The Emperor
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Height 5'11
Weight 190 lbs.
Date of birth June 19, 1985
Place of birth Wiesbaden, Germany
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Resides Brattleboro, Vermont
Billed from Montpelier, Vermont
Trainer N/A
Global Wrestling Coalition
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The Emperor is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling in the Global Wrestling Coalition. His gimmick is a unique one in the wrestling community: he is a deaf wrestler.

Pre-Career Life

John Serduchka was born in Germany on June 19, 1985 to American military parents. Later in life, his military upbringing would be useful for him in his hardcore matches by getting him used to pain. When he was first born, he could still hear. However, a year later he lost his hearing in Washington, D.C. The family was shocked but accepted the fate at the same time, later learning how to communicate with him in American sign language.

His family decided to move to a peaceful community in another state, Vermont, where John enrolled in a deaf school, which was a mile away from his home. He stayed there until he graduated from the school at the normal age of 18.

Tragedy struck again when his father, Viktor, died in a car accident in Columbus, Ohio. No reason was given as to why he was in Ohio at the time of accident. This occured when John was six. Overcoming this tragedy helped to give him the inner strength he uses in all of his matches.

John graduated from his school with honors and enrolled in Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. for a degree in history, which he loved. As a side piece of trivia, any topic relating to monarchs is John's favorite kind of history. He planned to return there to persue his doctorate when he heard of a new wrestling federation. He decided to do some research to find out if there are any deaf wrestlers. He discovered that there are none. He decided to join this new federation, the Global Wrestling Coalition, on February 21, 2007 under the ring name The Emperor...King of Hardcore.

Wrestling Career

Darkness-Emperor feud

After he joined the Global Wrestling Coalition with his interpreter/manager James Heerwill, he was booked a week later in his first match against Darkness and Danny Taylor in a three way debut. He lost the match to Darkness, but started an epic feud with a chair shot to the back of Darkness.

The chair shot sparked the first feud of Emperor's career. After the match, a hardcore match between Emperor and Darkness was booked for the next week, which he also lost, already 0-2 at the beginning of his career. After the brutal hardcore match, Emperor was left in the hospital, missing a few weeks of action before he was back at Unholy Coronation. At the pay-per-view, he was involved in a battle royal for the United States Championship or Television Championship, where he was eliminated early but wound up with a formidable consolation prize by joining the group of known as the Affiliction.


He decided to form a tag team with Phantom to be called Dead End, a duo that will one day be in the GWC Hall of Fame.

He and Phantom earned the first victory for the Affliction over Michael Walters and Mike Sullivan, known as Icon Corp. On a side note, these same two men would later join the stable in July, revamping themselves as the Lost and Found. The victory was also the first of his career.

After this match, he was booked for his first title shot, which was for the U.S. Championship against J.W. McCammon. A match which was contested under hardcore rules. It was a close match but The Emperor narrowly lost.

Shortly thereafter, Dead End was booked in their next two matches against the Classics. The first was a No Disqualification match. After Dead End won, Emperor and Phantom were hit in the head with chair shots by the Classics. The next match between the two teams was at Reign of Terror, where Dead End destroyed the Classics and then got their revenge by delivering some chair shots of their own.


Emperor's career hit a snag when Dead End lost their non-title match against England's Finest Connection, the GWC Tag Team Champions. If Dead End had won the match, they would have earned a future title shot.

Emperor went on to lose his next six matches, three of them for championships. One of them happened to be a hardcore match versus Yukio Blaze. Two of the championship matches were for the GWC Ultimate Championship, which were both against EPW member, Triple X. One of these matches took place at Kingdom Come, where The Emperor also made an appearance in FUN House Match pitting GWC owner Danny "The Vagrant" Vice and "The Innovator of FUN" Joe Ragnal against the same Icon Corp. who Dead End had feuded with a few months back. Dead End burst on the scene and delivered an attack that sent Danny to the hospital. This was what led the newly renamed Lost and Found to join the Affliction.

When The Emperor was unsuccessful in the Tag Team Championship title match with Mike Sullivan as his partner against CXF under Boiler Room Brawl rules, it became Emperor's last match for a while. After the match, he made a note and left it on the chair in his locker room. This note announced he would be leaving wrestling for a while, which shocked the GWC community.


One month later at Viva La GWC, The Emperor made his return. After the Rick Mad versus Snad match, where Snad won and became the #1 Contender for the U.S. Championship, the crowd also got a surprise as The Emperor made a comeback the same way he began his a hardcore way. He attacked Rick Mad and shattered the faceplate of the Rick Mad Championship, which got a loud cheer from the French crowd.

His comeback match was arranged for Italy, where James told the crowd that The Emperor had hid in Tuscany for a month, practicing there and also enjoying the countryside. In this return match, it was Murder Inc. versus Dead End (Emperor had reunited with Phantom). Dead End lost a close match but the next matches was marked as one of the greatest comebacks in GWC history.

The next match for The Emperor was his third try at the Ultimate Championship and also his sixth try for any gold at all in the Global Wrestling Coalition. It was a fatal fourway between Ultimate Champion Cam Connor, Kid Hollywood, Emperor, and his Dead End partner, Phantom. The match took place in Hong Kong. The Emperor didn't get pinned but Kid Hollywood did help Cam Connor pin Phantom to retain the title. Feeling that this was unfair, The Emperor protested to Danny Vice. So when the next Ultimate Championship match was set between Cam Connor and Kid Alpha, The Emperor was thrown in, making it a triple threat match. No one knew that this decision would change the face of wrestling forever.

The match occured in Tokyo, Japan, which is The Emperor's favorite country. It was a special barbwire bat on a pole match. As Kid Alpha unhooked the bat from the pole, Kid Hollywood came out and attacked him, which caused Alpha to drop the bat on the mat. Alpha fought back and laid Kid Hollywood out with a superkick. He then gave Cam a release German suplex after Connor missed with a vicious swing of the bat. As Kid Alpha tried to make the pin, he was hit in the back of the head with the barbwire bat by The Emperor, who then hit a tornado DDT off the top rope on the chair that had been laid on the mat by James. The Emperor then pins Alpha for the 1...2...3.

Ultimate Champion

As The Emperor made the winning pin, the Japanese fans went wild with the understanding that The Emperor had become the first deaf wrestler in professional wrestling history to become a champion. He held the title with a smile as the cameras started to flash.

His next match was at Tribulation in Sydney, Australia, where Dead End competed against Kid Hollywood and Cam Connor in a 1,000 Thumbtacks Match. The match was a close one until the debuting Mordecai came out and pushed Cam Connor off the top rope onto the floor, which dislocated his shoulder. The Emperor took the opportunity by jumping off Kid Hollywood's shoulders and hitting a belly-to-belly to win the match. Afterwards, Mordecai began to stomp down on Kid Hollywood. The Emperor, undecided on what to do, decided to grab the Ultimate Championship and come to the aid of Kid Hollywood by knocking Mordecai out cold with the title.

After a long career and many bizarre events, the future looks bright for The Emperor. What does he have to look forward to? Tune in to find out.


Special move:

  • Hateyama Slam (Flying Slam)

Favorite Moves:

  • Swanton Bomb
  • DDT on chair
  • Arabian facebuster
  • Rolling Thunder


  • Royal Pain (Crossface)
  • Spirit of Tuscany (Overcastle)

Championships Held

GWC Ultimate Champion
Preceded by:
Cam Connor
August 8, 2007-?
Succeeded by:

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