The Haviland Family is a family of wrestlers from Alaska.


Edboy Haviland

Edwin Haviland is the oldest of the Haviland Brothers. He is mostly seen in Doom For You, but also makes visits to Russell Championship Wrestling.

Zach Haviland

Zach Haviland is a wrestler for Doom For You where he tag teams with his brother Edboy.

Carlos Haviland

Carlos is a wrestler for Doom For You where he started off as a managers for Zach and Edboy, but started wrestling in single matchs and even won the IWA World Heavyweight Championship from Bart Sherman.

Earl Haviland

Earl is the only Haviland that dosn't wrestle under his real name, but rather he uses the ring name Test. He is a bodygard for Bart Sherman in Russell Championship Wrestling.

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