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Height 6'4"
Weight 243 lbs.
Date of birth April 10, 1980
Place of birth Austin, Texas
Date of death Alive still
Place of death Alive still
Resides Miami, Florida
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Trainer Mark Callaway, Lisa Jones, Arnold Bagweger
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Aaron Alegra, Better known as The Game is currenly with a company called CWF as a wrestler.


Aaron Alegra was born in Miami, Florida on April 10th 1980. He attended Ohio Valley Wrestling and trained for about a week before quitting because of poor management. About 3-4 months later he and Anthony Romeri made a contract for him to work at CWF and is now working for CWF.

CWF Career

The Game debuted on CWF In a Dark Match on April 22, 2007 and is currently working with Mr. Demonical and BigPapaBear in a stable called The Corporation. He lost his debut to Mark Sanders but not by pin and is now working to get on CWF's regular show CWF Iginition on Sunday Nights! The Corporation Enforcers(BigPapaBear and The Game) won there match on CWF Ignition's April 29, 2007 edition home show. On May 6, 2007 The Corporate Enforcers will take on VND and Adam Aerts. Adam Aerts and VND we're able to pick up the win over The Corporation.

No Man's Land

The Corporation was able to defeat The Wicked Clows when BigPapaBear picked up the win with a school boy roll-up, with a distraction from Mr. Demonical as The Game got up a bloody mess on the out-side of the ring and was handed one half of The CWF Tag Team Champions Gold.

CWF Career Continued

On the May 27th Event of CWF Ignition The Game and BigPapaBear of The Corporation, also the new Tag Team Championship owners, defeafeated Matt Frazier and Judgment when Judgment didn't show up for the match. After a series of No-Shows, the Game was released along with his partner from the company in June of 2007.

Other Facts

Theme Music: Time to Play the Game - (Motorhead)

Finishing moves

  • Drop From Hell (Trash Can is laying on the ground while he Pedigree's opponent off the top rope landing on the Trash can)

  • Extinction (A Spear)

Signature Moves

Death is Near (Inverted Atomic Drop)

Flying Pain (Spinning Spinebuster)

  • Nicknames


Da Game

Championships and accomplishments

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