Dwayne Foster
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Ring Names The Great Ringwraith
Height 6'4
Weight 262
Date of birth N/A
Place of birth Dudley, England
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Resides Dark Carnival
Billed from World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW) MW (Midlands Wrestling)
Trainer Original Sheik
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Dwayne Foster is a English professional wrestler better known by his ring name of The Great Ringwraith. He is currently competing in World Federation of Wrestling, where he became the tag team partner of The Russeliser and Alexander Bane. He is the vocalist for band IDP.


Early career

Dwayne got his start in the business working for Midlands Wrestling. He often set up the ring before events and would train with the wrestlers before their MW Umatches. He made his debut as a jobber in 2001 with little training, although he has credited Original Sheik as his trainer.


He met with Paul Russell and Dean Baxter, who took him on has a superstar because of his unique look (he had cornrows and several tattoos). They decided to throw him in the ring as El gran Ringwraith (The Great Ringwraith) because he told them he liked ICP. To their surprise, with his very limited moveset that only consisted of punches, kicks, and headbutts, he became an overnight superstar, as his Psychopathic appearance and natural good looks caught on with the young English women in the audience. Although he didn't have much skill in the ring, he quickly became the biggest superstar in the promotion, as the women would scream loudly for him to make his comeback and gain victory. He won many hair matches during the height of his popularity. Knowing his popularity would not last forever Dwayne trained in several forms of martial arts, working hard to improve his in ring skills.

Whilst working in MW Dwayne began a real life feud with fellow MW headliner The Manz. Manz had been the top star in the promotion prior to Ringwraith's arrival and did not take well to Ringwraith's superstardom. The feud stems from Ringwraith being offered a part in a Birmingham soap opera, but then the producers changing their mind at the last minute when they learned that Ringwraith's command of the Brummie language was terrible, and went with Manz, a fluent Brummie speaker, instead. Ringwraith considered Manz to have sabotaged his chance to parlay his ring success into mainstream stardom, as Manz did become a mainstream star in England as a result of the role.


In the early millenium Ringwraith was signed a new contract with MW. He formed a stable with the Inner Dudley Posse and The Russeliser called the IDP they gained popularity and had a heated feud with Dean Baxter, The Manz, and rival Chavter McChavtron. His popularity was on the rise, but was allegedly held down by backstage politics by older stars such as Sulk Hogan and Moorhouse. It has also been alleged that Manz buried him to bookers by fabricating stories about substance abuse. His situation was not helped any by his outspoken attitude and complaining about the way he was booked, making him unpopular among the other wrestlers, who considered him a whiner. It was commonplace to hear him on MW Live! where he would air his grievances. He constantly called the Inner Dudley Posse to complain about working for MW and ICP would then broadcast these phone calls on the Internet, which didn't help him.

Ringwraith would later bring the Misfits into MW, and began a feud with Dean Baxter and Mohammed Ilias. Ringwraith had a match with Mohammed at the MW Main Event Pay Per View, in which the stipulation was if Ringwraith won, he would get five minutes alone with Baxter in the ring. Mohammed was disqualified, and Ringwraith fought Baxter. Surprisingly, Baxter was able to mount a good bit of offense. The ending came when Ringwraith took Baxter's Guitar and then pinned him following the Devil Driver

In Early 2002, he formed an Alliance with Alexander Bane as the Guardians Of Shangri la (after helping Ban defeat Cony Madrox in a lumberjack match). This didn't last too long, with Ringwraith turning on Bane when MW split into the Rich Boys and the Poor Boys. They had several encounters, including a First Blood match, where gallons of blood fell from the top of the Arena to drown Bane. They would feud throughout the spring, with Bane getting the upper hand on Ringwraith in nearly all their encounters. This set up the Human Torch match, in which Ringwraith won by setting an obvious Bane stunt double on fire. Ringwraith would then focus on Demon due to his defection from the ICP formed stable, The Dark Carnival. He would kidnap his friend Sammy 2 Dope, in a skit resembling the 1988 film Spoorloos. Afterwards, he challenged him to a Graveyard Match, which sparked the return of Bane.

Vampiro would be entered in the vacant United Kingdom Title Tournament, with his first round opponent being The Buzzaw whom Ringwraith lost to. Ringwraith later joined up with Russeliser to attack Buzzaw. Ringwraith won his first and only title in MW with The Russeliser, by defeating Rich Boys in Castle High Field on August 13, 2003. However, this reign was very short lived, as they lost the Tag Championship the very next night to Cony Madrox and Sammy 2 Dope.

Ringwraith would later turn his back on Russell, setting up an 3 Way match at War Games with himself, Bane and Russell, which was won by Bane.

He returned a month later, where he defeated Hak in a Hardcore Match. Ringwraith then challenged Scott Taylor During a match with Taylor, he was Superbombed off the top rope, causing a concussion. The next night at the Weekly Show tapings, he received another Taylor Bomb, causing more suffering. This would be his last match in MW.


With MW out of business, Ringwraith headed to NCW. He also took tours with All Japan Pro Wrestling, teaming with, The Russeliser again. Ringwraith also wrestled in Puerto Rico between tours of NCW.

Ringwraith had a short run in Gangsta Championship Wretling. Ringwraith made his shocking debut with GCW on September 17, 2006 when he debuted following a match between The Crow and Taxman. Ringwraith joined Dean Baxter and The Cult in their attempt to rid GCW Wrestling of The Crow. After losing to Crow in a Hangmans Horror Matchmatch, Ringwraith left GCW Wrestling.

In 2005 he jumped with IDP to the PCW promotion in which both he and Sammy 2 Dope hold booking positions. Currently he has no plans to return to GCW or work for NCW although he has stated in interviews with the UK's Power Slam Magazine that he has no objection to joining GCW - although he suspects it will not happen now that Hak is on their roster.

When not working for PCW Ringwraith can be seen wrestling in the US for the Southern California promotion CCW in Puerto Rico for WWC in the United Kingdom and Nu Wrestling Evolution across Italy.

On March 10, 2006 Ringwraith became the PCW world Champion by winning a 12-Man-Elimination Match.


In 2007 he joined World Federation Of Wrestling. He competed in a battle royal at the preshow to Redemption.

He was introduced by the Russeliser to the WFW fans and since Ringwraith introduced Bane to the fans.

Personal life

  • Dwayne grew up in Dudley, England.
  • Dwayne is the vocalist for the band, IDP

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Devil Driver
  • Super Devil Driver'
  • Twisted Transistor
  • Juggalo Press
  • Faygobomb
  • The Amazing Maze Slam
  • Chokeslam
  • Sidewalk slam
  • Entrance themes
  • "What Is A Juggalo" by The Insane Clown Posse - MW
  • "Juggalo Anthem" by Blaze Ya Dead Homie - MW

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