Trained by:Shawn Michaels, Reverend Shadow
Real Name Shawn Thomas
Ring Name(s)The High Horror
Nickname'The King of Dread'
Height6 ft 11 in
Weight290 lbs
BornJackson, Mississippi
HometownPittsburgh, PA
Current FederationsWFWF
Former FederationsSNME SWE GWE UWA Hoyales WFE CWF NEW
DebutDecember 2002

The High Horror is a professional wrestler, probably most noted for his work in WFWF and UWA. He is also the brother of former WCWA star, and current WFWF star David Williams.

Title History

  • 3x UWA champion (1/3/03-1/3/03) (4/18/04-6/24/04) (7/1/04-12/5/05)
  • 1x UWA Tag Team w/ Mr. Thibodeaux (4/18/04-12/5/05)
  • 1x UWA Intercontinental (4/18/04-6/29/04)
  • First and Only Triple Crown Champion in UWA (4/18/04-6/24/04)
  • 2x UWA Lightheavyweight Champion (12/18/04-12/18/04) (12/18/04-12/18/04)
  • 5x Hoyales World champion (1/1/05-1/20/05) (2/23/05-2/28/05) (4/18/05-5/19/05) (5/26/05-7/23/05) (8/13/05-12/31/05)
  • 2x SWE Champion (8/14/06- 9/11/06) (10/3/06-11/25/06)
  • 1x SNME Custom Champion (Renamed the Pummeling Pittsburgher Championship) (12/31/06-4/19/07)
  • 1x WFE Fearless Champion (1/2/07-1/5/07)
  • 2x GWP Champion (3/13/07-4/18/07) (4/20/07-4/29/07)
  • 1xSWE Intercontinental (5/1/07-5/4/07)
  • 1x NEW Hardcore Champion (2/20/08-4/18/08) Federation Closed
  • 1x NEW Tag Team Champion w/ Zodiac (3/2/07-3/3/07)

General Facts

  • Entrance music
    • by Egypt Central
    • "Revelation" by Symphony X (Revelation Theme)
  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Dreadful Acts (Great Khali's powerbomb)
  • Hangman's Horror (Razor's Edge)
  • Savate Kick (Superkick)
  • Random Facts
    • Horror has been in many federations, but since his first match in December 2002, he has NEVER won his debut match in any other fed except NEW on 1/30/08
    • Longest reigning UWA Champion
    • First and only Triple Crown Champion in UWA history
    • Most world title reigns in Hoyales history
    • One of only two knowledgeable men booked from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (ie. see Thunder)
    • Former SNME recruiter
    • Competed in the first Ultimate X-Breed title match in WFWF history.
    • Never been with a company longer than 2 years.
    • A part of the first team to EVER defeat former WFWF Tag Team Champions, The Revolution (ie. see Thunder and Kurt Burton)
    • Began the stable Chemical Reaction with Dave Williams in WFWF on 11/8/07
    • Competed in a 4-Man Tag Team Gauntlet for WFWF Tag Team Titles with David Williams at Super-Brawl V. Lost due to interference by Reckless
    • 2008 WFWF Face of the Year (Tie with Yukio Blaze)

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