Hawk Stevens
Alliases The Hawk
The Jock
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 182 lbs
Born May 1, 1985
Current Location Dutchess County, New York
Current Employers Society Of Sim Wrestling
Debut date Early 2004

The Hawk is a Sim Wrestler currently working for Society of Sim. He is best known for his time in SOS as well as the now defunct Pain Stained to Wrestling.

The Early Years

The Hawk had dreamt of being a professional wrestler since he was a kid, often staging matches, and getting into real-fights through out junior high and high school. He wrestled as his current character, The Hawk, as well as under a babyface gimmick known as The Jock - a man who used a pimp slap as a finisher, along with modified versions of finishers used by more famous wrestlers. During his college years, the kind, generous youngster competed in a variety of underground indy promotions, often teaming with CJ3, a wrestler of a very similar style who would follow Hawk from promotion to promotion throughout his career. During this time, however, Hawk was likely best know for his work in the ICW. He joined along with his childhood friends Dan and John, wrestling respectively as Dark Devil and JRB, as well as CJ3. It was there that his career-long feud with Tony Myers began. Between jealousy over greater success from Dark Devil, and his rival Myers, Hawk was driven bitter. He turned heel and has been one ever since.

Pain Stained to Wrestling

As ICW began to fold, The Hawk (along with much of the roster, including those previously listed) were contracted by up-and-coming independent promotion and school, PSW. He was part of a tournament to determine the first PSW Champion, which he lost in the first round to Ecks in less than 10 seconds after a role-up. Later that evening, in fear that Tony Myers might continue on to what The Hawk believed he deserved, Hawk viciously attacked Tony Myers, nearly ending his career. While Tony took time off for the injury, Hawk continued a feud with Ecks, which would culminate with the first ever Hardcore Mayhem, which Hawk won at the first ever PSW pay-per-view.

Soon after this, Tony would return in hopes of revenge over the Hawk. They found themselves in a series of brawls on Implosion, which portrayed Myers as the desperate face who couldn't get his hands on The Hawk. Their feud would take a momentary pause after Hawk lost to Myers in a Last Man Standing match.

SOS and other Independents

Hawk would begin to experiment with other independant promotions across the world, where in one promotion, NGSW, he even found himself in an odd team with Myers for one match. It was in that same promotion that The Hawk lost to another rival of his, Brendan Caine, in an infamous job. Afterwards, in a shoot-promo, The Hawk claimed to have been paid off by Caine to do so. The true story on that event was never told.

Hawk also worked a few matches for the original SOS on and off as the character Oscuriad, his satanic alter-ego. He would engage in a series of matches with fellow SOS newcomer, Pete D'Ville, in which Oscuriad was portayed as a loose cannon with little emotion. Oscuriad was also in a dream match with Raven, in which Hawk intervened in the end. This is considered non-canon, as in actuality, Oscuriad is just Hawk in a mask. The Hawk would continue to work as Oscuriad in SOS until the promotion folded after it's tenth show.

The Fall Of PSW

With PSW on the role, the Hawk was doing great. He had come close in many a title match with the great Buck, that also involved international superstar Zach Zero. This eventually led to a single match between Zero and Hawk at what would be PSW's final pay-per-view, Climb to Greatness, where Zero pinned The Hawk in a 40-minute classic. After that, he would go on to defeat Devilin and Jason Daniels in a three-way the next Implosion. This found The Hawk facing Y72 on Implosion 10, for a shot at the PSW Championship. The Hawk lost the match, and Y72 went on to capture the gold. It was around this time that SOS had revived itself, and had contacted Hawk about a more serious role within the company. He signed on part time. PSW folded soon after this, when it's financial backers dropped the promotion. Implosion 10 would be PSW's last show.

The Rebirth of Society Of Sim

Hawk was kind of lost in the shuffle when the new SOS started up. In attempts to save face, he met up again with rival Tony Myers. The duo, despite their strong-dislikes for one-another, put their differences aside and teamed in a failed attempt to become SOS Tag Team Champions. Along their pursuit, however, they did wind up in a short and confusing feud with the now split-up Supreme Thunder. Tony and Hawk would continue to loose to Supreme Thunder after distractions from their valet, Alexis, particularly effected Myers. Just as these events were coming together, Tony Myers vanished from SOS with no more than an "I Quit" handed to the people who wanted to know why. The Hawk would later announce in a shoot-promo that he did not know all the details. All he knew was that Myers had some sort of past relationship with Alexis, and he couldn't stand being around her. Hawk claimed all the better for him, as now he can focus on his singles career again in SOS.

Ironically, it was just weeks after that when PSW collapsed, and Hawk signed a full-time contract with SOS. After a number of mid-card victories, The Hawk competed in what many consider one of Society of Sim's greatest upsets in history. The Hawk managed to defeat Zach Zero, his former rival from PSW, in his first SOS International Championship defense to win the belt. The Hawk held the belt threw a lot of defenses, defeating names such as Tony Sanchez, Joe Riot, Daz and Y72. Hawk began to get a little to arrogant for the fans - and that's saying something, since he was never not arrogant. This attracted the attention of rival Brendan Caine, who had supposedly 'changed his ways' as of late. As this feud gained even more heat, the two found themselves facing off in a qualifying match for a shot to be first SOS Hardcore Champion. Hawk won by disqualification after Caine snapped and hit Hawk with a chair. Hawk went on to be pinned by Omega in the match for the Hardcore title, after being knocked cold by Daz.

Based on the events there, Hawk versus Daz was made for the International title. This would be the second one-on-one clash between the two in Society of Sim. It was before that match that Hawk announced he has held the International belt for 8 months - that’s 6 more then the only other champion, Zero. Before he could continue boasting, though, Caine attacked him again, and made him tap. Hawk then went on to loose the title to Daz in arguably the best match of either man's career. Later that week, the Hawk would deliver a scary interview, where he blamed Caine for getting his mind out of the game. At Save Our Souls, Hawk defeated Caine after a roll up with tights and a brutal brawl.


Soon after that Caine took time off, and Hawk began to move past their feud, which never really culminated. Over the next several weeks he had not only confronted SOS World Champion, Josh Outland, but found himself working for two new sim federations, as well. In addition to signing a long term contract with the still-to-debut UGW (Underground Wrestling Federation), he made a surprise shoot-promo debut on a CAWA (Central American Wrestling Association)show, talking down the audience. He was soon confronted by Chris Cutter, and the two men met in an impromptu Extreme Rules match, which Hawk won. Though this match was never aired, with CAWA closing down, it was leaked on the SOS website.

Hawk soon found himself rekindling his feud with Brendan Caine, when Caine returned and attacked him after a rematch with the returning Zach Zero in SOS (which Hawk lost). Do to these events, SOS announced a 'Fans Vote' match between the two men to main event the SOS Second Anniversery Show. The fans voted for a "Fans-Bring-The-Weapons" match. Hawk would go on to win the match, and injured Caine indefinitley. The Hawk continued strong that year, working with The Buck again, and finding himself in the Scaffold of Sim match for the International Title he once held dear. He found himself unsuccessful in both, but put on undeniable good showings.

In the new UGW, Hawk hoped to find an easier path to greatness to support his SOS fame. He instead found himself nearly losing to the debuting Mo Chang in the first UGW show. Thanks to interfence from Doom and Mauler on behalf of CAWA, the match was thrown out, saving Hawk a loss. The controversy brought CAWA back to TV screens everywhere. Whilest there, Hawk worked in the main event with names such as Daz, Doom, and Sergey Mitya.


After a decrease of popularity in the Sim wrestling world, we saw CAWA, UGW, and even the great SOS going out of business by the end of 2007.

SOS held one final show: The SOS Swan Song in Manchester, New Hampshire. After a stand off between the two men in The Hawk's Nest, Hawk wrestled his old friend Doom in a bloody Texas Death Match, which saw Doom winning by knockout. After the match, the duo shook hands, and Doom refered to him as his "real tag team partner". The two posed with the SOS Tag Team titles, which Doom now held solo. The Hawk also gave a very emotional interview on the show, in which he said that his match that night would be his last match ever...

Return of SOS and The Hawk

After nearly two years off the charts of the wrestling world, SOS came back with a bang, with it's show From the Ashes. It was this show that brought The Hawk back to a ring for the first time since Swan Song nearly two years prior. You know the main rule of wrestling? Retirement never sticks.

The Hawk opened the show with his signature talk show, The Hawk's Nest, comenting that it was great to be back in a ring. He beat SOS main-stay Meiko Marufuji in the first match of the night by pinfall.

Hawk didn't take long to revert to his old self, trading wins with BFF in a feud that saw Hawk get nastier than he had been in years. Their feud culminated with an Anything Goes match at High Society, where Hawk lost.

In recent months since his feud with BFF, Hawk has been interupting SOS air time complaining that he wasn't being given what he deserves from SOS management. He complained about such topics as not recieving a rematch with BFF after his "fluke" victory, and not being booked towards any kind of title contention. At Tensions Rising, Hawk defeated Tony Sanchez in an impromptu match. Post fight, he went out of his way to brutally injure Sanchez, as to make a statement of what he's capable of.

In weeks since his attack on Sanchez, Hawk began calling out former SOS World Champion Josh Outland, claiming that it wasn't fair that a name like Outland's has garnered more attention than his own had over the past few months despite Hawk working hard while Outland was on the shelf. Josh Outland finally returned and responded to The Hawk's words at SOS Made in Adelaide. The two brawled until they bled, and security was forced to seperate the two.

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing moves
    • Common finishers
      • Hell's Passing (Rolling cutter)
      • Broken Dreams (Lightning fast spear)
      • Mouse Trap (Crippler crossface)
    • Rare finishers
      • Death Bead (Snap scoop lift into a side-pildriver)
      • Hell's Passing #3 (360 degree spinning double underhook facebuster)

  • Combination moves
    • Trap Kicks - Hawk arm wringers his opponent's left arm, pulling him to his knees. He places his right leg over his opponent's arm, and traps it behind his head, delivering multiple shin kicks to the back of the head.
    • Up In Yo Face - Hawk catches his opponent with a spinning back kick, delivers a stiff toe kick, and then jumps backwards, driving the tips of both of his feet into the opponent's face, while falling onto his back.

  • Signature moves
    • Hawk's Descent (Springboard body-arch into a splash)
    • Back Bomb (Sit-out spinebuster press)
    • Face Breaker (Snap Reverse STO)
    • Air Russia (Springboard into russian leg sweep)
    • Feint Shin Kick (Spins calf over kneeling wrestler's head, and connects with a shin kick)
      • Stinger Splash
      • Bridged Death Lock
      • Inverted DDT
      • Leg Sweep & Moonsault Splash
      • Scoop Powerslam
      • Key Lock & Body Bridge
      • Jumping Calf Kick
      • T-Bone Suplex
      • Float Over Neckbreaker
      • Front Dropkick
      • Tornado DDT
      • Flowing DDT
      • Fisherman Suplex
      • Slingshot Backbreaker
      • Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex
      • Jumping Hurincanrana
      • Discus Lariat
      • Go-Behind German Suplex
      • Back Body Drop
      • Running STO
      • Jumping Clothesline
      • Figure 4-Leg Lock
      • Front Face Roll & Neckbreaker
      • Feint Wheel Kick
      • Diving Headbutt
      • Handstand Knee Drop
      • Pendulem Elbow Drop
      • Side Russian Leg Sweep
      • Split Leg Moonsault
      • Rear-Naked Backbreaker
      • Snap Suplex
      • Shining Wizard
      • Knife-Edge Chop

  • Former finishers
    • Cut Back (quick jumping cutter)
    • Pimp Palm Pop (full swing palm thrust)
    • Hell's Passing #2 (front flip jump-over cutter)
    • Jock Bottom (jumping side effect)
    • Death From Above (diving flip senton bomb)
    • Hell Bomb (hard powerbomb onto back of the neck)
    • Walls Of Death (elevated boston crab, dropping back)
    • Snap, Crackle, Pop (ankle lock, often with leg wrap)
    • Cross Arm Clutch (wrap-around crossface / fujiwara arm bar combination)

  • Nicknames
    • The Number One Heel
    • Mister International
  • Accomplishments
    • SOS International Championship (1 time)

Character Trivia

  • One of the things Hawk is most famous for is his Hawk Nest segments, similar to that of the Highlight Real, or Piper's Pit. Such memorable guests include The Buck, Brendan Caine, Tony Myers, Zach Zero, and Josh Outland.
  • Hawk has never wrestled outside of America, though he plans on persuing certain... British promotions in the near future.
  • Hawk is infamous for alternating between street attire in fights, and new-age wrestling attire in serious mat-based wrestling matches. He also has a very specific style backstage, that is much like a mesh of grunge, goth, and punk.
  • His current music is "Toxicity" by System of a Down. He has previously entered to songs by Breaking Benjamin, as well as other System of a Down songs.
  • After refering to his move repetuior as Hawk-101, announcers began to announce The Hawk as such. Hawk has never been officially billed under the name Hawk-101, and does not acknowledge it as a past gimmick, or even alias.
  • Hawk was at point crowned the PSW "Shit-Talking" Champion; a title he earned by winning verbal one-on-one battles with other PSW talent. In this capacity, The Hawk was undefeated.
  • The Hawk is based on his creator's actual self, outside of height, weight, and age.

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