The Federation is a group coming out of the World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW). It is consists of the founder, The Icon, Ludatik Kid, Chronik Kid, MJM, & Mini*Kitty*. This team consists of three of the WFOW Champions (Ludatik Kid as Extreme Champion, Chronik Kid as Cruiserweight Champion, and Icon as Money in the Bank Holder).

In Wrestling

Signature Moves

  • Double RKO
  • Con-chair-to
  • Crack 'em in the mouth (Snapmare followed by a running kick to the face)
  • West Side Stomp (Bearhug followed by a Jumping heel kick enzuigiri)
  • Disfigurement (flapjack / rko combination)
  • X - Mark (Combination electric chair drop and flying clothesline)

Finisher Moves

Rocket Launcher

One wrestler ascends the top turnbuckle. Their partner then stands below them and reaches up, taking hold of them. The wrestler on the top rope then performs a flying body splash, with their partner throwing them, thus increasing their range and height.

Modified Poetry In Motion

This move is performed when one wrestler throws his opponent into one of the corner turnbuckles, while another wrestler follows him, and drops down to an all-fours position in front of the opponent. At this point the other wrestler will run, put his feet on the back of his partner to elevate himself off the ground and jump at the opponent to hit an attack i.e. clothesline, leg lariat, heel kick, splash, etc.

Total Elimination

This move is performed when one wrestler throws his opponent into one of the corner turnbuckles. Another wrestler charges towards the opponent and lands a monkey flip and the opponent lands on his feet and while doing this, the partner hits the opponent with a spear

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