Avery Wilson
Real name Avery Wilson
Ring Names The Fritz
Height 5'11
Weight 215 lbs
Date of birth February 19, 1959
Place of birth Toronto Ontario, Canada
Date of death October 31, 2007 (48 years old)
Place of death Toronto Ontario, Canada
Resides Toronto Ontario, Canada
Billed from Toronto Ontario, Canada
Trainer Self-trained
Handled by Blake Lawless
Win/Loss Record
Debut December 1967
Retired July 1999

Avery Wilson (The Fritz) Was a Canadian born professional wrestler, known for working for many wrestling promotions including the Canadian Wrestling Alliance, the National Wrestling Organization, and Athletes of Japan. He is known best for spending over twenty years employed with the National Wrestling Organization, retiring only after suffering a crippling injury. Following his injury in 1999, he would open up his gym known as "The Fritz's Prison." In 2000, The Fritz trained a class of ten students. seven of these students were forced into submission and eventually dropped out of the gym, leaving only the three graduating students, Tony Nicks, Jeffery Wolfe, and Stef Morrus. Both Jeffery Wolfe and Stef Morrus would go on to accomplish international fame while Nicks would remain solely in the independents. In February of 2007, The Fritz would return to the world of professional wrestling after signing a contract with ECFW to take on a dual role of road agent, as well as taking on a managerial role for Jeffery Wolfe, who's career was just taking off. In this time, The Fritz was often seen at ringside with his former student, Jeffery Wolfe the gig didn't last long before the role was phased out due to Jeffery's ECFW Championship victory. The Fritz was taken off TV with the exception of the odd Lonewolf promo he would appear in. On October 24, 2007, Avery Wilson was rushed to Humber Regional Hospital after suffering a heart attack in his GTA home. Wilson remained in critical condition for seven days before suffering a second heart attack in the hospital, a heart attack that would ultimately take his life, Avery Wilson died at forty-eight years old. It was later revealed that Wilson was slated to take on the role of manager for Matthew Cross, a student of Jeffery Wolfe who was set to debut in December of 2007. Due to Avery Wilson's death, the debut of Matthew Cross was scrapped altogether.

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