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The Iceman Levi Russow
[[Image:Shelley|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of The Iceman Levi Russow]]
Real name Levi Russow
Ring Names The Iceman Levi Russow
Height 6'1"
Weight 253 lbs.
Date of birth February 16, Undisclosed
Place of birth Alaska
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Resides New York City, New York
Billed from New York City, New York
Trainer Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, Alex Shelley
Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling


Handled by Levi
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Debut 1998
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The Iceman Levi Russow (born Levi Russow) is an American born professional wrestler that has been etched into the professional wrestling history books for his crusades in places such as Championship Wresling Federation, the XCWF, Total Corruption Wrestling, and Pure Sadistic Wrestling. In his career, he has held a total of 37 Heavyweight Championships.

Early Life

Levi Russow was born to a small, poor family in the outer recesses of Alaska into a family of five. His father was killed by a group of moonshiners when he was the age of 4. With his father gone, there was nobody to protect him from the harsh, cruelness of the rest of his family members who viewed him as a mistake. When he was nine years old, his mother abandoned him in the middle of the harsh, unforgiving Alaskan Wilderness. Left for dead, Levi had to fight his way to a nearby village which took him in, nursed him back to health, and sent him to an orphanage in Anchorage. From there, he was sent to live in New York City with an Uncle who turned out to be non-existant so he was forced to live in yet another orphanage. While he was there, he would frequently play pratical jokes on the other orphans and the nuns that watched over him. This led to him getting the reputation of a troublemaker so at the age of 17 he was kicked out of the orphanage for excessive misconduct. So Russow found himself once again without a home.

Life On The Street

Russow had to fight for everything he got once he was expelled from the orphanage, but he could never really grasp anything to help him thrive in the "real world". Not much is known about Russow during this time, but it is believed that the experiences he attained during this era are the leading causes of his insecurity and his anger.

Meeting His Destiny

Russow found a way to break into Madison Square Garden and so he made that his temporary home. He would sneak in at night and sleep under the bleachers. It wasn't much, but at least it was a roof over his head. During one fateful night, he snuck back into The Garden during Wrestlemania X just in time to see Shawn Michaels face off against Razor Ramon. Russow had never seen anybody move like Michaels and he managed to sneak past security after the show was over. He turned a corner and was face to face with the man who would single handedly change his life forever in Shawn Michaels. After pleading for help and still bloodied from a bareknuckle brawl (the same one that earned him the monicker of The Iceman), his attempts to gain Michaels' attention fell on deaf ears...until security realized he was there and he had to fight for his life. Impressed by what he saw, Michaels got him in the ring, had him take a few bumps, and he then set him up a time schedule to follow Michaels on the road to be his assistant so he could train him personally. After his training, The Iceman Levi Russow met another professional wrestling icon named Psycho Luke Schlosser who brought him into his own flagship company the Championship Wrestling Federation.

The Original CWF

The Iceman Levi Russow had found a home in the CWF and he honed his skills so quickly that it wasn't long before he found himself in the management's good graces when he was placed into a match to crown the inagural CWF Heavyweight Champion. The Iceman's opponent was a ruthless, heartless Triple H but The Iceman prevailed nonetheless to become the faceplate of the Championship Wrestling Federation for many years to come. However most of the storied history of the original CWF has been lost over time as the company closed down.


After the downfall of his home federation, The Iceman drifted from company to company for awhile before he found his way to the middle of a radical new company teetering on the edge of cancellation due to it's level of controversial material...The Iceman was instantly at home. The XCWF was owned and operated by Mattu, a new-age genius that many have compared to Paul Heyman...but in response to that comparison Mattu simply responds to by saying "Heyman can't even suck my HOWYOUDOIN'!" The Iceman had to step up his game to survive in such a ruthless company, so they started him out playing the long lost brother of legendary professional wrestling icon The Undertaker. After that gimmick was scrapped, The Iceman was simply turned into a monster who ruthlessly tried to kill his co-workers. And before long...The Iceman Levi Russow actually found himself as co-owner of the XCWF with long-time rival Triple H. The company tried to maintain it's edge after Mattu left, but it failed and was soon defunct. Until years later where Mattu would resurface and breathe life back into his own monster. But the XCWF could never reach it's former glory and the stay turned out to be only for three shows. The first of which saw The Iceman Levi Russow victorious over long-time adversary Jakob Dragon. The second of which saw The Iceman Levi Russow face off against long-time friend/mentor/opponent Triple H in a 5 Star match for the revived XCWF Heavyweight Championship. And the third (and final match ever of the XCWF) saw The Iceman Levi Russow face off against none other than Mattu himself. At the closing awards of the company...The Iceman Levi Russow was voted as the all-time Best Newcomer, Most Improved, and All-Time Best Heel (kayfabe). The Iceman held the XCWF Heavyweight Championship on six different occasions and is one of the charter members of the XCWF Hall of Fame.

The Poster Child of TCW

The Iceman Levi Russow once again found himself without a home but it wasn't long before long-time Canadian wrestling legend Bret Hart found out how to get ahold of him and before the fans could adjust to the idea of not seeing The Iceman on TV anymore, they were thrown back into the middle of his world as he became the surprise blockbusting acquisition of Total Corruption Wrestling. The Iceman came in like a bat out of hell and destroyed one of TCW's resident legends [who has asked to remain nameless] in his debut match. From there...The Iceman threw himself headfirst into a storyline with Team Canada. Though The Iceman stood alone against all eight members of Team Canada, his drive would not be shaken as he beat Bret Hart himself to disband the team forever. After that, The Iceman feuded with one of his long-time rivals who was also one of the fresh new faces in TCW, The West Coast Kid Ryan Lebel. It wasn't long after that feud that The Iceman captured the TCW World Heavyweight Championship. The Iceman went on an unprecidented seven month long undefeated streak, the longest known to Total Corruption Wrestling when the company was abandoned by Bret Hart. Years later the company would rise once again with The Iceman Levi Russow finding himself once again as a co-owner of one of his major professional wrestling homes.

The Hall Of Famer vs. The Company

Upon TCW's return, The Iceman was voted into the first class of the TCW Hall of Fame. And being that he was now not only the co-owner, but one of the founding fathers of the company, he found himself dissatisfied with the performance levels in the company he loved so dear. So The Iceman Levi Russow gave up his co-ownership and threw his hat, and his body, back into the ring capturing back his Heavyweight Championship in his return match. And then, the laziness and politicking in the company became too much for The Iceman to take so he challenged the entire roster to a gauntlet match. The match was granted to him by long-time friend and adversary Bret Hart and when the gauntlet match took place, The Iceman Levi Russow found himself the victor! Disdained with the performances of his roster, Bret Hart declared that the company was only as good as the people who performed in it and none of the wrestlers were worthy of having it anymore so he once more closed the doors of Total Corruption Wrestling.

Pure Sadistic Wrestling

Levi Russow was brought into Pure Sadistic Wrestling by his friend and ally The Phenomenal AJ Styles to help him fight off the invading faction of The Darkest Carnival headed up by none other than Johnny Bonecrusher. Upon entering PSW, The Iceman found himself headfirst in a storyline with John Cena which saw him beating Cena cleanly in the ring. From there, The Iceman closed in on a title shot against Tony Thunder for the Carnage Championship. But while he was continuing to thrive, disaster struck his world...

The Jesse/Jamie Incident

The Iceman Levi Russow found himself walking along the New York side streets that he used to fight for survival in while the PSW was in town for a monthly Pay-Per-View event. Along the way he found a young boy living in a cardboard box begging for change. Seeing the boy made The Iceman remember what it was like for himself and The Iceman took the kid to a nearby diner to get him something to eat. While in the diner, two drunken fans approached the table and started heckling The Iceman for not being more social with them. The incident turned into violence and The Iceman had to defend himself against both men which he did with ease. After he paid the bill and the two went on their way, he stormed off talking angrily to himself. He noticed the kid wasn't by his side and he turned back to tell the kid to hurry up but when he turned around, it was just in time to see the kid fall over to the ground. The Iceman searched for a pulse, but the kid was gone. So The Iceman scooped him up in his arms and took him to a nearby facility and paid to have the kid buried in the local cemetary. The Iceman tried to push the incident out of his mind as he had grown fond of the kid during their time together, but it would come back to haunt him one more time when he recieved a letter from his estranged mother. The letter divulged that The Iceman was, in fact, not the youngest member of the family as his mother had twins with another man years after The Iceman's departure. The letter was to beg for The Iceman's help because the two boys had also been sent to the orphanage. The Iceman learned that while they were at the orphanage, they were soon split up as one was adopted into a wealthy family in the upper east side while the other was left behind to fend for himself. The boys' names were Jessie and Jamie, Jamie being the one that was adopted and Jessie being the one left behind. It was presumed that after their separation, Jamie ran away from the orphanage in pursuit of his brother but was never heard from again. The letter was asking for The Iceman's help to find his missing brother. The Iceman discarded the letter to the side in bitterness and he moved on to the next piece of mail which was a labratory form identifying who the boy he had just watched die was. In a shocking twist of events, it was found that the boy was none other than Jessie, his estranged brother. The Iceman forfeited out of the match that night and the next night there was a package with a video for him to watch. The video was of a young boy speaking to directly to him, The Iceman knew there could be no mistaking...the little boy on the video tape had to be Jamie, the living brother of Jessie.

Battling The Mafia

In the video, after the little boy finishes speaking, the camera zooms to show two familiar men. It was the two drunken fans from the diner. As it turns out, they were members of the mafia and they had been watching The Iceman and his "family" for a long time. They had been placing bets on The Iceman ever since his debut in CWF and they had lost a lot of money the previous week due to The Iceman's forfeit and so they thought they would get a little back-up plan. So if The Iceman lost his title match against Tony Thunder, they would kill the boy. Nevertheless, The Iceman beat his long time friend for the Carnage Championship and then he found the address to the mafia's sanctuary. He rode their with his other friend and trainer AJ Styles and upon entry, the mafia tried to blackmail him by threatening to keep Jamie hostage since it worked so well the last time. Since there were only three mafia members present, The Iceman was able to disarm the two henchmen quickly while AJ freed Jamie and got him out of there. The warehouse went dark and gunshots rang out but were covered by the ringing of church bells in the distance. When The Iceman re-emerged from the warehouse, EMT's and police were on the scene. The Iceman had done what was necessary...which to his dismay turned out to be killing the two henchmen and paralyzing the mafia boss. Jamie then went to live with his family again, but he and The Iceman still keep in constant contact. The Iceman departed from Pure Sadistic Wrestling soon after.

The Fall of Pure Sadistic Wrestling

The Iceman took a brief hiatus from the world of professional wrestling, but soon came back to none other than the PSW. But it turned out to be short-lived anyway since the company soon fell.

The Re-Birth of CWF

Wandering with no place to call his professional wrestling home, The Iceman Levi Russow got the call one day that his veritable professional wrestling birthplace Championship Wrestling Federation was making a return! Upon the companies return, The Iceman began locked in a feud with long-time nemisis Acid. After once again capturing the CWF Heavyweight Champion, the Iceman had a falling out with CWF management and he virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. He would later return months down the road in triumphant fashion making the world take note as he quickly recaptured the CWF Heavyweight Championship...but not before sending a few messages that The Iceman was not to be messed with. His storied career in CWF ended when the company turned it's back on him once more and then imploded on itself without his drawing power to maintain it. At the companies close...he was a member of the first class of CWF Hall of Famers.

Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling

As if by some strange blowing wind of destiny, Brady Matthews decided he would not let the failing groups system of federations destroy everything he worked so hard to build and he moved his company, re-opening the doors of Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling. While the company worked to rebuild, morale was low and shows suffered for it. And then like a ghost from the past one fateful evening, The Iceman walked the corridors of USW. Signing a new contract and throwing himself headfirst into a whirlwind main-event role, The Iceman now works alongside Brady Matthews to make the glory of USW shine on. He is currently the Number One Contender to the USW Heavyweight Championship and just scored one of the biggest wins of his career over the champion taking control of the company from the tyrant Alonzo Parker and restoring Brady Matthews to the helm of his innovated ship. True to his die-hard, smash-mouth no nonsense style and flair The Iceman captured the Ultimate Supremacy Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and cemented his spot as a cornerstone of the company itself. Months later, disaster struck and The Iceman was stricken with a terrible injury off screen and he was forced to vacate his title to Greg Whiteman. In his absence, USW owner Brady Matthews and the rest of the roster decided to pay tribute to their long time friend and adversary and The Iceman Levi Russow was inducted into the USW Hall of Fame. Now...The Iceman Levi Russow has returned to find his Family expanded and his own brother CJ a blood thirsty monster. The Iceman would soon realize something was very wrong with himself as he started hearing voices in his head as a product of checking himself into an insane asylum as a last ditch effort to beat Philip Traum who had a chokehold on the company. The virus may have been removed...but the symptom moved to The Iceman Levi Russow's brain. Now an out of control loose cannon...his co-workers and his own Family feared what he would do next. Levi would eventually find his way back to a sense of normailty and regain is status as the lead patriarch of The Family...until a vicious assault left his will and faith broken. In his temperament, he broke off his engagement with Christine Nash and began a rampage on anyone and everyone that would stand to pose a threat to him in the USW world having gone undefeated until this very recollection. After throwing himself off a bridge in a blacked-out state of depression stupor, Levi was saved by MMA Fighter Elise Stone who nursed him back to health and joined him later in USW quickly capturing the Junior Heavyweight Title.

Trademark Moves

-"'The IceStorm'" (Springboarding 450 Double Foot Stomp)

-"'The IceCrusher'" (Spinning Unprettier)

-The IceFactor (Military Press into Jumping 180 Rotating Diamond Cutter)

-The Kryonik Kick (Superkick ala Shawn Michaels)

-The Glacier Drop (Double Shooting Star Leg Drop)

-Ice Cold (619 Style Holding Rope Flip into backkick to face set up)

-On Thin Ice (After Ice Cold, The Iceman headbutts the opponent to the midsection from the outside rope doubling them over. He then grabs their head, springboards onto the top rope and hits a 180 rotating X-Factor)

-THAT'S FUGGIN' COLD! (Kick to nuts, Spit in face, jumping spinning back calf kick)

-Out Cold (Double Arm Powerbomb dropping opponent on head)

-The KryoLock (Modified Edgecator/Camel Clutch combo)

-The Move That Makes R. Kelly Wanna Pull Out His Gun And Cap A Bitch! (Acts like he's going to punch an opponent...but instead just Ric Flair flops for no reason)

-The Blizzard of HOLY SHIT! Moves (Series of Alex Shelley innovative quick pins)

-GOAL! (Knees opponent to stomach doubling them over...and soccer style punts them in the throat)


The Undertaker

Jakobe Dragon


Triple H

Ryan Lebel

Keikio Sparks (deceased)

Angel (wishes she were deceased)

Christine Nash

Elise Stone

Personal Life

The Iceman Levi Russow has had a storied whirlwind relationship with Angel culminating in their final break-up. The Iceman is an avid video game fan. He also donates to a different charity each month. As of this update Levi is working currently for PWS International as a singles competitor. Russow has one known son, a newborn infant named Jack. As of this recording, it would appear sometime after their leave from USW...Elise Stone tragically lost her life delivering birth to their son.

Theme Songs

-"Fuel" by Metallica (Original CWF and XCWF)

-"Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine (GWA)

-"Calm Like A Bomb" by Rage Against The Machine (TCW)

-"Box of Sharp Objects" by The Used (PSW)

-"Let's Make History" by The (International) Noise Conspiracy (CWF)

-"Holy Diver" by Killswitch Engage (CWF)

-"Praise" by Sevendust (CWF)

-"Second To None" by Styles of Beyond feat. Mike Shinoda (USW)

-"Till I Collapse" by Eminem feat. Nate Dogg (USW)

-"Bird and the Worm" by The Used (Current)

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