The Great Ken
[[Image:|px|Image of The Great Ken]]
Real name Kenneth Martin May
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Height 6'5"
Weight 233lbs
Date of birth 04/12/1991
Place of birth Cardiff, Wales
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Scottsdale, Arizona
Billed from Scottsdale, Arizona
Trainer Boyo
Handled by
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Debut 05/12/09
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The Great Ken is the son of wrestling royalty! The only problem is is that he knows this all too well and, to many people's chagrin, it seems to have a negative effect on him!

Far from being the brash, cocky, spoilt kid that you might expect; Ken is humble, disciplined and fiercely independant. He doesn't want any fast-tracking whatsover, he doesn't want it to look like he's piggy-backing on the name of his world famous wrestling-legend father. This can be to his detrement though:

For example, when offered a chance for a tryout in TWOStars' Academy, Ken was actually quite vocal in questioning the decision! "Stop giving me preferential treatment!", "let me make my own way!", "forget who my father is for one second!" he was said to have shouted at TWOStar's talent scouts when offered the chance.

What Ken fails to see is that he is a formidable talent. Effortlessly graceful and natural in the ring; trained by his father and coupled with a strong Karate background as well, Ken may not be the biggest, tallest, most muscular, fastest, flashiest or strongest man in the industry, but he's effective, and a real pleasure to watch wrestle.

Aside from being a great talent, Ken is a good-looking chap and if there's one thing he does's just that. He is a bit of a pretty boy and the ladies do give him a fair bit of attention. That's what's influenced his intro music!

Cage Series 2

After impressing in the TWOStars Academy, Ken was invited to participate in an on-screen knock out competition, being run by Boyo, to find Boyo a new tag team partner. Boyo had announced that he was sick and tired of all of these tired ol' wrestlers feebly clinging on to their spots without promoting younger talent; Boyo stated that he would find a new tag team partner from nowhere, and together they will become the biggest tag team in TWOStars.

The competition would be called Cage Series 2. The reason for the name was that Draven Cage had held his own search for a tag team partner a few years ago, and Boyo couldn't think of anything particularly original.

Ten participants were called up to the show: The Great Ken, Kristy Jones, Sansa Nakamichi, Korgan & Kovac (The Smother Brothers), William Hunter, Johnathon Rothschild, The Secret Fish, Skull Jaw Malloy and Darren Roberts. After a few rounds, the final was between The Great Ken and William Hunter, a black kid from a tough part of Los Angeles.

During the final, it would appear tha William Hunter would get in to a winning position, only for Boyo to jump on to the ring apron, poke Hunter in the eye, and this would allow Ken to steal a victory!

At World War 2009, when Boyo and Ken formed The Hot Critters tag team, Boyo announced that Ken was his son.

The Hot Critters

The Great Ken and Boyo form The Hot Critters, a quasi-stylish, 80's influenced father and son tag team who have already proven to be very popular with the fans and with the GM, Darkstar. Indeed, it was Darkstar who proclaimed to a startled XTV audience that he was "totally gay for" The Hot Critters and decided to give them a Tag Team Title Shot immediately!

Ken would disappoint the fans, his father and Darkstar alike when, before he even wrestled a lick as a Hot Critter, he walked away from the match and out of the arena. The next week he would proclaim that he doesn't want to live off of the legacy of his illustrious father, and that he wants to make his own way in the world of wrestling.

Recently, William Hunter (the jilted finalist of Cage Series 2) has made an unwelcome return; taking out both Critters surprisingly at XTV 5.35.

Personal Life

Ken is currently dating TWOtstars Female wrestler Jenny Mckellen. The strange coupling had tried hard to keep their relationship away from the cameras but as always they were finally outed and now regularly appear on XTV together. Ken is trying to soften Jenny's outlook on the world whilst enjoying the feisty relationship that being with a woman like Jenny brings. Jen adores the soft side of Ken and his simple outlook on the world. Jenny though wears the pants in the coupling and Ken will never been seen bragging about his sex life or in anyway disclosing things about their personal life.

Title History


Entrance Music

“Rush Hour” - Jane Weidlin


The Great Ken
The S.O.B.
The Second Generation Superstar

Finishing and Signature moves


  • "Penguin Dust-Off" - (A leg drop from the top turnbuckle.)
  • "Cloverleaf" - (Texas Cloverleaf) - jus' like daddy used to!

Signatures Moves

  • "Head Height Soccer Kick"
  • "Texas Tornado Punch"
  • "Cup-Of-Coffee-Plex" - (Hammerlocking one of the opponent's arms and half-Nelsonning the other, Ken flicks his hips and bridging for the pin is optional). NB: this move is credited to DC, although Boyo named it.
  • "Full Nelson Suplex" - (bridging for the pin is optional)
  • "Knee-Drop from Second Turbuckle"
  • "Running Leg Drop" - (using both legs)

Normal Moves

  • Forearms to jaw, temple, cheek
  • Reverse Elbows to jaw
  • Single Kicks to thigh, ribs, hip, shin
  • Combo-Kicks to same area (very quickly delivered)
  • Deep Arm-drag
  • High Kick neck, head, shoulder
  • High Roundhouse kick to head, neck, shoulder
  • Jumping spinning kick to chest
  • Crucifix takedown-into-armbar
  • Very good defence/counter attacking wrestling
  • Standing, stalling suplex
  • Snap suplex (lightning fast)

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