The Federation Wrestling Alliance
Stable Type: Alliance & Tag Team
Leaders: Chris Kinning
Members: 3
Federations Honored: Wrestling Revolution
Hardcore Championship Wrestling
World Fed. Of Wrestling
World Wrestling Efederation
International Extreme Wrestling

The FWA, or The Federation Wresstling Alliance, is a universal stable. Its one of the only stables of its kind

What is a Universal Stable

A universal stable is a stable consisting of a wide group of members from different federations. The FWA has members currently in WFW, IEW, and HCW. Right now, seeing how FWA is in the beginning stages there are only three members

How to Identify Stables

Even though the tag teams all go by the FWA name, when it comes to the FWA Forums, each team has a number. The number consists of the team number and the order of creation.


Tag Teams


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