The Inquisitor
Jeff Bridges
Real Name Damien Dohm
Ring Moniker The Inquisitor
Ring Name Damien Dash
Height 6'8"
Weight 290lbs
Birth Date 26 May 1968
Birth Place Sydney, Australia
Resides Death Valley, California
Trainers Malack, Gregory Dohm
Current Efeds PRW
Debut 24 August 1984

Damien Dohm (born May 26, 1968) is an Australian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, The Inquisitor. He was the owner of Total Destruction RPG, the Co-Owner of Allied Championship Wrestling and is currently the Commissioner of Professional RPG Wrestling.

Inquisitor Bio Overview

Damien was born to Gregory and Rose Dohm in 1968. Growing up in the lower class of Sydney, Australia, Damien lived a troubled youth, never having the guidance his parents should have provided. One thing Damien's father did provide though was the knowledge that he had learned of the wrestling business. At a young age Damien was surrounded by wrestlers of old. Wrestlers like Gorilla Monsoon and Karl Gotch had an astounding influence on Damien and as Gregory trained his young son he slowly began to learn both High Impact and technical maneuvers together.

This caught the attention of a man named Malack, whose last name is still unknown to this day. At the time, Malack was a young, upstart manager in the wrestling business who was looking for that one big break to propel himself to the big time. A chance encounter with Damien in a gym brought these two men together and, at the age of 16, Damien left home and joined Malack on the road. They spent the next 3 years working the territories but with the Australian territory system slowly falling apart, work dwindled for the generic big man and his manager.

This brought Damien to Japan where he was donned with the Inquisitor gimmick. At the time this was a dark, brooding character and Damien worked through some promotions, working on his agility and selling. This payed off for Dohm as he worked the Japanese area for 10 years, never staying in one promotion long enough to gain a large following.

With the re-emergence of the wrestling scene due to the Attitude Era and the growth in alternative companies, Damien moved back to Death Valley California, without his old time manager, Malack, and worked among the re-emerging indy scene. During this time Damien met Jessica Rose, a beautiful woman who became his new manager. Damien was called up to various promotions during this time but none stuck until 2003 where he joined Professional RPG Wrestling, a fresh promotion on the scene and in a need for fresh talent. Donning his Inquisitor gimmick, with the help of PRW's core roster PRW rose to it's peak, The Inquisitor collecting two mid card title runs in the meantime. With business going so well The Inquisitor married Jessica and shortly after she decided to retire.

The Inquisitor stayed contracted to PRW but ventured out into AWA, a sister promotion of PRW, and NWC, a small promotion needing a big star. The Inquisitor was the last World and International Champion of NWC and was inducted into the AWA's Hall of Fame.

The Inquisitor stayed faithful to PRW and was awarded when he befriended the young upstart Lion Merteuil. He had been talking with Lion while he feuded with Inquisitor's protoge Sniper. During an Undisputed Title match between Lion, Sniper and HMH; The Inquisitor came out and distracted Sniper, allowing Lion to win the title. This brought on the age of G.O.D and The Firm as they began their dominance through the ranks of PRW. The Inquisitor used his new Firm alliance to win both the X Division and European Championships on the same night.

The Inquisitor, along with Lion decided that there just wasn't enough competition over in their old promotion and actively sought out the WRF to become their new home. The Inquisitor's career in the WRF didn't last long as Lion began to take more competition back in PRW and Inquisitor was losing interest in the management's style. This brought the return of The Inquisitor to PRW. On his return he decided to sign an exclusive contract to PRW with a hefty wage bonus added on top.

Wrestle Games Revolution

The Inquisitor had a successful run in the short lived WGR. He debuted on the January 13 2005 and made an impact straight away. His first match was against Patrick “Havok” Denton which The Inquisitor easily won. With one match under his belt The Inquisitor wanted more but TerNel, the owner, went MIA and WGR slowly faded from existence

Mid-American Wrestling League

The Inquisitor debuted in MAWL in January 2006. He won his debut match and then went on to fued with Shadowsleet, a veteran of MAWL. The final match between the two men ended with Shadowsleet injuring The Inquisitor, taking him off the active roster and leaving him out till his contract expired.

North West Championship


The Inquisitor probably had his greatest run in the NWC. In November 2005, The Inquisitor debuted and immediatley made an impact, taking down Jubei in under 2 minutes. The Inquisitor was then taken under the wing of the General Manager Mr. Hutson and brought up through the ranks, dominating anyone who got in his way.

The Inquisitor then brought over three men from the AWA. Bloodstayne, Sean Aries and Chaos The Clown. They formed a renegade AWA faction and ran the NWC through hell. With AWA behind him, The Inquisitor went through a Gold Rush tournament eventually getting a shot against the NWC World Heavyweight Champion, E-Unit. The Inquisitor won this match even after a full blown stable attack with AWA and The Unit both interfering. Shortly after The NWC closed down leaving The Inquisitor as the last NWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Version 2.0

Even though the re-opening of NWC brought back many of the NWC Alumni, The new re-incarnation didn't work out as well as Mr. Hutson planned.

The Inquisitor returned to NWC and straight away was entered into a tournament for the NWC International Championship. Once again The Inquisitor dominated this tournament and was placed in the final against E-Unit. They faced off again in a cage match that The Inquisitor won after a Daemonic Spear from the top of the structure.

The NWC closed almost directly after Mayhem and The Inquisitor was once again named the last NWC International Champion.

Pro Championship Wrestling

The Inquisitor had a short run in PCW. The Inquisitor had only a couple of matches before he left due to injury. His most notable feud was against Fear. Even though he lost, The Inquisitor felt that he took away more from that feud than anything else he had done in PCW. Not much else can been said about his run since the archives were caught in a fire and burnt down. All that is left is memories.

Supreme Wrestling Championship

The Inquisitor had a very short tenure in SCW. He had one match against Canada Man before leaving. He left shortly after because the style SCW used conflicted with him.

Total Destruction RPG

Total Destruction RPG was doomed to fail from the very beginning. With a very limited roster and with most of that roster not showing up to matches. It was up to The Inquisitor to try and runs things on his own. TDR closed shortly after

Anarchy Wrestling Association

Anarchy Wrestling Association has had many re-incarnations. Four times the owner Jason “FYW23” Sensation tried re-opening AWA and four times the fed has either had all it’s history deleted or has been hacked. The Inquisitor debuted in the Anarchy Wrestling Association in November 2005. Even though The Inquisitor never won a title in the AWA, because of his willingness to return and try and help re-build it Jason "FYW23" Sensation honoured The Inquisitor by inducting him into the AWA Hall of Fame.

Allied Championship Renegade Wrestling


The Inquisitor debuted in the ACRW on July 25 2006 and was instantly swooped up into an Administrative role. He took on GMship and took ACRW through to a stable roster. ACRW had a couple of shows before the roster started to go on Leave of Absence and ACRW’s Owner, Sick Freak closed it down

Version 2.0

When AWA's office was broken into and all of its files were burned, The Inquisitor and Chaos the Clown decided to re-open ACRW as the new home for all the superstars who were formerly in the AWA. After lack of activity, The Inquisitor and Chaos the Clown chose to close ACRW on Friday, May 18th, 2007.

World Wrestling Alliance

The Inquisitor was only a new signing to the WWA but had already made a huge impact, going into his first 4 matches undefeated and only being taken down by a monster of a man, The Plague, who took down roughly four other men during The Bourbon Street Brawl. The Inquisitor lost a Triple threat match against the #1 Contender for the Television Championship, Zacharial and the Television Champion, Eddie Van Dorn in a stipulation match that meant if Zach or The Inquisitor were pinned that The Inquisitor would win Zach's #1 Contendership and if EVD was pinned he would lose his title. EVD won this match thus handing over Zach's #1 Contendership to The Inquisitor. When The Inquisitor lost his match for the Television Championship he left the WWA and returned back to PRW

Professional RPG Wrestling

The Inquisitor has had his longest and greatest career run in PRW. The Inquisitor debuted in PRW on August 25, 2005, where he instantly challenged "The Professional" Russ Bellinger to a match for the PRW European Championship. His match was postponed and in the process Tancna won the belt leading to a feud between the two. The Inquisitor won the PRW European Championship from Tancna at Uprising on November 3 2005. The Inquisitor had a short tenure as European Champion as 6 days Later Tancna defeated him and caused The Inquisitor to take a short break to gather himself.

The Inquisitor returned and teamed up with Jack Donato to contend for the PRW Tag Team Championship against contenders Demon and Havener and Champions Andy Varsity and Jay Harvard. The team failed and broke up soon after to go their separate ways.

The Inquisitor continued on and didn't have much success but still stayed as the backbone of PRW through the hard times. The Inquisitor found a newcomer, Sniper, who had called on open challenge for any veteran to answer. The Inquisitor came out and the two had the best match of both their careers. The Inquisitor took Sniper under his wing and trained him to become the best PRW had to offer. The Inquisitor was rewarded for staying around and biding his time by slowly moving up the contendership line for the Undisputed Championship. The Inquisitor faced Sam "Hollywood" Hale at Bloodletting '06 and was defeated. After the match The Inquisitor was investigated for steroid usage and pleaded guilty to all charges. The Inquisitor took a break from PRW and took things into perspective before returning clean and better then ever, starting his winning streak again. The Inquisitor went strong until the 21st of July 2007 where he tore his Bicep during a weights training. The Inquisitor took two months off to recover and returned alongside Lion Merteuil, Sniper's arch enemy, to teach him like he did Sniper.

On September 17 2007 at Superbattle, The Inquisitor, using two title shot contracts he had been saving under his belt, attacked both Xclusiv and Sniper in their respective matches for the X-Division Championship and European Championship. With the backing of his Firm members The Inquisitor was successfully able to secure both titles.

Holding both the X-Division Championship and European Championship, The Inquisitor found that as time went on, juggling both commitments was difficult. This led to his inability to compete in his defending match for the X-Division Championship and the belt was forfeited. This sent The Inquisitor into a downward spiral. While still European Champion, Inquisitor's ex-protoge Sniper returned to PRW and began his revenge attack on G.O.D and The Firm. The Inquisitor and Sniper faced off at PRW's Superbowl, Summerfest 2K8, in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Sniper defeated The Inquisitor and won the European Championship after taking himself and Inquisitor through the roof of a limo for the pin.

Over a year later on the PRW 24/7 Revolution fallout show, The Inquisitor returned as the new PRW Commissioner. After four months as Interim Commissioner, The Inquisitor stepped down to allow a permanent candidate to step into his place. That man being Jason "Spardis" Garrick. After some time and a switch in Commissioners, The Inquisitor took over the recently vacated role of Commissioner at PRW's PPV Clash of the Titans VI.

The Inquisitor has been an active competitor in PRW for 7 years. In that time he has been through almost everyone on the roster, solidifying himself as a bonafide, PRW legend. The Inquisitor was rewarded for his efforts and legend status with an induction into the PRW Hall Of Fame in 2008.

Wrestling Facts

The Inquisitor's full move set can be found on his PRW Profile linked at the bottom

Signature Moves

  • Unleashed (The Inquisitor puts his opponent in a Fireman’s Carry Before he lifts the opponent over his head and drops them on his knees)
  • Inverted Piledriver (This variation sees an attacking wrestler first lock an opponent in the pumphandle hold before then using the hold to raise the opponent up over the shoulder of the attacking wrestler. From here the attacking wrestler brings the opponent down before then sitting down for a piledriver with the opponent's head impacting the mat between the legs of the attacking wrestler.)
  • Lung Blower (The Inquisitor grabs his opponents in a Pumphandle position and Lifts them up. He flips the opponent over in the air and lands them on his knees.)
  • Straight To Hell (The Inquisitor stands in front of and slightly to the left of the opponent. He reaches out and grabs the opponent’s throat and trunks, and lifts him or her in the air as though The Inquisitor is about to deliver a chokeslam. However, as The Inquisitor brings the opponent back down to the mat he kneels, slamming the opponent’s back onto his extended knee.)
  • Daemonic Spear (Running tackle to the opponents mid-section)


  • Something Wicked (This is an elevated cutter variation in which The Inquisitor first lifts his opponent, so that they are laying face up across one of his shoulders as in a Canadian backbreaker rack, before flipping the opponent over into the cutter.)
  • Infinity (The wrestler grabs the opponent in a half-chancery before dropping backwards to the mat, driving the opponent's head into the mat. Can be pulled off any time, anywhere, and from any position.)
  • Inquisitorial Snap (Grabbing the legs of the opponent while they are lying down on their back, The Inquisitor twists over, arching the lower back of the opponent. A very painful submission hold)


  • Malack
  • Queen

Theme Songs

The Inquisitor has used many different pieces of music for his entrance before. His current theme is on top and former themes are below.

  • "Power" by Kanye West
  • "Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch
  • "Throw Up One By One" by Metalium feat. Thousand Foot Krutch
  • "One By One" by Metalium
  • "F*cking In The Bushes" by Oasis
  • "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica
  • "Theme Song from Halloween"

Championships and Accomplishments

Injury Record

July 21st, 2007 - Injured during weights training; Torn Left Bicep

September 3rd, 2007 - Official return from injury

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