granted, some time off, due to his wife's pregnancy and his desire to be with her for the term. As a result, the WWH International Championship was officially vacated on January 27, 2008.

Addition of Daniel Hutchinson and Feuding with The Rock

Alternate Element Logo copy

The Element's alternate logo, as designed by Daniel Hutchinson.

On February 16, 2008, at Clash of the Champions, Ryan and Ash lost the WWH World Tag Team Championships in a 3-Way Trash Pile Match to the tweener team of Daniel Hutchinson and Buddy Aces (Daniel was a heel and Buddy a face), a match that also involved the team of Twin K and Chris Montana. Only days later, however, Ash and Ryan would shock the WWH world by announcing a new third member of The Element -- Daniel Hutchinson. Daniel and Ryan then went on to explain to the live audience in attendance that any and all issues with Daniel had all been a hoax, a charade just to prove The Element's true control over the "sheep".

With the addition of The Jersey Devil, The Element once again held both the International and World Tag Team Championships, albeit the other physical World Tag Team Championship belt was with Buddy Aces, who had actually not been recruited to The Element along with Daniel. The WWH World Heavyweight Championship was not far behind, for around that same time, then-champion Ross "Highlander" Noble announced his retirement, due to worsening damage from his multiple knee injuries, thereby vacating the title. On the February 27, 2008 edition of Showdown, Ash Dubois and Daniel Hutchinson faced off in a Casket Match for the vacant title, with John "The Rock" Baron, who had won the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match back in January and would therefore challenge for the title at WrestleMania, as Special Enforcer. Ash Dubois won the match, only to be Rock Bottomed by Baron after the match's end.

The following week, Baron, teamed with newly-promoted wrestler Matt Styles, defeated Ash and Daniel in a tag team match, but lost a 3-on-1 Handicap Match to The Element the week afterwards. Daniel and Ryan Payne tried to lead a post-match assault on Baron, but Baron managed to battle back, taking out Ryan and Daniel with steel chairs while Ash Dubois was forced to watch it transpire from the entrance ramp.

On February 26, 2008, just one day before Ash won the WWH World Heavyweight Championship, World Wrestling Headquarters announced the re-opening of its ECW brand. In addition, WWH Management converted the WWH Hardcore Championship, at the time a third-tier championship on Showdown, to the WWH ECW World Heavyweight Championship, making it the highest-ranked title on the newly-revived ECW brand. Because this title change made the World Tag Team, International, and WWH World Heavyweight Championships the only remaining belts on the Showdown brand, The Element holds every championship on Showdown, with the exception of the other physical half of the WWH World Tag Team Championships.

As a result of both The Royal Rumble Match in January and Ash Dubois winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Ash was booked to defend the WWH World Heavyweight Championship against The Rock at WrestleMania IV on March 30, 2008; in addition, in that same event, Ash and Ryan were scheduled to face Daniel and Buddy Aces for the WWH World Tag Team Championships, and Ryan was scheduled to defend his WWH International Championship against both Chris Sabin and Buddy Aces. By the end of the night, all three members left the arena with the same belts with which they entered, all members having retained their championships in each respective championship match they were involved in.

Daniel's Betrayal

That Thursday on the April 3, 2008 edition of Showdown, Daniel defeated "The Crucifier" Genesis in a #1 Contender's Match to become the #1 Contender to the WWH World Heavyweight Championship -- still held by fellow Element member, Ash Dubois -- following a Cobra Clutch with the aide of a lead pipe that Ash had provided for him. After the match, however, Ash suffered the same fate as Genesis, receiving a lead-pipe-and-Cobra-Clutch combination that caused the World Champion to bleed from the mouth. This betrayal effectively ended Daniel's affiliation with The Element, making Daniel a bit of a lone wolf in WWH (as he'd made himself early on in ECF), and, in addition, made sure that The Element no longer held all of Showdown's championships.

Soon, after a series of events, both Ryan and Ash had left the company altogether, thus ruining any possible WWH-based Element reunion possibilities.

In Wrestling

  • Members
  • Ash Dubois
  • Ryan Payne
  • Daniel Hutchinson (2008)
  • Mike Allen (2007 - 2008)
  • Managers / Primary Associates
  • Andy Rhodes-Payne
  • Heidi Ferring
  • Amy Roucka (2008)
  • Krissy Delight (2008)
  • Natascha Allen (2007 - 2008)
  • Individual Finishing Moves
  • Paynekiller (One-handed elevated jumping cutter) (Ryan Payne)
  • Morphine Drop (Arm-trap crossface with added neck torque) (Ryan Payne)
  • Speedshot (Death Valley Driver) (Ash Dubois)
  • Sniperdrop (Impaler DDT) (Ash Dubois)
  • French Sleep (Half-Nelson choke with body scissors) (Ash Dubois)
  • Team Finishing and Signature Moves
  • Chain Reaction (Speedshot (Ash)) followed by a Morphine Drop (Ryan))
  • Death Device (Diving clothesline (Ash) / Electric chair drop (Ryan) combination)
  • Leg-hook reverse STO (Ash) / Full-Nelson facebuster (Ryan) combination
  • Double Paynekiller (Two-person elevated cutter (Ryan and Ash))
  • Entrance Theme
  • "Strength of the World" - Avenged Sevenfold (2007)
  • "Revolution Deathsquad" - Dragonforce

Championships and Accomplishments

  • World Wrestling Headquarters
  • WWH ROH Pure Champion (1 time)
  • Ash Dubois (1 time)
  • WWH World Tag Team Championships (8 times)
  • Mike Allen (1 time)
  • Ryan Payne (2 times)
  • Daniel Hutchinson (1 time)
  • Ash Dubois (4 times)
  • WWH International Championship (4 times)
  • Mike Allen (1 time)
  • Ryan Payne (1 time, current)
  • Daniel Hutchinson (1 time)
  • Ash Dubois (1 time)
  • WWH World Heavyweight Championship (3 times, current)
  • Ash Dubois (3 times, current)
  • WWH Triple Crown (1 time)
  • Ash Dubois (1 time)

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