The Hand of Inanna is a stable led by Lucky LeFay; the other members of the stable are Dr Damien Fowler and Maxie Fox. Lucky took the name from the Goddess of love and war called Inanna. She was a goddess of love who used her body to get what she wanted (Lucky’s reference to Maxie Fox being part of the group) and taking what you want from life (a reference to Lucky’s longing to have a family and Child).

Together the group took part in the kidnap of Juliette Hilton and even though Alexis Knight returned Juliette to her mother (Brianna Hilton) the group stayed together and are known as a dark force among the ECFW roster who seem to be keeping a firm hold on the ECFW Women’s Championship

The Kidnap of Juliette Hilton

On October 30th on TNT it was reviled that Lucky LeFay had kidnapped Brianna Hilton’s daughter Juliette Hilton. Lucky wanted a family and had decided to build one; she recruited Maxie Fox who seduced the bodyguard Brianna hired to look after Juliette and after she knocked out the bodyguard Maxie and Lucky ran off with Juliette. For weeks Lucky had hold of Juliette and after she married Dr Damien Fowler she planed to christen Juliette in to the family, this was interrupted by the returning Alexis Knight. And Juliette was returned to her mother.

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 2007 Stable of the Year 3rd Runner up
  • 2008 Stable of the Year 1st Runner Up

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