Glasgow Mauler

Glasgow Mauler is a professional wrestler who had worked for DPW, BYW-O, HSW, ECHW, TiW. He is mostly known for his times in GWF and it's developmental e-fed, EVE. He currently works for PWA.

Titles held :

EVE Tag Team (x3)


Glasgow Mauler started out by working the British circuit before moving to the USA to join BYW-O. He quickly entered a feud with Sean Flynn over the BYW-O Cruserweight Title. The feud ended with Sean Flynn winning the first ever Shed Inferno match. After this they started a tag team known as "The Glasgow War" this was short lived however as the BYW-O closed just as the team started, The team then embarked into the world of the GWF, They were sent to there developmental fed, EVE, were they honed their skills well, they won the Tag Team titles in a ladder match against two rather untalented jobbers, They even introduced a new member to the team, Jake Roberts, though just as it looked like the team was going to catupult to the top of the company with their powerful stable, Sean Flynn became vanished and they eventually lost their titles to the LLLG at ChrismasEVE PPV in December of 2006, the team disbanded in January 2007, after 6 months of decent success.

The Glasgow Mauler around this time also joined the DPW, were he never launched a feud, but instead ligered in lower card status, and also enjoyed a good time as a lower carder in EVE, by the time March came around Glasgow Mauler had left the DPW and had joined ECHW, were he only had a few matches, but also won his second reign of EVE Tag Team gold as he and his short lived tag team with Hiro (RABQ) won the gold in an ECHW ring, but Hiro left EVE 2 days later, Glasgow Mauler faded away from ECHW and also EVE had been liquidated, Glasgow Mauler was promoted to the GWF full roster.

Glasgow Mauler never done anything in the GWF roster apart from a brief feud with Incredible Hoke, in which Glasgow Mauler won and Incredible Hoke faded out of the scene, after not being booked for about 2 months, Glasgow Mauler remained mainly as an opener in tag matches with random other people.

Just after EVE One More Time (around October 2007), Glasgow Mauler returned to GWF in a Lower Midcard status, he enjoyed mixed results but never had a storyline apart from a quick feud with Josh Jersey, in which Glasgow Mauler won at a MNM show, Glasgow Mauler never done anything the following weeks in GWF, he decided to join a new e-fed on the side, it was called HWS, he was there for a week but didn't like the place, he never went back. He then joined GWF's smaller development show show, called Sunday Brunch, This was similar to EVE in a way in the sense it was for newer people and lower carders to get some TV time, although unlike EVE, it was not a company of it's own.

BYW-O General Manager

BYW-O re-opened for a brief time, but with a small roster and no dedicated from (what was mainly) a GWF alumni, It lasted for around a month, in this time, the owner, Underbaker, went AWOL, and Glasgow Mauler stepped up to run the company he first became famous in, he feuded with The Toaster for the BYW-O World Heavyweight title, eventually losing in an electric eel match, BYW-O went bust and Glasgow Mauler left the wrestling scene.


In July 2010, Glasgow Mauler returned to wrestling, signing a contract for the Profesional Wrestling Alliance, he debuted in a tag match, teaming with Appice in a losing effort against Monty James and Jeff Jones, the Tag Team champions.


Senton Bomb


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